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jimmy0010 plays blues guitar with uncle at open mic night

by shazzac123 • 6,124 views

Our nephew James aka, Jimmy0010, is not only a great comedian and arttist but also a talented guitar player, here he is jamming along with his uncle august 2007, he does not know we have posted...

have you checked out the ragtime guitar at the open mic - written by his uncle (my husband)
Oh My Garr! that is Jimmy boy. I heard him talking at the end lol. thats so cool I have a couple guitars but I haven't had the chance to learn yet.
AH! Jimmy! You are so awesome! I love you so much. You are hilarious and can play the guitar. That is just awesome! xD
Jimmy, that was REALLY gooood. :) such skill
This is AWESOME! I'm a huge blues fan! It's always great to see others who are a part of the same generation as me play this amazing genre of music!
oh that Jimmy!!... he is such a were great:D
Ohh this is really good And i usually dont like Blues. Lols xP Hehehe i can see Jimmy/James at the back there xP Reallyy good. and thats saying something seeing i dont like Blues xP Golly xxx
Yes, this was only a jam at an open mic night for a bit of fun. Jimmys uncle and I are a professional duo and perform in holiday parks and clubs etc. Jimmy is a very good guitarist and should be playing in a band
The blues is just a bad dream...(!)
awh, this was/is really good. his 'celebrity status' haha nice video, well done to jimmy's uncle :)
wow, jimmy kills at the guitar ! amazing :]
i'll be the first to congradulate shazz on capturing this cool moment in time. lol congrats!
have you checked out the ragtime guitar at the open mic
WOW....that was awesome....great job to both of you
omj i love the blues but country is my fave
Great video. Jimmy u r good. Thanks for putting this up. He does play the blues good Jimmy does.
Nice video. :D You guys are good!
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