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Ron Paul Iowa Debate Highlights Part 2

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@acidhead43; Well put. We here in Rhode Island have our hands full. The least free State with the most corruption. Our Representatives are weak and usually vote with the establishment. Our Governor won his election with 36% of the vote. The Unions have a strangle hold on our General Assembly and are bankrupting our State with overblown pensions. Our work is cut out for us.
The Most Credible People in History 2011 -Ron Paul (USA), George Galloway (UK), Alex Jones (US) , Jesse Ventura (US/Mexico) , vote up if like it
Come on, people! Iran is the greatest threat to the world? No, that title belongs to China.
Did it seem like Chris Wallace has come to the side of the Paulites?
How msm is hiding Dr. Ron Paul Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate, Saying He's Too "misguided and extreme" reason. com/blog/2011/12/01/republican-jewish-coalition-bars-ron-pau
@romanmir01 He's the future of America if he becomes president. However, if his death comes then he shall not die in vain but die as one of the best things to come out of this country.
If Ron Paul wins he will either do a backflip and not implement anything he preaches or he will be assassinated if he sticks to his words. Either way that will be the proof we need that the fed and all its associated interests run the US and all other governments
@MrKalboune1 that's part of what freedom is, freedom to choose what u do w/ur life, who u luv, and whatever else. I myself, am not gay, but I had a child w/a black man who is the best father, and for a LONG time people had their misconceptions that that is wrong. I support people being free to make they're own decisions whether we agree or not. U r not God & u dn't mk other people's decisions for them
I Bet People were hired To sit in the audience to boo Ron Paul.. God Bless Ron Paul.
I voted for Dr. Paul in 08 and I will vote for him again in 2012. THIS IS MY PRESIDENT.
It seems as thought whomever has the majority of fans in the crowds wins the debate.... As far as the polls are concerned. That is troubling. I mean, Ron Paul clearly won the debate, as he does every debate.
Theres not enough Ron Pauls in the world!!
Americans need to stop looking to put "leaders" in political office! the American People themselves are supposed to be the "leaders" and our REPRESENTATIVES to be our obedient servants in government. The American people looking to leadership in government is at the heart of the failure of our crumbling system. When the American People finally LEAD, the politicians will follow. If you want a "leader" look in the mirror. A nation of sheepish followers cannot produce a government of leaders.
Ron Paul 2012 - It is not the job of the US to "spread Democracy" throughout the world
revolution should follow if ron paui is cheated of his inevitable win.
@TheRationalOptimist People have a hard time picturing an America without an FDA, FCC, CIA, FB!, DEA, DHS, FEMA, IRS, DoE, etc. It breaks their heads, they begin thinking of nothing but lawlessness... Which is psychotic. We still have our states and local governments. Let them do their jobs, you do your job in participating at a local level, and everything should be ok. Ron Paul will do his part to see to that, we just have to do our part and see him to that position.
Ron Paul did it away. He smoked everyone on the panel. Every other candidate tried to be presidential and get an applause. Unfortunately, being presidential ONLY does not count. One must listen to the contents of the speech, not how presidential they are. I wished more American would wake up and listen to Ron's message. Nobody could even come close to debate Ron Paul. He is a man of honor, honesty, integrity, wisdom, and sanity. Ron Paul for 2012!
Ron Paul Ron Paul But we all know Mainstream media does not like him Nor The elites PPL PLZ WAKE UP
Give me LIBERTY, or give me DEATH... /watch?v=R-gitG32P_U
@eternalgracenote here here! Finally the people have a voice!
Any RON PAUL supporter NEEDS to watch the first 15 minutes of this video (at least) It shows you how every war in history was caused and initiated by central bankster Rothschild family. PLEASE SPREAD THIS KNOWLEDGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Just replace the [DOT] so you can watch!! rys2sense[DOT]com/hub/get/vid/id/1.htm
If Ron Paul gets voted in.... wait scratch that, WHEN Ron Paul, i think i'll be moving to america from canada
@masterkl16 So is his history, for once I wont be voteing for the lesser evil.
@ChortortleC Better to let the Federal Government decide for everyone? How about we just have a monarchy? Give all the power to one dictator? You need a history lesson, the States were put here for a reason, as well as the Constitution. Some jackass like you always turns this into a racial issue. IDIOT!!
at the end of the clip Santorum asked Paul for a history lesson...."what happened in 1953?"
Why do they ask him stupid questions such as the one regarding polygamy ? As if this was even an issue that anyone gives a damn about while the world crumbles around us - record foreclosures , economy collapsing , troops securing the globe while our own borders go unprotected ,double digit unemployment , and they ask a question about his views on polygamy ? idiots !
@Seiku Yeah , imitation is the sincerest form of flattery , I guess. But it seems they are all copying Ron Paul;s stances on the issues now that they see he is getting so much public support because of his views . Don't forget - if you are a DEM or unenrolled, please register online today as a REPUB because there are 18 or so closed/ semi closed states & you will not be able to vote Ron Paul in the critical primary unless you are a reg. Repub-do it today .Dont let this man down
@gamerthug5oh yah he's the only person i've ever given money to in 2008, plus went around with like 50 ron paul bumper stickers and 500 business cards and 500ish slim jims and went around town with em. Plastering ron paul bumper stickers around town
I don't make it a habit to laugh at other people's expense but... what was up with Bachmann's forehead? Botox much? Not only could you not see it move at all, I think it made her eyes cross a little and I swear it looked swollen with little "Klingon-like" ridges on it. Yikes.
From the people's opinions ,RON PAUL IS THE 100% VOTES WINNER . But I am sure our electronic voting system will not give the same result to prevent him from becoming the next president of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Something must be done to have our own president this time . SAVE AMERICA >>>>> VOTE 4 this Man >>>> RON PAUL .
Ron Paul could possibly cut trillions of dollars year one, 1.2T in the Departments, hopefully FEMA and HLS too, abolish the fed, and dramatically save on the military, the troops in Afghanistan are being choked by the Russians and Iranians because we have essentially started war with Iran and Pakistan. We, the UN Vs China are Russia everyones ready just trying to see if we all realllyyyy wanna do this....
If I was an American, I would vote for Ron Paul
It's a shame that the only principled politician on this planet won't be elected president. I'm hoping who ever wins, gives Ron Paul a position in their cabinet whether it's a republican or democrat. Ron Paul kicks ass!!
I think Ron Paul should be voted in, and I hope that he WILL be voted in, but come on people! This is America, we haven't done the RIGHT thing, since I've been alive (26years). All I'm saying is don't get your hopes up. Ron Paul is truly to good to be true. The media, federal government, corporations, Reps n Dems, will do everything in their power to keep him from being voted into office. For 8 years I chose not to waste my votes on shit, but now my vote will go to a cause, and that is Ron Paul!
For those stupefied by this result, a source on the ground informs us that Bachmann proceeded to hand out 6000 free tickets at $30 each with a mandatory registration at her booth to gain concert entrance. Furthermore, final results were probably tabulated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics...
@nosferotica1 Neoliberalism implies classical liberal policies, such as free markets, free trade, minimal government, that of which libertarianism rests in. Liberals have redefined themselves since the 60's taking on the word liberal to mean "progressive", statist and big government.
I love this guy, I made a huge sign in my yard already, like 20-25 feet long! I pray the people of america wake up to liberty!
@nosferotica1 Did I ever say any of those things??? No, I said he has a hard sale to make of liberty, which he does not always do so well.
@numbersvsalphabet you might be right about the US shadow government...but I don't think we should estimate the power that China has both economically and militarily. China currently has a great power of the US because of the money that is owed to them. But once the dollar collapses, then China is set to step up as a major world player, and they are prepared to create a one world currency. They have the man power to do whatever they want, and should not be ignored.
He thinks life begins at CONCEPTION. But perhaps most crazily, he thinks state governments should be allowed to choose if gay marriage is acceptable, etc. Like Americans can handle that....
@danielc121162 I don't think people give China enough credit--they are willing to do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their assets. They are set to put in a one-world currency, and with the money owed to them by the US (which will never be paid back), they have a great power economically. Militarily speaking, we don't know exactly how strong they are, but I assure you that they are much stronger than we think. China is not going to remain quiet for much longer.
Talking shit won't work anymore. That's what politicians have usually done. Given the public a whole bowl of sentiments to lap up. And usually it's worked. Just think how much rhetoric Obama poured out. And it worked. Probably because there were no other decent politician to choose But Ron Paul gives factual information.He knows he is wanting a great shift. He believes, and so do a great many, that the present situation is in critical need of a big shift. The system is simply indecent.
No, giving the federal government the power only stated in the constitution is a constitutionalist. So if he follows what is written in the constitution then how is he sided toward the articles of confederation.
It's good to see the other politicians are getting more involved on the subject of the Federal Reserve.
I'm going to have to register republican to vote for him in the primary!
If you love liberty and freedom then, let your voice be heard! Do all you can to inform people in your life about the need to save our nation from the criminal banksters, corrupt political hacks in BOTH parties, a lying mass media that covers-up for the ruling elite, and get Big Government out of our lives NOW!!! We're in grave and fatal danger of losing our liberty as the financial collapse continues. We must all SPEAK-OUT! Don't wait for leaders - BECOME LEADERS, and be a force for liberty!
It's amazing how no danish mainstream news outlet has mentioned RP a single time. They're always focusing their attention on Bachmann or Romney. Two puppets! It's the same in rest of Scandinavia for sure, probably most of Europe. Some powerful individuals are making a huge effort to not make RP a household name here, like Obama was. That's why im begging the decaying brains of americans to make some real change. Not change you think you can believe in, like Obama.......
Central banks are un-American, and Newt Gingrich ripping off Ron Paul's rhetoric is also un-American. All of these R.I.N.Os (Republican in name only) cannot hold a candle to Dr. Paul's economic policy.
@olov244 Actually you're wrong. As a liberal, you put Obama in office. Now it's you're duty to vote as a blue republican and help Ron win the GOP. Nothing- NOTHING says you can't switch parties as you please.
come on america . the whole world is watching. its obvious everyone wants ron paul to win. and its obvious your media doesnt. so vote for ol ronny. hes your last chance.
America is becoming the new Nazi Germany... Get change, Go Ron Paul
mic 2005 we are all endowed with liberty from our creator It is inalienable. Ron Paul is right on the money. You are troller my friend. trolling the waters. Where does liberty come from then? Who bestows liberty on humankind? Our founding fathers of this nation believed the same.
@janvandebong Right. I screwed that up. A paleoliberal is the correct term, which is a classical liberal.
This man is a genius. People hate the truth.
lol I wonder what Ron Paul was saying to Santorum at the end.
@nosferotica1 So, by them not voting for him, how does he have convincing power??
OK.. Who pressed the dislike button? *Pulls out gun*
Weird to hear grinch talk about the FED, considering he did nothing to get it audited in the first place.
Ron Paul is so obviously smarter than the other candidates on the issues. I hope that people will recognize he is one of the few nonpartisan politicians who really gets it
It is obvious that FED is too corrupted, eager to keep it's secrets and control. The sooner disposed/rearranged the better. Talking about democracy and freedom of speach - people deserve to choose for themselves. They want the money they've earned and life worth living. People hate the words TAX and FED so much right now. Start with bigger and urgent problems first then move on to marriage when people can actually afford it. Ron Paul works with people and works for the people. Go Ron! WIN!
"We owe the FED $1.6 TRILLION in T-bills. Where did they get the money? They created it out of thin air and WE pay interest on it." The shot heard round the world. Did you hear it?
@thewelch2407 You have made the best decision that a 18 year old has made, and I only hope that people around the world get the same image from this man you did!
@TheRationalOptimist He doesn't lack convincing power, he's talking to a world of people who have been spoon-fed nationalism since WWI
Gingrich just stole Ron Paul word for word haha, it sounded like it at least. Why vote for someone who just seemed to be enlightened on this when you can vote for the guy that has proposed legislation time after time. Imagine if congress was full of people like Ron...
Ron Paul is the only honest and reasonable man I've seen in politics in my lifetime.
When JFKennedy spoke about the Fed.......... well you know what happened to him. The criminal Zionist banking cartel is not about to let a political shift or electoral vote strip them of their power. It's all show folks. We're conquered. Search Nathaniel Kapner.
Citizens of the USA, America needs you and your friends now! You are under economic attack! The enemy is winning! We are nearing the end of our Sovernty. Global, international corperation CEOs which include global banking have nearly destroyed all that made USA and its Constitution so desired. Go back as far as Youtube allows and look at Ron Paul. If after researching him you think he's the best Candidate for the job of Presidency mention him to friends. God bless U.S. now.
cbs nbc fox msnbc will not give ron paul the same time as the other part members plz ppl let your friends know he has run for president in the past only to be run into the media black out they wont give him the same time .. and the only reason that is cause it could cost them somemoney ..i was sure the USA wasnt just about one person its about the whole and Ron paul cares you can hear it in his voice he has passion.. what could it hurt to give him the chance to turn this shit around ....
The difference: The candidates are advocates with no real direction. Ron Paul, the oldest man on the stage, is a breath of fresh air. While the others are advocates for existing ideas, Ron Paul is a man with his own vision.
It certainly wasnt the peoples choice that ron paul did not win iowa. At least we get to see plainly the corruption in both parties. RON PAUL 2012. No other way.
You dont vote Paul, shoot yourself!
@jaws1785 You're right Brother, we may not win this one, but we are waking people up. Ron Paul is laying the groundwork for future candidates, and we will eventually win. As long as we have a free and open internet, they can't stop the truth!!
@olov244 Well you're right about part of that. However, I've been pushing (and voting) for Paul since he was a Libertarian, as am I. But if he doesn't get the nod in the GOP, it's going to be Mitt or Perry. And 90% of America will be in the same mess one way or another. Dr. Paul needs all the help he can get to overcome powerful political and media adversity.
@mlc2005 It would have been better for him to say "from our natural rights", but I think this is a pretty minor quibble, all things considered.
@raiderodeath123 Well, I've spent that last 20 minutes looking into Gary Johnson, and I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed. I can respect any man who earned his fortune in Construction, as that's my ambition. I'm interested to learn more, and I think, in the end, only time will tell. Let's not forget that Ron Paul has 30 years of unwavering experience, where he has held strong and never faltered on ANY of his views. And it's very disheartening to learn that GJ advocates abortion.
@Apexed818 the united states brought in the dictator Shah
PS: It can start with perhaps NOT FUCKING REPEATING THE BULLSHIT THE MSM SAYS, AS IN "Ron Paul is a loon; Ron Paul is crazy; Ron Paul will never win, etc." Instead of granting them that power, OBSTRUCT. Deny them, and campaign for the man!
@VigilantNation Either you are joking are a complete moron. Which is it?
Since typing END THE FED will get me flagged somewhere in some database and probably read by somebody let me take this moment to relay a message. We the people have figured you out. We the people would like to say in unison: FUCK YOU! We the people are awake and there's nothing you can do about it.
@NattligMelodi Reagan removed sound money if i'm correct. He took us off the Silver Standard and the final standard our country had left.
My bad if The elites Corps etc. dont like him hes our guy
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