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While hiking, we accidentally caught an image of bigfoot walking through the woods. I didn't even notice until I got home and saw it on the computer! This scarred the crap out of us!

I thought it was hilarious when that guy slapped himself in slow motion.
@theman2c damn you just figured out blues clues
a good Fake!!!! But "Bigfood" no not real!!!
WOW,.....not the video, the Friggin' idiotic comments....so again, WOW! I'm all for freedom of speech and all so don't get me wrong, type away, please, it IS YOUR RIGHT. Just proves that "Natural Selection" (...HA, pun intended) is a work in progress! .....my opinion on the video......looks fake. My opinion of BF, Sasquatch, Yeti,etc,etc....REAL. Wish someone would find some real physical PROOF though.
oh big Foot no happy you take picture of Me you walk through my back yard not saying hello or anything. i not bother you at home so stay out of my woods.....BF
And plus if u see bigfoot u would be like wtf what was that an run towards it.
sasquatch - "walking in the forest..nah nanah, narananah nanah, omg another camera!!"
@sleuthcrystal To me ,This is the most plausible alternate explanation that i've seen yet.Only an on the spot height , weight & body dimension projections of the 'creature' that rule out the possibility of 'homo sapiens' might concretely determine otherwise.Thanks.
from research big foots are from 7 to 11 feet tall this one is about 5 feet i dont think there is anyway that that is a big foot!!!
If it's fake, or just a random person, it's a fun video. No conclusion can be made of course, but I love how perfectly it looks like a chance encounter. I forget exactly where this was filmed, but it would be worth looking to see if it is near any large wilderness areas.
Agree with theman2c, the guy swatting is cue for the fake to run across.
Why in every one bigfoot sighting,bigfoot goes from left corner to right,patterson film is authentic,but making fake videos based on gimlin film is just too stupid,+you can clearly see,that this is guy in suit,py attention on walking. Its easy to trick somone,who dont know much,but its good that out there are still people who knows which things are fake,and other which isnt.
@Strife1969 That light spot doesn't move; it's still there well after 36.
@393cj You r kidding right? I have never seen a bigfoot fake look more humanoid.
@fitz42762 u don't need to be one to spot the obvious.The guy is clearly wawing aat him the "fly'
@richolovesgoals What the heck is weird about hiking in jeans? I'm a 50-year-old biologist and have hiked in jeans since I was a little girl. In fact, seeing me out of my Levi's or Carhartts is rarer than a bigfoot sighting. Would you wear shorts? In poison oak or where you might fall and gash your leg?
I saw that on the news i live in washington state.
i would like to see the rest of the hiking footage. maybe bigfoot was there again and you missed it. because if you are a human and you didn't notice an ape-man running through your peripheral vision—the exact sort of thing human eyes are built to notice—then your eyes are broken and no one should trust them.
there is such a tiny chance that some primate species has managed to survive all this time, with minimal sightings and what not, bigfoot is just a myth, just like ghosts and all the other myths. I'd say the same for the lochness monster, but an animal in an ocean ecosystem would be much easier to remain undetected
@mjzimzum faster? a gorilla can go faster, well any animal can go like a Humanoid, but we need to compare this "gorrilla" with others and see if they are the same, or not...
(Watches as both hikers are completely oblivious to black shadow directly in front of them while cameraman stares at said black figure and says nothing to hikers).
I'm a liking it. The fact that they did not hear it, points toward it being real. The fact that they did not go into some act of surprise, tends to indicate that it is genuine. The BFRO does not have a clue as to the likelihood of finding Bigfoot around Spokane. Pay no attention to them because if they don't own it, then they don't promote it. They owned and promoted a fake video from Colville for years, aka The Memorial Day Footage, which is a stones throw away from Spokane. nuff said
Could also be a skunk ape, there are native primates in North America, you know?
hmmm..I guess after reading all the mean,crass,prejudged statements here on this thread against this clip the REAL lesson here is IF one is trapping through the woods with friends and you r taping thru your cell phone cam & later when u review the footage u notice something in it that u didn't initially see at first & can't readily identify..keep it to yourself & by NO means innocently upload it onto YouTube..just sayin. smh
It seems fake to me. 1. Sasquatch just walking, like there is nobody around him, without even a single look in the direction of people there. I think every animal, even Mr. Bigfoot is curious or paying attention if something moves around him because it could be a predator or any other danger. Walking calm like that is unusual. 2. Not seen anything untill you got home. I don't think you wouldn't notice something big like that moving in front of you. ...and there are more, but...fail. ;)
i have no idea if it was a hoax or not but pretty sure it was a bigfoot ):'
Much of it is blurry but the movement from 34 to 36 looks non-human. Consider also the lighting. It's bright sunlight yet the figure is very dark and does not appear to be in shadow.
@dale765 yo mutha fuckin ass hole yo im mexican and i beet the shit out of u niqqa or white trash or watever u are
You mean upper-left hand corner...
@Idonthaveanamelol if you're suggesting bigfoot porn.......count me in.....
Oh yes, I am so scared....are you really serious?
does anyone notice all the fake bigfoot videos like this one always are short? like who grabs there phone, records two people in the forst just walking and in that 58 seconds.. boom theres bigfoot.. i mean whats the chance?
i know im hairy but don't say i look like Bigfoot
This very well could be fake but that Patterson footage now bringing to light the 73% step compared to our "human" 52% step is pretty damn interesting to say the least.
An animal that big would leave marks of being there: food, shelter, and mating/reproduction. If this was real, wouldn't the woman want to make a name for herself? I mean... it would be awesome to be the 1st person to discover Bigfoot! So, why not take investigators/scientists back to the area for hair sampling, tracking, and generalized investigations to find out more about this elusive animal? Oh... that's right! This video is fake, that's why none of these measure are being taken.
Just because they look 10 doesn't mean they are. My son is 14 and hasn't done his big growth spurt yet. When we go to restraunts they take a long look at him, most assume he is approx. 10 but some will ask if he is 10 or 11. Beside, why pick on age of who is being filmed...be more interested in who filmed and uploaded it.
@blott1978 No..to the contrary..it has been proven that a man cannot walk like the creature in this video..for more info see "Monsterquest Bigfoot part 1" documentary here on youtube.
With dat hairdo it´s gotta be ... Donald Trump , is dat YOU !!! ???
Its got an excessive stoop, (maybe readying to hide out of the way). Thin chest and a neck. This has me thinking its fake.
kto normalny nagrywa, jak chodzi po lesie?
Okay, I am a believer that there may still be an undiscovered primate at large in the deeply wooded regions of the world. I also believe that if there are as many of these creatures as sightings may speculate, we can indeed afford to sniper (one) " in the name of science". Mountain Gorillas weren't even discovered until October 17, 1902. It's evident to me that these mammals, are intelligent enough to know what will happen to them if we find them. Urban sprawl dictates that inevitably we will.
Can't someone have a real video of bigfoot
now how do you know if there was or wasn't more filmed? people tend to show a little before and a little after the main subject of the post. As one poster commented about the age of the kids, kids will film any and everything. So it is still possible to be real, and still possible it is fake .....until we know for sure on what is truly out there we can't say for sure. and No I wouldn't film myself eating a waffle, but my kid would.lol
Looks authentic to me. Bigfoot is Cain from the bible. Thats why you never find bodies etc.
if its a true bigfoot or whatever shouldnt it attack the peoples and also make some sort of king kong growling noise...?
Hey Samantha, I'm the guy in the monkey suit. You dropped your I-Pad, where should I send it?
Sayyapaw....you think Bigfoot are straight up born 7-11 feet tall? HA
wow poor daddy, he had to wear this damn costume >_>
Good catch..was this filmed with a cell phone or digital cam? I know when filming, your consentrate on what your filming....but did no one notice or hear, or smell anything. What time of year was this filmed?
Bigfoot seems to be sporting a black t-shirt!!!!
Who cares,leave him alone assholes!!!...
Why he have something white at his foot? :| Look, when it's zoomed!
that big foot was wearing converse
This is an authentic BF video for reasons below: coned head structure, cupped fingers, limb proportions ( 0.37, hands are below knee level, also check out the thigh size at 0.36), walks with a certain pause and yet with big strides cover large distances, moving through forested area with ease. Notice no attention is paid to the human presence nearby. It must have evaluated the situation as non threatening before stepping out. In Patterson, it looked back coz he was chasing it with a camera.
bottom line: a hunter will have to bring in a body....
I wish that there was some "YouTube etiquette", that required someone that declares "fake", to offer up an intellectual reason for the accusation. Otherwise, you just look like an idiot.
Well, I'm by no means an expert but, I have done research after finding some "sasquach" prints on a day hike with my girlfriend at deep creek, just a few miles from down river. I believe what I saw was authentic evidence given that I had ruled out nearly all other possibilities when I examined the prints. The strides were to big for me to match and I'm 6'4" and also, there were actual indentations made by each the toe. Thnx for the vid.
Omg we are all gonna die!!! OMFG ¬¬ that's my ex in there
People that claim that claim that they saw bigfoot are stupid
I want to say the bigfoot I seen in my life with my relative here in Canada walk like a man with a little bit hard step when he watch at us we freak out because it was not human view,this one walks same as that what I see so i don't know what to say till he/she stares at me not in camera
okay, serious question. was this real, amature video??
@CristianoScoob It's the outline of a branch stalk in the foreground.
I'm a BFRO researcher. I find this footage very interesting. If you send this footage to me, we can give you our opinions to determine whether or not it's a Bigfoot. If it's convincing enough, we will travel to your local area for further investigation. Send me a comment response and we'll start from there. Thanks for your time.
So.... what techniques have all you "experts" used to determine the authenticity of this footage?
alright, there is no real way of telling if it was, but look at how it moves.. Does it look like its human? I think not. It walks like it has a hunch back and its arms are always bent. It clearly has no clothes and is hairy so that means it could be a bigfoot(assuming they exist) but no one will ever know. Either bigfoot is just a hoax people made up to screw with people or its real, but i doubt any of us will know for a long time.
I can see Bigfoot with Nike shoes and costume ,that's sucks !!!
The cameraman never angled it even slightly to catch the object's exclusion. If this is a hoax, the culprit is very very crafty!
ok i find it creepy how the music kept playing after the video ended... odddddddddd
i don't care what you say....that's real bigfoot. It's obvious at 0:33
If it was wearing sneakers, it's obviously not bigfoot! Nice try though
Here is a great example of how they go unnoticed due to human tunnel vision. This video has been out for a month, it has almost 400,000 views, and as far as I can tell nobody has noticed the other 8 or 9 Bigfoot all over and in front of the rock to the right of the running Bigfoot. Take a look!
I believe! No matter how ill-prepared for hiking that young chap is, or how giggly that girl is. At least it looks like he lost weight.
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