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Droplet Collisions at 5000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 8,006,327 views

In the slowest slow mo video yet, Gav shows us the classic colliding droplets shot in liquid. Using a mixture of coloured water and milk shot at 5000 frames per second (200 times slower than...

One more british guy with a time machine box.
+Rainbow Dash que onda con que quieres ser rainbow dash
еще один русский критик
I wish these Slo-Mo Guys would make a video with just the music.  Pretty ethereal!
Haha was just thinking as I was watching this how calming it all is. Gonna go nap now ;)
When the water comes up it looks like a boner and I am a boy😬😕😈😣😈😬😕😬😆😈😕😬😬😕
Am i the only one who thought pervertedly during the video
I collided with your mom at 5,000 FPS
so cool and so pretty. I can't believe I've been sitting here watching your clips for almost an hour! lol
Tout simplement magnifique, merci beaucoup !!!
u cant say " in real time" u should say "in another time " who told u that our time is the real one ?
I know what you mean he he
So, in other words, I just watched THE most quickiest, fastest and shortest clip on YouTube... Life is short. -___-
Nope, check out Chelsea Football Club
This now further extends my theory that the universe is a really complex drop of liquid, Dripped from God into a SPHERE (a drop of water has 2 reflections) Dripped from God into a Sphere of Universal Material, which we call the Universe. Because we are all trapped inside the center of this drop of water, the Universe keeps alive, now matter what. FYI, that WAS ALL off the top of my head. After Googling my claims before publishing, I happened upon this. "A major factor distorting the shape of falling water drops, is aerodynamic drag as the drop moves through the air. That's why the drops only approximate a spherical shape. It is sometimes convenient to think about this bonding configuration as the water having a skin. However, while it is sometimes convenient and useful, it is important to remember that it is only marginally accurate as a description of reality." SINCE the Universe has NO atmosphere, and has NO drag, I thus pronounce my claims to be 80% Accurate so far.
Don't say that ! I'll whop ya ass!!
This is fucking majestic and fucking gorgeous all at the same time. We need more stuff like this!
did you put food coloring in the milk? and what are the green droplets made of?
Caroline Peterson Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This is so awesome. I love the slow  mo guys!
All you need to do now is film about ten minutes of this, slow it down, add music, and sell it as a zen dvd for yoga studios.
Thats how Hashirama bombing happened. Same concept but its a droplet. ;D
Don't forget the bombing of Uzumaki. :D
they should try the matches!
Try with a non newtonian fluid
Looks really gross but it's amazing though
this is awesome !!! i wish if i got one of this freaking camera :D
You are the coolest people I have ever seen. The stuff you guys show is devastatingly beautiful. You are probably inventing something right now. 
Lucimara Gonçalvez Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Did anyone else see when the blue water hit the pink water?????
At 1:03 the pink milk looked like a dick.
Finally! An amazing video without both asshole...
wow that was awesome
Just got the weirdest boner in my life
I think the last part was cool it looks like flowing liquid
The Vids are epic love the so moo guys
what was the time setting for the droplet things? what was the time span of the intervals in which were SANDWHICHED in between the launch of the first and second droplets? the difference betweem the 2 questions were that one had sandwich in there and the other didnt. im still curious so i want the answer did u know there are such things as human sandwhiches?
+Emmiassa ur a scrotum. made me laugh. scrotum is the head of a dick so ur a dick head you dick head
can I have the name of the song at 0:40
this is so aesthetically pleasing
say those word fast  1)eye 2)yam 3)stew 4)peed
1:03 that's how big the D is
Is this like ocean water, blood, and strawberry ice-cream?
it looks like an eye popped out and then turned into a mushroom
was it just me or this somehow semi-erotic?
you guys are cool and all by why don't you guys use safety glasses
It's water dropping, I think they can handle it.
Cool but it reminds me of that guy that played the scary maze game and falcon punched his computer and he peed his pants
that was epic ,  can you do the dry ice in hot water
I like how jeb(first droplet) splashes into a tree and grows tall and strong but bob(second droplet) comes down and fuckes jeb up
it IS a kip referance :I
It's amazing what we can do...
Muito bonito, parabéns, vim aqui pelo #BeginnersFotografia.
It looks like a baby bottle pop
7,669,190 people watched this only 4,626,214 people subscribed
i can do that. thats easy to do 
It looks like a penis in 1:00
A potato flew around my room before you came excuse me for the mess I made
In 2:02 is it a volcano or a penis
why was the milk pink
that horse in the background! lol
The water looked pink but cooooool
It Seems We Have Conflicts Of Religion In the comments Let Me Say This Pal Those Who Say Something Regret It In The Future Words can Cause Wars You Know And Don't Fuss Over My Comment
if you pause at 1:06 it looks like a geyser
Awww...this is incredibly beautiful
How can stuff exist
pause at 1:26 it looks like a monster coming out of the ocean
for me is like a raging boner. LOL
To me looks like kraken went out of the ocean for revenge cuz the water hit it then the next time it drops water the water says "Thats what u get biach"
Nour K Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
0:22    T...Time...Mach...Machine? GIMME I WANT IT SO BAD I WANNA MEET GEORGE LUCAS AND ABE LINCOLN AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!!!111!
It looks like, well, stained glass.
what does a camera like these guys usaully cost? im thinking tens of thousands of dollars??
yeah, individuals don't usually own high speed cameras like this. i believe the ones they use here are owned by the company they work for, they just get to play around with them.
between 50 and 150 thousand dollars.
Everything looks like a penis if you try HARD enough... Pun totally intended.
Then why comment? It's not going to change anything and if you have some sort of impulse to do things, keep it to yourself, no one cares if you think it's boring it's just stupid to post that when everyone else thinks it's awesome.
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