Obama's Young Adult Novel Plan

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3:23  Politics and Friendship?  Those words shouldn't even be in the same sentence lol
Sorry Obama, the japanese beat you to the zombie love story
Lol right but they didn't beat him they president wizard
Perfect solution! XD
Although this is fake I still think it would work. LOL
Young Adult novels themselves aren't bad, they just need to be done RIGHT.  In order to capture the/a world from a young adult's perspective, you need to add the realism of the world.  Being completely honest, if you're going to write a young adult novel that you want to be really good and not simply appealing to a specific audience cough Twilight cough teenage girls cough, then don't have the mindset of the characters being teens in the first place.  You have to see the characters as any other normal individual, and not think that everything is a little simpler or easy because they aren't full fledged adults.  Especially if you want to put a young adult character into an adult situation, such as post-apocalypse, war/battle, gladiatorial games, etc.  It can't have any form of a wish fulfillment romance either, like Twilight, Divergent and many others have.  Two very good things Harry Potter did with the romance was that 1) it didn't even become a major topic in the plot until the later movies/books, and 2) there was never any wish fulfillment in it (if there was, I'm pretty sure it would have paired Harry with Hermoine instead lol).  I'm currently writing my own Young Adult Novel (17 years old), but I sure as hell am not putting any teenage fantasies in it.  Realism always comes first, and in all honestly that's with every genre of book and movie, even Sci-Fi in which case it has to seem PLAUSIBLE. Edit: Also, if plans are ever set in motion for a movie adaptation, then make sure you get quality actors, not Victoria Secret models  -__- Edit #2:  Characters as romantic leads can not always be described as super models or the "most popular/beautiful/cute girl/boy in school" like Twilight does for Mr Sparkling vampire-wannabe.  Even they have bee considered as NORMAL people with, most of the time, average body features.
+ShogunGaming What's the plot of your book?
+Maya B It's a Sci-Fi, Near Future, Military Drama, and Young Adult.  Here's a link to a teaser I have on the web: http://www.wattpad.com/story/17978423-end-game
I'm Greek and although that was amusing, it sucks here right now...
hahahaha akrivws auto phga na pw mexri pou eida to comment sou :P
"That is more than the current GDP of Greece." Actually… well yeah that seems about right.
Goddamnit, he's right!
First for everything I guess.
I F**KING HATE YOUNG ADULT NOVELS, i think it's making me sexist?
it makes you a thiking human being.
This is where they got the idea for Warm Bodies from.
I have to admire the twilight series because one author managed to completely destroy an entire genre with only the influence of a few books
This gentleman does a wonderful job of imitating Mr. Obama.
There should be more of these
Barry the president wizard. Haha. Very clever.
This would result in an amount of poorly made novels being released, making a crash like the Video Game market crash of 1983... except our whole economy would be based on these books and thus the stock market would crash, and Obama would be ridiculed for his plan.
Implying that there isn't a flood of terrible videogames already
I want to read wizard president after that excerpt!
Paperback Stash Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is hilarious, especially because Zack Efron is going to play Yagami Light in the American "Death Note" movie...
Idiots... he meant the musical Greece...
300 billion would not make you the richest. Research the Rothchilds and Windsors. Now we are talking Trillions.
Yeah and it's one of worst dystopic novels i've ever read. Writing sucks. The story is broken and very dumbed down. I mean i'm seventeen but it doesn't mean i'm illiterate, you know. Hate authors that dumb down for their audience.
"young zac efron has already agreed to play the part of the giraffe" lmao
I've read a zombie love story before, way better than Twilight, despite the main character and love interest having little to no capacity for thought and an ever present and agonizing hunger for the flesh of the living. It wasn't love like we're used to, as they didn't/couldn't feel lust for one another, but rather, it was a very, very strong "I kinda sorta like you, but I'm not entirely sure" feeling. As I said, still a better love story than Twilight.
Could it be? A CollegeHumor comeback. We can only hope...
Yes there has been a zombie love story
HaHa this is why Obama owns Mitt Romney
Hey! Obama finally came up with a real solution to our debt problems! Oh wait....
Who else wants to read/see President Wizard?
It's short for this: "oh wait, this is a spoof by college humor and not a real press conference!"
best idea hes had sonce in office
my project: a inticing love story between a law student lamia and a young police recruit who is an half dwarf and half dragon, while they try to catch the lamia's ex-boyfriend, the satyr, who worked with the grinch and stole ironmans suit to destroy christmas with a nuclear explosion by throwing santa and jesus into the fires of mount doom. im doing my part, are you? xD
You're kidding right? Theres no more annoying fangirls then Hugh Laurie fangirls. And Harry Potter was a teenager novel, not young adult...and was somehow about a 100 time more mature then Twilight. Anyway, Twilight is a fucked up romance book, Harry Potter is an adventure book and Hunger Games is a thriller book. So yeah, totally different categories.
zombie love story, that really sounds kit.
"And now you must go to the president academy where all young wizard presidents learn the magic politics and friendship" This touching story brought tears to my eyes and has made me a better person as I gave away 20 million of my wealth supporting the prevention of mistreatment of little young black wizard dwarfs...Thank you, President Obama, this has been eye-opening for me!
Oh god, I'd make a terrible president. This actually sounds like an okay idea.
fanfiction authors: HELL YEAH! until the author of 50 shades of grey shows up
Wait a second....that's not Obama??!!
You know that zombie love story? It was better than Twilight.
that moment when there is a zombie love story coming out in theaters 8 months later
all those suggestions sounded like manga for girls
What's even more funny is that the idea isn't even original. Even before this, there was a flash game where a human guy fell in love with a zombie girl. Before that, the whole idea was floating around the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a Slenderman love story given that Hollywood's current policy is hiring half decent Fanfic writers.
Well, I am a Communications major from Western Washington University and I can tell you that this speaker's use of emphasis and non verbals is more noticeable than that of president Obama. This speaker is clearer and does not stutter quite as much, which is ironic because it doesn't end up being the best impersonation.
And I personally think our nation would be better without him
There genuinely is a Zombie love Film coming out soon haha.
you would think that the white house would get candles that can actually stand straight.
"Model books about PASTY teens fighting after each other, seems to be the only thing making money anymore." Notice pasty. You are all racist.
There is a zombie love story it's called sankrea
this would be a highly effective solution
Dear god. 300 million more Hunger Games or Twilights? It's official, I'm moving to Sweden.
Hm. Ok, I'll write a novel about a debuting hitman called the boogey-man. But the The chapters are in reversed order, starting with his death and finishing with his first murder. Only at the very end, when you understand that he has been killing all the people who ever were involved in the drug dealing that resulted to the overdose of the love of his life do you realise that his death -which you knew about in the begining- was actually a suicide.
And the book ends with a prologue where he holds her hand for the last time in his life, but from the reader's perspective she came back to life. Oh and the murders are really violent, but they get more and more vivid as he gets less and less experienced. And they call him the boogeyman because he picks the lock, hides and kills you in your sleep and dresses up in trench coat and hood. I'm starting to think that this random idea may actually be cool. But it needs more no-touching-sexual-tension.
This is more detailed and concrete then anything I've seen out of Washington in Obama's presidency. I think we should try it.
*barry presidentter. it is about old barry obama after all
This guy is a better speaker than our president.
Ya, they made a zombie love story movie, god it looks so stupid, what has this world come to?
yes there is a zombie love novel <3 warm bodies<3
Your grammar hurts my brain. You probably picked up the bad habits from reading the sludge Meyer puts out.
zombie love story check and done "warm bodies"
except that no one cares about twilight. copy hunger games and harry potter, and that'll be a fun country!
I would support this plan in a heartbeat.
Zombie love story? Ask RWJ...
Not saying that. I'm saying that she is not the richest "person" in the world. Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Carlos Slim Helu, and others. If her Net Worth was worth 300 Billion dollars then she is the richest person in the world. But we're talking about the money that she made. That's different. Carlos Slim Helu along with his family is the richest person in the world. Net Worth wise. It's gonna be hard to rack up enough assets to be worth 300 billion dollars.
there is a zombie love story coming up
His impression wasn't that good, he needed to pause longer and he never even studdered.
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