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The Script - Breakeven (Live At Islington Academy)

by TheScriptVEVO • 669,119 views

Music video by The Script performing Breakeven. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

He's probably tired but he's voice still sounds amazing
This is what I called. TALENT. no Shit.
It wuz awesome please!!!!! Perform one in India too!!:)
This is an example of an amazing band. They put all their feelings; everything they've been through in life in their songs and they don't let the fame get to their head. Humble, fresh, inspirational.
When's the script next coming to Manchester or the UK
The Script is the most amazing band in the world...i have no words at all to describe the work of art....The Script!
0_0 I never noticed how much my ex boyfriend looks like Danny O'Donoghue...they're even the same age!  
정말 최고다 이노래는...라이브로 들으니까 감질맛나네
그러게요..이런 밴드 잘없는거같아요.
It will never break even..
He looks like the guy from drake's deception
Nate? Yeah, he does... Funny you'd notice that!
pray  to god that i am believing..
Its praying to a god that i dont believe in
It don't BREAK EVEN no ..
How damn tight was that! Best live performance I've seen in some time. Thats quality!
EDUARDO BATISTA Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
DEMAIS UP PRA TDS  E PRA VC AMOR +maria de fatima magalhaes 
Ana Galassi Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
EDUARDO BATISTA Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
it's like... 4 years i'm trying to explain everybody that his voice is one of the best things in nature. my god <3
this is my favorite song in the whole world
the way he sings it.. he lets his old emotions get the best of him.. Memories never die ayy..?
omg, am i the only person who think this song is the best in the world?
Adele should make a song with them. that would be tha sht ! :D
Wow is not a word to be able to describe this song infact there are no words to describe. What i love about danny, and the script is the fact they do not even consider themselves cool. the ironic thing is that you ask any script lover if Danny and The Script are cool and they will say Hell Yes! I love this song and i love the fact that the script sing from the heart and get right down to the heart of emotions and can pull them off! I;m Sorry but you have to love the script!!
He sings with his heart, that's what makes this song beautiful!
I wish I was there DANNY IS SO CUTE ;3
just saw them 2 days ago! they're amazing live. check out my monologues too thanks
Seriously, who could hurt a person like him? he's the most adorable thing alive and he puts so much emotion into his songs
i think no one know the song (in the academy)
I dont see The Red Bar Hahah *cheers*
What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?
cause some people actually like to be able to hear the music and not just a bunch of screaming bitches
When you can write with those lyrics playing in your ears, you know there's quality in the work put in their music...
'Cause when a heart brakes it don't breakeven <3 Irish POWER :D
Anyone has this problem? I'm playing the Script's break-even, but the video is playing Katy Perry's the one that got away. :s not funny at all, youtube
when he is just singing,it's much better))) Love him!))
Fresh look Danny. :)))))))))))))))))
"What am I gonna do"... no it doesn't sound like studio version.
MAN He sounds goods even live
Forget 2013. I'll watch this till i die!! Who's with me? :)
He reminds me of Greg James here!;D
the last "it don't breakeven, he should have put in the real song
GO AWAY, danny is my future husband ♥♥
what i love about the scripts concerts is that they don't lip sync like Bieber
Never mind the year where you see it, just enjoy the poetry! And Press Replay.
asif the majority of comments im seeing are to do with the year people are watching this in oh dear.
I really like watching them play. And I love to listen to every distinct instrument there is in the song :) Awesome percussion, string, keyboard and everything. And very meaningful lyrics. always.
I get angry when I see a video like that. An amazing voice, the lyrics are sensational and the "fans" do not move. Regrettable.
"cause when your heart breaks it dont break even" love the script <3<3
Because they are a respectable crowd that likes their music so they all listen unlike other bands.......
why watch the script videos then, dumbass. go take you hate somewhere else
Как только Дэнни начал петь, я поняла что это моя любимая группа... Потрясающе.
The drummer looks like nick cage lol
Lmao the guy in white at the end wtf is he doing?!
Forget this Shit i love The Script ♥
he's doing his best and that best is better than everyone else
Sometimes i wonder if they ever heard there own song.
And FYI no, I didn't really mean that. before someone starts telling me I'm mad..
I just HAVE to see this hottie live <3
I am happy that they STFU so we can actually hear him singing! ^_^
Of course, it is a band, but what I was trying to say is that music without emotions is empty, you have to feel pain,love,happiness or something, otherwise you won't like the music. Lots of people identify with this song, and that's exactly why they love it.
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