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Beginner Tips in Modern Warfare 3 (Before Multiplayer)

by TmarTn • 451,743 views

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how we can to take prestige tokens before prestige?
How do y have every attachment when having lvl 1 at Msr?Lol.
He was in a private match......
can you put multiplayer first on ps3
how do you get to 85 % in campaign i ve completed it twice and im only at 50 % plzzz help
you don't buy a game like COD to be pro but just for fun IMHO
I wish in mission they have hit marker!
tmartn have the best tips and trick ever!
UGH!!! So NOW you tell me.... !!
@dinokid300 any other CoD game. CoD4. CoD:World at War. CoD:MW2. CoD:Black Ops. CoD:MW3
I just want to get airdrops, I luv the stuff that comes out. :D
I'm lvl 65 btw just sayin on Xbox
Ok. So I'm not a noon at mw3 I'm presteige 4 and u are only level64 and u have 3 tokens. Some1 help me. How does that work?
0:47 The old dashboard, memories.
all you have to do is complete the campaign on veteran and find all of the intel (veteran isnt difficult if you take your time, it took me 2 days to complete on veteran)
Never knew about the 'Set Multi player as Default' tip. Thanks TmarTn
me too. i also like to troll 12 year old kids who just complain all the time
how u get so many prestige tokens, i get only one :(
because veteran is soo damn hard
the unlocks i got were the ACR gun and the portable radar. was that a good decision on my half?
K/D only affects gameplay in tdm an ffa and its still not as important as teamwork. Don't be a show off, have fun and make friends.
people care about a KDR because it gives them something to work for. I wouldn't be playing mw3 right now if I couldn't work on my K/D with sniper rifles.
@Bodegusss I found that place you asked for to get xbox live codes
well being myself... with a MW3 K/D of 0.694 or something... I'm bad at the game... so trying to get it up is fun since going very positive in games is a good feeling... I also started on that game so I have a lot of starting out deaths from when I first got the game and sucked a lot... But with Black Ops 2, I have my K/D at around 0.9 which is great for me... so all I'm trying to do is get it over 1.00 so I'm no longer viewed as a total noob, and i can feel better about myself in COD
how did you get prestige tokens!!??(except going to prestige) tell me cuz u had like 4 prestige tokens and u weren't even prestiged yet there!!!!!!
In spec ops survival 7 roud is good or bad?????????
I dont give a sh*t about my K/D i just have fun
Just because I called you a niggerjew I'm racist? lol dude. You're a retard. I don't know whether you're white or black. How am I racist? I never said anything racist against you. It's impossible because I don't know what race you are. The word nigger isn't racist. Black people often call themselves niggers! As far as the word jew on the end of that, which you didnt even mention, one of my best friends is jewish. There's nothing wrong with jews. The entire comment was a joke!
Did u used the Blind Eye Glitch for those prestige tokens ???
I see no "Y" or "triangle" on my computer why is this?
/watch?v=NKycM_c-GuE Feedback pls =)
how do u get more prestige tokens
What song is at the end of this video
So they can brag to their friends, "Your rubbish at CoD bro, my k/d is 3.02 hurr durr".
my kdr is .34 how can i get better i use car and stinger
Either way, the way I used the term wasn't offensive in the slightest. It was used in an obviously joking manner and again, it's impossible to be a racist against someone who's race is unknown.
its my b day tommorow and m getting xbox 360 and mw3 im so happy :D
Best way to learn all about COD MW3 is to buy the big fat book of COD MW3, it really helps :D
I know it was a joke, but you said that nigger isn't a racist word, which is quite frankly wrong. I never said you are racist.
You must be blind, as Y is right next to the t, 6th letter from the left, top row, assuming you have a QWERTY keyboard.
Because for some people having fun is having a decent/high K:D. I don't want to play a game going -15 every match.
How have you been getting prestige tokens before you're 1st prestige?
It does matter, as it is a rough indicator as to how good you are against the rest of the world. It's a bit like business schools where they don't give you a grade A-E, instead they just say better or worse than the others and make it all relative. It increases the competitiveness of everyone
How the hell did you have 4 prestige tokens at the beginning of the game?!
He prestiged in MW1, BO, MW2, and WAW. Gives you an extra token.
If your being sarcastic, you should know. If your serious its because Y and Triangle are for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3
@MrAwesomeude11 when i played to get my 1000 ac-130 kills my k/d was always 2.0 --- no im tiered of this gamestyle and i go down and down.... just play the smart coward :-) i played at least with hardline pro all the time..... 9-9 like a coward and you kd will raise
I'm easy to anger so whenever my friends brag about their K/D, I go try-hard and get a better one but I'd much rather try to have fun with the game but its almost impossible for me
do you get prestige tokens from old cod games?!?!
@dillankinzey His gamertag is booryamoeba11
@GrovyleXShinyCelebi True that
check out my javelin tutorial in the video response :x
how did you get so many prestige tokens?
The first thing I did was playing the campaign :P
how do you get prestige tokens, and can someone please explain what pretige means thanls
To be in clans, brag with emblems have more fun. I'm working on it and when I'm done (kinda useless anyway) back to fun :)
whats is his gamertag?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
who else puts this on WHILE playing cod :)
i hope they bring back combat training in black ops 2
I'm not having a go at you but for some people, having a good k/d is fun. :-)
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