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Maybe now I can get something done

by EveryoneButSmosh • 774 views

Sarah gets a dog so I can get back to work.

Lol, well at least you get some more time to do your stuff.
la chica es muy bonita.... oh wait, I only took spanish 1
2 more years, but thats just me personally, other friends are doing more. were just starting
thanks man, im sure we will do something in the future. maybe someday you will be hearing about us. or maybe not. either way you keep making awesome videos man
snowy, epic name, i just wonder how he/she is going to get along with the cats?
I was in college for 4 years and when I finished my second year, I finally felt like I could finish. Some of my first paychecks from my software engineering job were for a camera and later a tripod. Definitely a feeling of accomplishment
So you can fix the Black ops review continuity?
How much longer do you have to go with your college?
awesome, i would ask, "whats next" but i feel like i would get hurt :p either way, cant wait for new vids. you inspired my friends and i to make videos. maybe someday we will get as good as you. hopefully when we get out of college and get money for equipment lol
I find it funny that the dog"s name is Snowy and Storm hates snow
so the dog's name is snowy? That's gonna be weird in the summer
dude that dog looks exactly like mine p.s. storm your vids are awesome!!!
Good idea posting this to the internet as proof :D
I hope to see bloopers of you recording and having Snowy start barking :D
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