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by Philip DeFranco • 1,406,172 views

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too much time on football , why do you need to curse ? , yes I want to get my mouth on a red heads box too :) QC
Phil,just know that I am 1 of th 3 P.S KAME HAME HA!!!!!!
It would be awesome to see a cloud store EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING from a song, to your OS (that means like windows 7 ) ....But right now it's not possible :( Cause the BIOS can't access a cloud, but maybe for a future BIOS, You won't need a hard drive at all and have it all through cloud. I would definitely use cloud If it could be accessed from my BIOS but unroll then No I'm NOT getting cloud. These are my thoughts on the future of the cloud.
Yea I'm sure the 2 million subscribers had nothing to do with it.
dude i dowloaded BSG in high def 3 years ago and it is my most precious 120 gigs of HDD space and i cant wait for this new series now!^^ love your show been watchin it since 2008 and this is the first time im leavin a comment lawl, i guess i should interact more :D anyhoo love seein yo face and your opinion on everything and dont ever stop making these and i want your Steam tag too because im always down with almost any game
oh my god BSGalactica was the Shit. my God its going to be great
I loved this video so much I just shit 5 amazon cards :D
Ah Jenna Louis Coleman she looks like the Doctor's Sister
does anyone know who's gonna be the new doctor
Donna was the best companion. EVAH.
No, she is playing two different roles. Though a Dalek companion would be the best and most ironic thing ever.
I'm going to learn how to have more sex. My cousin has begun going out with a stunning woman mainly because 2 months back he signed up to an internet site named Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to learn more.) I'm jealous since I want to fall madly in love too. I'm going to check out this Jake Ayres man's information. Strange thing is, my friend previously had Zero luck with women. How does one transform so swiftly? His girl's like a model...
it'd be cool if they did a doctor who episode where they, went back in time and actually met jesus.
I don't care, I still miss Rose! Seriously!
funny how that tebow thing worked out!!
The second doctor and Jamie, I know it was back in the 60's but it was still awsome
i LOVED Donna Noble (Katherine Tate - is an amazing comedian) She was my favourite companion. She was like The doctors best mate rather than the love interest, which was refreshing.
wuut he sits down that's a first
Im gonna miss the ponds. Amy was my favourite! But yes in Moffat we trust.
Fair enough. I guess I'll have to wait to see what the new one's like but I'm skeptical. I just got attached to the trio, and seeing them together in Confidential confirmed the dynamic. They just like each other. I wouldn't mind a new companion so long as Amy and Rory come back occasionally. In a believable way, not like Rose. Also, Donna. I want Donna to come back. And Jack. Damn, I just love Doctor Who lol
Fusion dance would only last for like the first quarter. Love the vids.
everything comes down to HD porn
What about TORCHWOOD and Capt. Jack Harkness?
thats what annoying about nuwho the doctor never got involved with companions
love the fusion comment. also i can tell ur high. ur eyes are glassy as all hell :p no judgment tho i use for anxiety
phill you look like the first doctor from doctor who
OMG baby AIDS??? I almost started crying...fusion dance FTW. Mary Jane is cool...
only a few days till jenna premires officially as the new companion clara. woot woot, i dont care what anyone says, the uk has doctor who the greatest tv show in the history of mankind and its all ours.
YES! I used to be so excited to watch DBZ after school everyday when it was played on cartoon network :)
any doctor who fans get really disappointed with only 5 eps for the new series
@Kimbumbala actually Fuuuuuusssshhhhiiiooonnnnn HHHHooooooooooo!!!!!! get it right :)
While what you say is perfectly true, don't you worry about a company storing all of your private data? What happens when they get a power outage or their servers go down or if you have no data connection where you are? Doesn't that leave you high and dry with no other means of accessing your data? I understand the merits of cloud and it's an idea with great potential, but it will never completely take over from local storage.
I never understood why people didnt like Donna she was always my second favorite (after rose) Amy and Martha were kind of annoying, but Rory was pretty cool.
Favorite PDV MOTHERFREAKINGEVER!!! little bit of my two favorite football teams (Broncos and Jets..Hell Yeah Baby!!!) Talky talkin about the amazingness of syfy ;D Doctor Who specificly!! Can't wait for the new season (Still trying to get over Ten/Rose awesomness) BadWolf and TheDoctor Forever(^_^)
the first doctor was william hartnell who was about 60! so he looks nothing like him, if u mean he looks like david tenant, he was the 10th doctor
I bet not even she can talk faster than you, Phill. And woot! Tennent FTW!
please explain why canadian netflix sucks balls!!!
The only thing I don't like about phill is he makes fun of Jesus
I love all of the Doctors for many different reasons, but i would have to say that the 11th Doctor is my favourite. Not that I like Matt Smith the best, though he is a brilliant actor, I just like the actual character and his more comedic standpoint than before. And even though many might disagree in that she is a companion, mine is most definitely River Song/ Melody Pond :)
come on buddy! you ever come to b.c. give me a shout. we will get you "medicated" :)
*The Doctor's sexy new companion*
Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy and Rory
My little cousin was able to make the best stripper I’ve ever seen fall for him because he ran the Cupid Love System (search in Google). I wish I was pleased for him but I want such a hot woman to fall for me. I’m exceptionally envious. Does that mean I’m a bad individual?
Computing power and storage doubles approximately every 1.2 years
Not a fan but I would love to see a Sanchez vs Tebow fusion dance
OH i'm SOOO sorry! ¬_¬ The pronunciation is exactly the same.
--------------------WARNING SPOILER ALERT----------------------- I just watched the new doctor who episode and it turns out the "New Companion" is a dalaek. I am dissappointed!
@chr15100 I can hardly even stand anyone but her!
OMG ITS A GIANT TARTIS/sex(yea watch that episode...) THATS MADE OUT OF CARDBOARD!
Same with my favourite companions! Ughh And i'm going to miss the ponds so much :'(
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