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COD MW3 - The Numbers in My YouTube Name

by Chris Smoove • 1,586,413 views

I've gotten questions for years asking what the numbers in my YouTube name mean. No, it's not my phone number or my social security number! haha My green teammates were beasting and feasting this...

oh man this throwback smoove. i remember when he only had like 5k subs. 
Shieeet forgot to add those two zeros after the 5. I meant 500k subs my bad
400k to 1 million subs
This video makes me so sad :( I miss this so much
I don't wanna Easter Egg hunt for the bit in the video where he addresses why he has those numbers. Can somebody tell me why?
7182954 = 718(where he used to live) 2(to) 954(where he lives now)
well he finally got that username
Lmao I heard his knees buckle hahahaha
Watching Smoove playing MW3 and BLACK OOPS brings back memories I've been watching you for years
This smoove needs to come back to YouTube
The old splash sounds creepy
What do you mean? The splash has been the same for a long, long time.
8:11 The Splash guy on drugs. haha
So... how was the booty shakin
Can believe this was 2 years ago!!!!! Woah smoove i subscribed maybe when you had 200k subscribers, now you have almost 2 million and im still here HA HA
Miss this Smoove
I miss this smoove
SMoove the legend
fuckkkk i remember this video lol, when he had Smoove7182954 as his username...
I've been subbed to sniper since he had 100k
7:44 i just got some goosebumps with that splash
Thank you for the memories, Chris smoove's number name
Bring back the singing lady! 
I was mad confused in the begining cuz I Thot he was gonna sing the Allen iverson song lmao then I herd 400k so I was like wait waaat? Lmao
Now he got his name changed to Chris Smoove! like he wanted originally
So it all started with booty...
Go back to camping man :/ I miss those days
Well in my other account i've been subscribed like for 2 years :p
718 is my area code Smoove so... where in NY did you used to live the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens
If you dropped out of college I would desub
the splash sounded weird.
This is the vid that made me sub to Chris Smoove man i love it
(ʊ)<--- Jimmy Saville
nek minit, 1 million+
I've watched this video at least 100 times just for the first 30 seconds
Yup I just did that today LOL someone should make a remix
So how do u not have numbers now im confused
718 is like Brooklyn and 954 is like.............Fort Lauradale or Tampa
Yep, he currently lives in Florida
this is hands down the best videogame commentating video ever!
Whats the name of that beat in the beggining when hes freestyling ! i watch thiss video everytime i come to his channel
Prepare For Glory I think.
Aye Smoove, do you use a laptop to upload videos or a desktop? Because I was just wondering. I'm going to start uploading myself. And what computer do you use?
actually now if you type youtube.ccom/chrissmoove it goes to this channel!! awesome 
mario cruz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Where in New York are you originally from Smoove?
the fact that you actually went to the site shows that you're a dumbass
If you have a google account you can change your name... by the way I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!
I can't stop watching this video, this video is some cheese because of that song in the first 30 seconds of the vid.
He's 6'1. He told us in a few of his 2K videos, if that source is reliable enough....
One Million Edition Goes Hard(The Verse)
Not hating on LeBron, but NBA 2K14 should have Smoove on the cover.
i thought it was your phone number
I can watch this 1000 over n over
i remember when i playedthis game i got like a double moab a game
Lol in all ur COD vids U NEVER RAGE
stop beating your meet smoove haha
lol the MOAB gave that guy a busdriver uppercut...
chris you can now change it tho with the new youtube lol
I miss this kind of youtube smoove !
Smoove has gotten 400, 000+ subs since this vid
This is still my fav Smoove video its also the first Smoove vid i ever seen
HAHAHAHA THIS VIDEO, chris if you could make some other videos like this with alot of catch phrases and smoove-tunes... I'll play the 'it's amazing' 24/7 haha!!
Funny video and keep that swagger
so Smoove lives in Fort Lauderdale ??
This isn't a commentary, it's Chris Smoove VEVO!!!
Thanks to the new (already old) YouTube his channel is now called Chris Smoove (but no, the channel account will always be smoove*numbers*) haha
Wait. So Chris smoove isn't the original Chris Smoove. : O!
What's the beat name in da beginning
I love how he said he hit the sign
The anniversary of my favorite Smoove video :)
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