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MW3 "BIG GIRLS" by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 630,027 views

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they see him trollin', they hatin', patrollin', trying to catch him riding dirty!
i never got to play with american people why? (iam europian) is there a american and a europian network?
Online name is mrvidrio ps3 i only have that
"My vagina looks like a wizard sleeve"
This guy is legit........ Do u want to sell 'em? Put my d*** on you motha effing face. Oh yeah let's do it how it taste XD
some of his other videos are much more funny like the one with the kid who retaliates hard
when he said wizard sleeve and vagina i instantly thought of borat!
Whiteboy u r so freakin funny foo no lie
He's always been on the 360. Did you watch the video?
you also have no common sense if you size up a troll.
have you ever been in virgina? i heard it's nice there
Whiteboy can I be a goat cuz u r soooo funny lol :P
wizard sleeve vigina? LOLXD MOTHER FUCKER
No need to get angry sir. We all have our opinions and I understand why you're saying this, but the description says he is actually just trash talking not trolling, but if you would like to watch a troll check out my Gun Game troll.
"watch your mouth!" "theres a FUCKING lady in the room!!" idiot guy whispering: "oh, okay sorry!" me: -_-
hahahahha did it realy took 1 month for you to make a new comment ? and dude the funny thing is that its on my birthday :D and YOU sir instead of saying happy birthday youre making a comment saying this that im just saying my generation was a generation where you were in too :P soooooooo anywaaaays.. wanna say happy birthday? :D
Dragon girl 98 is my friend on psn
What u gonna change it to 6969 HAHAHA
add me on ps3 plz my gt is meow_mix_96 please wright back
i should never drink soda wen om washing whiteboy7
hey whiteboy7thst what kine of headset do you have
struck I play ps3 add me I'm BESTKILLA24
cant belive that guy fell 4 it aha gayyyy
jarhed u suck u basyerd and whiteboy is hilarous
my vegina looks like a wizard sleve OMG I WAS DIEING
I never said KDR mattered, shit head. Win/loss and points per minute, however, decide whether or not you're a good player and not some douche bag who gets lucky every couple games. And cry me a fucking river. I lost one of my parent's so I have no sympathy. LOLZ
lol u poooped out blood HAHA to funny, THERES A FKN LADIE IN THE ROOM too sexy
u call me daddy bitch and fuck you and anyone that visits my channel GOAT
whiteboy: hey there's a lady in the room person: oh sorry
My vagina looks like a wizard sleeve ....
I don't suck actually but i don't play everyday either lol(: So you fail, try again .
Your moms virgina looks like wizard sleave XD
Haha, I have a job, and my Username is old. (Yes, everyone's excuse, but true.) Also, I'm aware it's fucking retarded. And if you want to talk about generations, your generation was obviously a bunch of illiterate fucks who couldn't spell or puncuate worth shit. So next time you attempt to insult me, bring some wits. It appears that you were unarmed during this conversation.
MinnesotaBurns trolls hackers most of the time. WhiteBoy7thst trolls in a different type of way that is still funny as FUCK!!! XD
My vagina looks like a wizard sleeve =P - $u8 4 $u8
haha i know that guy he was in my science class before good times good times
u suck why do ushoot in all or nothing
Whieboy you suck! Your not funny your voice is annoying and you are a soulless ginger!!!
I love your videos man. Keep it up man i support you,hundred percent man!
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