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Pimp My Minecraft - EP 2

by Minecrafted • 612,906 views

I joined Maker Studios & so can you! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios: |...

The IP: 23,235,232,104;25698 and the player mariobing... 17w11a Version
Or you could pimp the owner... DobDobDobby
I creyed and creyed creyed
Go on Xbox and pimp Rays House (from Achievement Hunter)
can anyone tell me the music when he shows the house
Better than you can ever do.
Lol I have a dirt house in a sever
+Robbie Hope i fell of my chair while ROFLING on da floor lol that was halarious 
are you on xbox 360 minecarft
That is not pimped... But episode 1 was!
As the intro suggests, they choose a random server and a random player.
The part when the video goes into the after view of the house, i want to know what song was playing then.
I agree with sheikheddy, you neec to pimp it
Jerry's Tree and the Yogcave were pimped much better than this!
Lol at the sheep thats been stuck in the whole throughout the whole episode :D
I look at the target: KILL ME. IT NEEDS A PIMP
You do realize that he's there the whole time. He's the one who design the whole thing. Just because he didn't physically build it, doesn't mean he didn't have a WHOLE LOT to do with it. He designed it. It's like saying an interior designer doesn't get credit for a house they design.
what is the name of the music from the after part and the video of after the after part.
You can Copy the save and use the copy into a muti player server
1:50 what is the name of that damn song!?!?!?! I looked for it through topmass's whole page and I can't goddamn find it!!! A little help please? Thank you :)
They can. Just send them the map, and they'll send it back pimptastically.
but they did to syndicates and captain gay aka captain sparklez
Pimp Ethos Minecraft! It's Awesome But Is a TOTAL Mess
Well, then you shouldn't tell people off about something you can't do. Apparentely, your Two-Year old sister has better grammar than you. Oh, and by the way, I fixed your comment: I didn't say I was amazing at it; I was just pointing out that they are two different things.
Gta5 wins over GtaIV totaly but minecraft wins over every game to me. IT IS AWSOME
1. Upload you world save to a download website 2. Give them the link to download it. 3. They pimp 4. They put it the pimped version up for download 5. Play on a pimped out house
Who else was just watching the sheep in the bottom left corner O.o
i love how thier building gets better and better each episode. I think a watermill attached to his house would have been cool.
1:47 what the name of the song/Tune?
they normaly choose non grief servers with protection
whats the name of the song played around 1:50 ? ive been searching and cant find it. please help
Pimp Etho's House! Oh wait...Its already pimped
How long does it take you to do a house
minecrafted can you pimp my minecraft
what's the name of the song on 1:25 and 1:48?????
well I know captain sparklez did, and so did thesyndicateproject sooo...
They can download it, put it on a server and pimp it.
1:47 there grass under the door : 0 !
they are kind of like celebrities in the minecraft world so I was wondering if everyone was asking
everyone go to the server! Come to that server and get my friend wisdaredevil. He has a crappy house and he gets killed for it daily
They are awesome I want them to pimp out my friends house! He would be so excited... He would probably kiss me... NEVERMIND if they want to anyway his username is creeper*****
LOL looks like sheep are having a spaz
hes tring to say when it says after in the video wuts the music for it
Does Anyone Else Find It Annoying When Someone Capitalizes The First Letter Of Every Word In A Sentence? I do.
Yes they can if he sends them the map they pimped The Minecraft Files (SinglePlayer originally)
Nah man, that'd ruin the surprise. The best part of the vids is when they unsuspectingly come home and shit bricks :D
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