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Simple Plan - Pierre and Seb - Bottle Song!!

by philll182 • 52,184 views

New simple plan's album song, Seb and Pierre presents played in some water bottles!!! Very Funny!!!! Seb knows how to DESAPEAR!!!!

Pierre♥♥♥ Sp <3 Lol =) Yahooo
pierre and seb, they are so cute!
did they just play barney the dinsaur? awwwwwwww they are sooooooooo freaking adorable i cud dieeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pierre sounds so surprised that Seb is gone... lol...
look at pierre's face just as seb reappears...XD
lol love the disapperin act there so funny thts y i luv em =[
0:40 the video ACTULY STARTS
I was shock when Seb dissapear and reappear again. they are so cuteee!
i can disappear! where did seb go? really cute u guys! i luv u both!!!
the smile off Pierre! n.n so cute!
Sinceramente, eles não tem o que mais inventar.. DHUIHDUSIAHDUHASIUDSAHDIU, mas eu amei esse vídeo.
omggg i loved thiss vid!! :DD
oh my god, they are so cute. i love them so much
hahahaha Ya'll to Sick Hahaha xD Funny as hell ! :D
@BI20 the song is yankee doodle ahaha but then again alot of songs have that tune ahaha
@MissTrench well then I'm sorry you're obviously deaf
pierre is such a dork and hes so f'n hot hes the kinda guy who looks hot when he laughs and he knows that thats y he laughs so much and also because hes a happy person love the disappear act lol <3 u pierre
i wanna disappear and reappear too D:
yankee doodle? hahahh!//xD i love yahh guys! your my favorite band! i cant find any of your cd's in iowa! ahh
Lovee these guys so freakin funny!!! <3
7 beers down and they still seem sober, wow they are good!
they went under the table,did'nt they?
sebs so cute with his hat like that xD
lol they're so entertaining. p.s. the save you video is great
cuteeee!!! lok at pierre's face haha
was that the barney song hahahaha
jajajajajaj i loooveee iss veryy good xddeee loovee pierre(L)
Does anyone else think that the bottle song sounded like "Yankee Doodle"?
and...Poof...'are they coming back?' haha love you guys!
LOL! Wow, I love them so much! So adorkable!
that's kind of weird. but cute weirdness, really!!!
LOL!! Sébastien est troooop cute :p Et pierre est trop drôle quand il dit:That weird man!! XD
"I'm a magician these days, so I can dissapear" dissapears "Yo where did Seb go? Geez that's weird man. Is he comin' back?" haha I <3 them
Oh SP why do have to be so cute?
they are just so crazy and that's why I love them =D
@kitsunenoroi lol, that's from smosh, finally, a SP and smosh fan!
OMG this is so cute ^__^ hehe I love Pierre and Seb
they sung yankie doodle with bottles....that takes tallent!
hehehe its funny i love simple plan
Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination!
"where did he go... Is he he coming back?"... weee, where's my mumy?... no, im joking but he sounds really desperate... (btw i know that trick)
хахха ребят вы просто гоните)) прикольно))
I'm pretty sure Pierre and Seb are like my favorites. They're just so funny together. Gotta love Pierre coming in on his little harmony bit. Love them <3
i love how Pierre just can't stop smiling
"Y..y..yo! Where did Seb go?" LOL XD. They now there are weird and that's why it's so funny! If someonelse would do this, it would be lame, but they can do whatever they want :P.
omg, is it a song from the new album? if yes, which one???!XD
lol they were seriously bored. their pros at this haha!! i tried to do that but FAILED... this vid is so addictive!! cant stop watchin it lol thx for uploading (;
thay just paused the camera..... good effort though.... LOL
that's really freaking funny...each time seb and pierre are together...funny stuff always happens...
pierre's awesome =) his smile is sooo cute
Well, that would be a awesome song! :'D
xD lol sebs a magician!!! i love how theyre so comfortable being dorks ^^
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