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Ghostbusters Theme

by kaba kaputt • 758,420 views

Great vocals by Ray Parker Jr.!!!
IM not afriad of no ghost (COD GHOST) LOL
playing luigies mansion dark moon while listing to this
I actually watch this as a kid and the only thing that scared me was the gray lady and when Dana got token over. I LOVE THIS MOVIE HAHAHA
snickers to himself at the song's true meaning, continues listening anyway
if you're bread is bland and you have some jam.Who ya gonna call?TOASTBUSTERS
who your goin to call? GhostBusters!!!
If you are are all alone, why pick up the phone. (Prank Call) ;)
Whats The Download Link?
Bustin' makes me feel good me me me me me me me me me me me 
Ghostbusters, ruining Halloween for children since 1980
2000,000,00,00,00,00,00,00 GHOSTS HATE THIS SONG!!!!
...nope...just 55
I GET IT!! I think... So many ghosts disliked but their ratings are invisible?
only 90´s hates this song
If some noob kill you who u gonna call noob killer
Adam Walas Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
VALENTE WCD Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
lasanha sadia.....guaraná antártica......e soverte kibom com rum....... vamos ver se mãe vai lá no Carrefour...comprar pra mim.....
Roy S Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
廖櫻子 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
if there's a dragon out in the neigborhood who ya gonna call DRAGONBORN
pick up the phone and call SOUTH PARK sorry south park is epic
if there is a invisible man sleepin' in your bed who you gonna call? THE POLICE!
if thers teddy bear in ur room who ya gonna call build a bear workshop
fuck you people that gave a DISLIKE! this song is legend!!!
If you want some fun, in your own bed room, who ya gonna call, ghost fappers!
When there's Daleks In the neighborhood Who ya gonna call? THE DOCTOR!
You need some cereal, in your neighbourhood, what you gonna eat? Nut clusters!
I remember I had the figures. The movies were great also. I think the first Ghostbusters film was better than the second film.
tyryry tyryryryn ryryry chuju gona łocz AdBaster
who ya gonna call? huey lewis cause he's suing ur ass for copyright infringement
I ain't afraid of no toast
Who are here with "Zombie Land"?
Actually, it wasnt that bad. I aint afraid of no toast.
Who ya gonna call? Those bastards!
If you can't spell 'neighborhood', who ya gonna call? - "School teachers!" lol
25 dislikes? wo're we gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!
There's a myth In the neighborhood! Who ya gonna call? MYTHBUSTERS?
Bustin' makes me feel good too...
there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gone call? Mithbusters!!
actually it is a game, it was a movie series first.
I'd imagine its Nappa coming back for revenge after Goku killed him.
Who you' gonna call? "HE-MAN!" He-man! He-man!
mecata caza fantama para mata garbela rosana madelin lola paola
There's an improper use of grammar in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call? Grammar Nazi's! Who are you* going* to call?
if there's something strange in your neighbourhood...who u gin call...The Schutzstaffel
"Yes it's true.....this man has no dick."
38 dislikes? Nice try Walter Peck.
Theres a U.F.O. in the neighborhood who ya gonna call The Men in Black!
I dare everyoe to listen to this song once and not scream "Ghostbusters!" when he asks "Who are ya going to call?"
The script for GHOSTBUSTERS 3 is already completed. They are just waiting on Bill Murrays approval and then producton will start. They plan on bringing all the original guys back but want the original guys to teach new comers so that they can extend the series to 5 or 6.
This is the only famous movie song I can think of that I can sing in public and NOT feel ashamed in doing so.
I play this and all I hear is the "ghost nappa" theme XD
ghostbusters say laouder gostbusters
*face-palms* I was nitpicking. You implied 911 was a "who" Just don't reply to this comment. Apparently I was very bored at the time I typed it.
Something strange is going on in my garden, who'll be called? Officers: DDD
34 people dont know how are going to call
Anyone else on a movie theme song spree?
I ain't afraid of no Goose, Goose Boosters! :P
i am a ghost buster and im certainly not afraid of any ghosts
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