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Lollipop Chainsaw - Aced Auto-shop Class, Fingered

by Rooster Teeth • 181,684 views

Ray and Michael show you how to get the Aced Auto-shop Class and Fingered achievements in Lollipop Chainsaw for the Xbox 360

Umn... When I saw Lollipop Chainsaw, I was thinking about Jessica Nigri. When they said: Fingered, I was thinking about.... well... I guess you're in the same boat as me!
I think he's referring to the pony's "special" finger if you catch my drift.
you seriously missed the monty python reference? what is wrong with people these days -_-
1. Right Click 2. Stop Download 3. Thank me later
What titan doesn't get is, you are troll baiting him.
When I saw the video, it had 0 views. When I clicked on the video, it had 133,468 views.
Fingered... It's still a sex thing
Wow Ray has over 300,000G, now that's a lot!
well the spam eggs sausage and spam doesn't have that much spam in it
sweet jesus, ray has over 300k gamerscore
Please do a guide for completing the zombie album!
Shit, ray has a massive gamerscore, fuck
Not so much here, they're more lenient. Although some of them can be dicks in the bigger countries. And I still want to know why they haven't fixed that overpopulation problem. They have all the necessary tools...
312,950 GAMERSCORE?????!!!!!! Fuck, I wish I had their job!
Loled at the start! What's up guys it's Ray and Michael form Achievement hunter HELLO!
lol guys and their gross sex jokes.
Put chainsaw in front of lolipop in the title
Michael we need to know about the hot wheel issue! Getting fingered is a serious thing!
Didn't you know? Ponies finger Michael with Hot Wheels.
*He's *understood Jeez man, if you're going to dispute my comment, at least get your basic grammar right. And actually, that is attention seeking simply due to the fact he felt the need to tell everybody watching the video that he was first, and it doesn't apply anyway because he was about the 200th person to comment on this video xD
69 achievements in Reach Teehee
Well that's why they invented shotguns and crowded hallways, isn't it?
-_- I don't wanna talk about it....
What happened to the Tara Strong praising?
he gets paid to record himself getting achievements are you really that shocked his Gamerscore in the 6 digits?
I wonder how every conversation went Jack:hey ray whatcha doin? RAY:I'm getting fingered.
its called "achievement hunter" he basically gets payed for getting achievements you would have that many if you were getting payed for it :)
...couldn't she just walk around the hole?
i bet if you open his acheivements list and hold the left stick down, it just scrolls for 20 minutes
holy shit 312 thousand gamerscore? fuck thats alot.
how do u get that outfit plz reply
Haha getting fingered by a hotwheels. Just ask the people from Jackass how that feels
So they invented cops because they invented shotguns to mow down hookers and prevent the spread of herpes? Well, shit.
I can't argue with you there. This is just one of those things most people don't know about. For example, even though affect and effect are different parts of speech (noun, verb or adjective, depending on the context) they can be used interchangeably and still serve as being grammatically correct.
@ITZwhiiteboyy Read it again and hen judge...
the achievement wasnt what i expected from its name :|
There's a hidden message in the tags!!! Thumbs up so everyone will see
click *show comment* to enjoy a more...peaceful adventure!!!!
Haha Halo: Reach has 69 achievements
When the title said "Fingered," my horny brain imagined something TOTALLY different... well... color me disappointed!
Hes not attention seeking.... Hes just stating that hes first... I never understodd why people get mad about that.
Once you beat the game all the outfits unlock in the chop 2 shop store
beat the game, then you can buy it in the shop for 85 platin medals (sry for bad english ) i´m german :D )
highest is over 600000 gamerscore but stilll over even 100,000 is impressive
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