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Kim Kardashian Smokey Eyes | Kandee Johnson

by Kandee Johnson • 3,160,444 views Amazing, hot look for all eyes (especialy brown eyes!), go to my blog to see the picture of Kim Kardashian and all products used, they used YSL on her...

Omg no matter how many times I watch this video it just gives me chills and I fall in love with makeup all over again!! Lol 😍💗☺️
It does make you fall in love with makeup!  Most of Kandee's videos do that for me!
too long video ... you spend too much time looking for your colours
That should be Kandee's signature saying.  "It's not crazy, it's FUN!"
I wanted to know how to do a Kris Jenner look anyway.  This is great.
I wish that you would do this video over in better quality this looks amazing !
You look like Kris Jenner!!
The photo is Kris Jenner.
Kandee I am OBSESSED with this look! So excited to try it out this weekend. Also you are such an inspiration to me. Whenever I'm upset or feeling low I hear your words from your video.. "be a little effervescent ball of love everywhere you go!" It IMMEDIATELY makes me smile and fills me with so much hope! You're my hero :)
this is definitely Kris jenners look not kims (
I love the liquid high lighter. where do you purchase this or a substitute? I don't wear make up but I watch this video like 4 times a day, I really want to  try this. any info would be helpful.
Looks more like kris than Kim. Lol
Kris Jenner? :D
It looks like Kris Jenner makeup
im gonna use this tonight yo, thanks <3
Oh. My. God. I just realized by looking through your videos that this is the first ever make up tutorial i ever watched. Before i even subscribed to any makeup gurus!! <3 Ahhh, nostalgia.  
Omg yo amazing !!!
more like kirs jenner.....old lady
Omgeee just watched your video for the first time today and you are mega adorable! Love the look that you've shown, can really see the contour and highlight and thank you for the advice on smokey eyeshadow as well as the mascara. Btw, youre gorgeous too :) xox
agua e sabão e o seu poblema
That's more like Kris Jenner
Another wonderful tutorial, Kandee! I just love warching your channel so much. I always feel happier after I've watched one of your videos and I suffer from depression so you are a real bright spot in my life. The smokey eye looks great without being over-the-top. Of course eyeshadow is my favorite part of my makeup routine so I tend to wear very bright or very extreme looks on an ordinary day, lol! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put into posting your videos. You are beautiful, kind and make people feel are wonderful! :)
you look more like khris jenner
I'm In Switzerland lying bed on a Sunday morning. What started out watching videos on "how to swim" for my 7 yr old turned into a video on how to trim eyebrows.... And, so on. My hubby criticized YouTube and such videos.. He is just French he has to complain. Anyway, I found this video to be informative and interesting.
Hi Kandee I am looking to buy a contouring palette. What do you think about BH cosmetic?
Anyone know what kind of brush she used on her eyebrows???! ...Help please (:
She is using her small angle brush.  MAC has two, the 263 small angle brush and the 266 small angle brush...but Sigma has them, Urban Decay has them, pretty much all lines of makeup have them...just look for a small angle brush
We're living in a F*cked up world. Only the truth will save us. TRUTHC0NTEST   (...)   C 0M.
Kandee this is my 2an comment iv always been a subbie of urs but I really am watching your hard work and need to know y my mac pencil after 1 hr is on my eyelids and greasy/smeared looking is it that I don't use a primer? Btw my skin is dry n my nose is slightly greasy
Tammy D. Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
We're you on Power Rangers?
thank you for the video..please can you tell me what did you use contouring?(the dark tone)
Hey Kandee! I have a request for you! Semi Formal is coming up for many! Can you do a look for it using drugstore products? Thanks love your videos!!
I absolutely LOVE this! I need a lot more practice for it to look this easy but your video is helping me one step at a time! Plus you are fun to watch and super sweet!
u r so happy :-) i love ur positive attitude and tone :-) love ur videos and love you :-)
AMAZING!!!!! Wow love tht look. Nicest dark smokey eye look I've seen on yt yet thanks for this vid I'll try it whn I go out
More like kris Jenner
was thinking the exact thing
i love her personality & way she talks!! im subscribing!! thnks 4 the look
Oh my !!! I absolutely LOVE your eyelashes !!!
Awesome tutorial! Really well done... Xx
This looks more like her mothers look , but still very stunning xx
Kandee love your vids- my face to TOO thinn and chiseled, very defined cheekbones; any tricks for making it look fuller?
You're soo cute! You're talk about the camera issues is sooo cute and soo humble! I looove you're videos! :D
Kande! You are charming girl. I get upset... I am Russian)) I don't understand what you're saying, but i can see what you do)) sorry for my English
I love watching that video :-))
I agree she looks like kris but 50 years younger
You and Kris Jenner are both pretty :)
LOVE this video Kandee! Just stopping by from DorcoUSA*com. We love watching makeup tutorials and we can't get enough of the smokey eye look! You have such a likable personality so keep those videos coming! Again, great job and if you ever want to do a product review on our women's razors let us know :)
You are amazing Kandee!! I lovee your videos!!
Gotta try this. You made it look so easy...let's see how mine turns out!
Could you redo this video with maybe some updated shadows and more detail, especially since you have a better camera now? I love this look, but I'm a little unclear on the shadows you used and what order. And the camera makes it all come off to be more grey-black than brown. Maybe it's just me D: I would also love if you used more drugstore stuff if you do redo it!
have you been getting questions about your eyebrows?.
she did a whole tutorial, not just the eyes. and it takes a little longer if you're explaining what you're doing while doing it
Hi, Kandee, I've been really wondering about this and thought you might know... I've read a blog by Kim where she says she uses Stila kajal eyeliner...but I've also heard from others that her makeup artist uses MAC. Perhaps Kim was just endorsing Stila? I'd really like your opinion. Thanks!
That would make a great new video...contouring for the oval (my sisters called me egg head all the time) faces! :)
ive been buying chiffon forevr!
I looked on your blog, but I guess since this was from a few years ago, I don't see the list of what you used, or the picture of Kim that you were recreating. Can you update or give me a link? Thanks!
Omg you kinda look like Shania Twain. I looove this look
This is a fabulous look and so easy to copy. Thank you Kandee for explaining so well why, where and how to apply colours to make our features more noticeable to self and others.
Omg luv tjis video gonna try ty Tammy peace/Love
Love how you do makeup!!!! Amazing!!!
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I made it and I liked it very much. For now on this is my party make-up. :) My boyfriend told me that he just realized that I look like skinny Kim Kardashian. LOL Hugs and kisses
I am 43 years old and have been doing Makeup professionally since I was 19...... Gotta say that your right up there with Kevin Aucoin !!!!! Many Blessings and LOVE your work ! <3
I need help what's the name of the liquid highlighter she used???????
oh my god that just put me in a good mood hahah. shes awesomee
I seriously thought the thumbnail was Kris Jenner hahahah
New subscriber too! You are sooo adorable ♥♥♥
She taught me so much in the first 5 mins lol.
me encanta que le busque la alternativa económica a los looks!! =)
I'm italian and your video is the best i've ever seen as concerns smokey eyes!!! You are a very good make up artist!!
wow can you tech me that .not
hey everyone!! I am a new fashion vlogger and would love if you check out my latest video:)
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