Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat

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CaseyNeistat Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
took nearly 2 years but Bike Lanes just passed 10 MILLION VIEWS!
Bonjour''' moi français.''''''
Look at it this way. If you keep an American cop busy for a few minutes you probably save them from beating or murdering an unarmed black man. 
+Melted Record Visuals & Mixes he kept the cop busy by getting a ticket
Did you break the law?  Yes or No.  End of story.  No excuses.  Either get the law changed or follow it.  And why bust the balls of someone doing THEIR job?
+ILostMyMomInTheGrocery Store You wanna know why MOST laws DON'T change in a short time?  I'll tell you, dick - from th perspective OF the real world.  Because MOST laws are thought out.  MOST laws are considered and are given ample time for discussion and debate.  MOST laws go through a sub-committee and committee process before they are open for a complete vote of the legislative body.  THEN most laws are approved by some form of executive authority and given a date of enaction and a means by which they will be enforced.  And MOST laws remain in force because they are GOOD legislation. Sure, you can point out some that are bad laws that don't last long but that is a very small amount. This bike lane ordinance was a law/rule/regulation supported by the majority of people, and no bullshit, pissy whining by dicks like you or by the guy who got ticketed is going to get it changed anytime soon. That's the real fucking world, asshole.
From the perspective of someone who drives a car and cycles in fairly equal amounts, bicycle lanes are a bad idea. It's nothing more than a painted white line. It's arbitrary and symbolic. Their use is very inconsistent and scattered, especially in suburban areas. This gives the false impression to motorists and bikers that when there is no bike lane, you should not ride in the shoulder, and on the sidewalk instead. Sidewalks are more dangerous for cyclists, because of cars that constantly block sidewalks while waiting to exit, because of pedestrians (especially children), blind spots, crowds gathered at bus stops, electrical boxes, signs, busted up sidewalk panels, and countless other obstacles and dangers. It would make far much more sense to remove all bike lanes, so that it would become common knowledge that bikes can always occupy the shoulder of the road. If not that, then have a bicycle lane painted in every street, and resolve the issue of inconsistency and the misunderstandings it causes.
they should just ban bikes from the roads. they're a fucking nuisance and anyone who has driven a car in a busy city agrees with me. they use the green light for pedestrians and vehicles, depending on which one is green and is letting them go at the time. then they have the fucking audacity to come into car lanes, start swerving and shit, and block an entire lane going slower than fucking walking pace and all this in fucking rush hour!!! You wanna save the planet work hard and buy an electric car YOU CUNT! they boil my fucking blood these bikers; thats fucking it. I'm going out right now and the first biker i see, I'm running him the fuck over!! and if i see him still moving in my rear view mirrors, I'm fucking reversing. 
Not sure what city you're in but I ride a bike in D.C. and cars are usually in my way during rush hour, meaning they're sitting there while I go past them.  Biking is way faster in D.C. during rush hour.  Car's aren't even going faster than pedestrians.  So if any one is going slow as F*ck it's the cars who aren't even moving.  So do you want to deal with the bike or for every bike you see add another car into your lane? And btw people who bike drive cars too.  I don't think I'm saving shit except for money on gas.  I bike because it's a faster commute.  Sometimes I'd rather drive but there's no where to park and cars barely move during D.C. rush hour in the downtown area.
And the award of the most ridiculous troll on the internet in 2014 goes to... this guy!!! Congratulations!!! You have won a bike!!! Happy riding :D
If you like getting these tickets, vote Democrat. They believe in big unions, big government, more laws/rules/regulations. Sad many whine about "big police power" then turn right around and vote government expanding Dems. Vote for less government in our lives so we can live free.
Ha ha, this dudes a nutter!  But fair play to him proving his point!
I would have given you a ticket for not wearing a fucking helmet as well dumb fuck.
I would have given you a ticket for being a dumb fuck in the comment section... . 
Watching you here in the UK as i type on caught on camera. Some of US laws make no sense. Good on you for videoing your experience.
Lool thats more than ridiculous
Filming yourself failing to avoid a collision at the end was a nice touch. Decent attempt to get the angle to look like you didn't have space. I wonder which officer's car you hit in that scenario, while they were inside a house assisting a civilian in distress maybe? Give him more paper work to do, excellent way to get your stupid city cycling point across. You obviously got a ticket here because you were riding when the bike lane was clear, as you couldn't point the officer to a specific reason or obstruction why you weren't in it. You say bike lanes in the city aren't the safest? Maybe you shouldn't be riding in the city then. That's my stance generally and specifically here, as far as bike lanes go.
+Oliver Holmes Yep. And I'm a guy who owns 2 very expensive bikes, street and downhill mountain. I ride a ton in the summer. Why people ride bikes around the downtown core is BEYOND me. I ride around the suburbs because it's safe. 
Absolute legend . I love it !!! 
Arresting a biker Who went out of the lane because someone blocked him but not arrest the guy who's double parking and blocking the lane wow nice Job officers you've done a great job (not officers in general some of the ones Who are being very stubborn
It is all about taking the money away from the people to enslave them and making the corporations richer.  It is all about control.
Casey. Thanks for this video. I really hope you weren't hurt to bad proving your point. How is that new bike performing these days? LOL 
This kind of stuff makes me sick. That cop should be fired.
THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME!!!! So awesome that you showed the dangers and blockage of the bike lanes... 
One of the best videos I ever seen! Nice original idea! You're good Casey! Regards.
goverment does anything to get there money back in there Pocket filthy fucking dounut eating greasy OIGGS  they stupid man and BTW that was a wast of there money to make bike lanes and you no that cops gotto make so many arrests and fines in a month or theyl loose there job
You wanna breathe? Then maybe you should not break NYC's bike lane laws
Anyway NY parking spaces are overfilled with NYPD cars...they need to justify their presence. Also they need to ride a bike for at least 6 months :)
LOL crashing into the police car in the end though.
Bike lanes need to be done away with. It puts cyclists out in harms way. People complain when a cyclist is on the side walk, they don't want to be bumped or knocked down. God forbid that they scrape their hands, or dirty their clothes. Yet they have no problem wanting cyclists out on the road where 2,000lbs+ vehicles have to go around them. Lets see, what would be better? A car accidentally hitting a cyclist, or a cyclist accidentally hitting someone walking? Now if the roads are large enough to allow a bike lane, then a small space between the bike lane and normal lanes, that's all well and good. Most roads aren't that wide though, resulting in many bike lanes being just wide enough for the bike. Requiring drivers to get very close to the next lane if not in it. After all, by law you can't be within a certain amount of distance when passing a bike. Cyclists should also have to obey pedestrian laws, waiting at crossing lights, and not be allowed to go into the middle lane to turn through an intersection.
His job involves harassing/stealing/hurting people, SO JUST LET HIM DO HIS JOB. GEEEZ
Great comeback, but they still get your money. You should move away from that hellhole if you don't want any more shakedowns from gangsters like that.
Hey Casey You really inspired me to make my own movies. I try to make them look like yours: Homemade and style full. At the time I only uploaded two, but I can promise that there will be more.
I love the part when he's about to run into the cop car, you can see him smiling. LOL oh casey
Hear that? NOT ILLEGAL. This cop was just another example of... well, cops.
Neistat you are awesome ...... you are the boss aajjajajaj
did you save these peoples reactions from all the crashes?
Great video sir. Highlighting of one of the innumerable injustices of the nation of Police State USA.
Awesome vid ! What a great way to drive home the point. Way to take one for the team on the crashes.
Thank you for pointing out the absurdity of pigs.
 so far there are 1,836 cop ball licking thumbs down....fucking losers!!! great video and fuck those stupid loser cops!
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Je t'ai déjà parlé de ce gars @caseyneistat ?! Vidéos à voir absolument ! http://youtu.be/bzE-IMaegzQ
Cops...not always the smartest people on the planet....
look at gronigen and how they did it
I have to say... Every time I see NYPD controversy, for some odd reason, unbeknownst, I have to come back to this video.
Did you get your $50 back ?
Good work!!  I've always hated when the cops park in the bike lane or taxis swerve into the bike lane without regard for bicyclists.  I have actually been side swiped by taxis because they were rushing to pickup a passenger and got angry at me when they hit me.  
Dude should've worn a helmet.
Sir, I support you. But, be careful...
Dear NYPD.. stop being so shitty!
What if...... ...New York was still New Amsterdam? Dutch laws/ infrastructure/ healtcare/ food....
I actually was riding in a dedicated bike path (NOT shared use) and I wasn't really looking (just finished a sprint) and smashed into a jogger jogging in the bike lane. In the wrong direction. I wasn't hurt, but he got a nice ol' STI lever in the hip. Seriously though. The pedestrian footpath is 10 centimeters to your right...
Erik Conover Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
For everyone that love NYC videos go check out +Erik Conover his videos are great and NYC Monday-friday vlogs
Brilliant display of mocking the situation...........last one was classic.........did you sustain any injuries?
Dude, we get the point without you crashing a million times ya know.
Your videos make life interesting
1,834 cops have time to give "thumbs down" on this video when they should be out on the streets giving out tickets instead!...........SAD!
more proof that police are not here for our safety  Morons who have guns and this thought pattern that they are above us somehow in a society that Everyone is equal Who told them they have power over us  And how SMALL minded they are to think they do 
Stefan Dieban Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat Das mal zum Thema: Radwege benutzen und was passiert wenn man das Wörtlich nimmt.
Yohdas habe ich im Fernsehn gesehn ist schon Krass :/
Schon fies. Besonders ärgerlich meistens die Uneinsichtigkeit vieler, selbst der Polizei.😳
Good on you dude!  Although I'm a little late to the party, I'm glad to see this kind of reaction to unfair policing.  You sir are setting a good example, keep it up!
by these 13million views you should get your money back by google if you let google put adds in it
People think that NY is bad! Go to Chicago!
Nice video. But I do have to say, you had a legit reason to not be in the bike lane... and you DIDN'T FIGHT THE TICKET? WTF dude?
No fucking way in hell would I ever even acknowledge a ticket for riding a bicycle let alone pay one !!!
anyone know the name of the song he uses? i love this video hahaha
Its a part from "Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock & Roll - Instrumental"
ahh thanks so much! :)
I like how he just drives into shit head on xd
If you get a ticket for riding a bike wrong, it's time to move.
Hoooo man, you're juste awesome ! We're doing the world a favor and these fuckers can't even think for their own...
It is NOT about public safety.  It is a cash grab.  That is two thirds of their job.
I don't give a damn about your ticket. What pisses me off is this classical music with an electronic dance rhythm behind it. Now that's offensive.
perfectly done! Good job..LMAO 😂
just pay the $50, that's the cheapest ticket I've ever SEEN!
Shit, adsense would have got that $50 back a long time ago.
comments section = Cyclists VS Drivers XD
Tht was awesome! Thanks for the video mate!
This is honestly one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time. 
So funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
1:26 fucking shitty person, aka what a bitch, looking away
Good eye. Typical NYC
You're rich as fuck $50 isn't shit to you
omg this is freaking awesome 
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Still a classic... Sometimes collection is more important than protection.
You could have just disputed it, and probably win.  NYPD is not always perfect, but they do put their lives on the line to protect us.  No point posting bull shit video.
Oldie but a goodie
This is not as bad as a $50 jay-walking ticket. Sometimes, police have nothing better to do. Let me suggest: How about watching for terrorists and extremist, instead of ticketing for dumb things?
Good thing NYPD didn't put you in a chokehold...
I have watched this before!
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jajaj este tio es un crack
Até com ciclovias ta difícil, imagia sem :(:(
Case your awesome! This is so freaking true!
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