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Cat On Telephone Pole (how will he get down) =)

by Tony Silva • 52,596 views

a funny looking cat named pedro (yes named after napolean dynomites friend)got chased up a telephone pole by a dog, and some random dude comes to save the day after beign stuck up there for 3 days

This guy is an idiot.  Cats climb down when they are hungry and tired of the view.
@EbonysBlaze Sorry, wrong video. It was from a different cat stuck on a transformer for 3 days.
@rastamees Cat could have freaked out and attacked the rescuer, who is more likely to injure themselves of they fell. The cat would be fine falling from that height.
sheish y did u get scared @ the end? a cat always lands on its feet... unless it's dead
retarded rescuer why didnt he just grab the cat instead of coming down the ladder what an idiot
@GhostSam21 ajjaja no mames weyy ahora si te la jalastee ajajaj
dam that cat is sooo stupid 2 jump
yeah, he probably had enough sense to understand that cats grab back....such an idiot for not getting his face or ball region close to those frenzied reciprocating "flesh tearers" ...not a drop of blood on him, that cruel to cats mother fucker
your really sad though i see the concern for the cat so just scratch out the killing joke :)
@mhkpilot Well, there are a lot of 'tards out there.
um 1 question for ya...... WHY DID YOU NOT GRAB IT!!!! dumb ass nuff said
@nycworldsfair ....not really, how else is he suppose to get it
What's funny is that the guy steps down from the ladder, and the cat slides down far enough to where if the guy just climbed back up the ladder he could grab the cat, but he keeps brushing him with the broom and the cat falls. Real smart there guy.
Mexicans are dumb. They could have easily just grabbed it when he was close enough to the ladder Instead they let it drop
i would be scared too if a stranger approached me with a broom lol!
Why did he help it. It was clearly enjoying it if it was there 3 days!
omg at 1:17 he cd of picked it up but no he goes further down the ladder and starts pulling him with the broom Agen
ma ma get se broom es gato avida say telephono pole
Wow! I guess I should be impressed now, shouldn't I? Children just should not be allowed to comment.
no mamen gabardinos no saben si es mexicano, posoblemente es su paisano,,!
@paintballer243 pintor jaja no mamess es tu papa wey
when it was close to the top of the ladder y didnt he just go to the top and grab it instead of knocking it right off
The cat was not found *air quotes* Yeah, I understand
stupid idiot he could have grabbed it
Yeah you people are right because what he did is way worser than not doing anything and letting the cat say up there and starve until it found a way down on its own.
wow 3 days? you just went to bed at least twice knowing that cat was up there?....
Cats can survive very high falls. I'm certain it is okay.
Why did this idiot not grab it?
i only watched this because i thought the cat would fall from the top or get electrocuted.... =/
wtf he could of picked the cat up when it was at the top of the ladder and climbed what a dick
The rescuer used a device with the owners stanky poontang smell to scare the cat down.
yah but it would be alot safer to just grab it Safer for the cat that is
That cat is stupid. It could have easily climbed down itself. They should have let natural selection take its course and eliminate the stupid cats from the population.
This was not worth the risk. Hits cat , cat hits mans head, man falls off . That cat would have made it down on its own . If not use a lift.
HAA HA HA HA HA they have to BRUSH IT DOWN Like... like something I have never seen before. This rocks.
it would be safer for the cat, allthough, you could wrat a safety suit or something to make it less painful or not at all nuff said =P
shouldve grabbed it by the cat is fine.. they can fall from high without hurting themselves
that was sooooooooooooo funny when the falls i thought shed flllllllyyyyyyyyyyy down but she fell
thats funny,random mexican.chaparral is 95% mexican.I had lived ther in the 80s
what do you mean by..."random mexican"? ¬¬ baka
Stupid cats fuck thier so spoiled.
That could have EASILY survived a fall from that height, remember, they do this ALOT, they've evolved the ability to always land on their feet, which have evolved to be REALLY springy, the cat would have sustained MINOR injuries from half again that height, you underestimate cats.
Is "Mexican" considered derogatory, or are you just another politically correct cunt bag?
haha that was pedro the cat the reason we didnt grab it was because it will claw its way to the botton either by the pole or the nice mexican weed remover lmfao either way the cat was up there for 3 days and would had probably died in the next few days by the chilling temperatures... enough said lol classic!
Wtf why doesnt he just reach up and grab it
when it was close to the top of the ladder y didnt he just go to the top and grab it instead of knocking it right off that would of been more profesional
same with you only i would've kicked you off of a cliff, and who says varmit, unless your the outcast in class that has get some kind some of attention weather its good or bad. truth is, i feel sorry for you ( not about kicking you off the cliff)
What fukin idiot would leave a cat up there for three days
"random mexican"? what's wrong with you? redneck
Why don't you grab your dick and put it in your mom's mouth?
u don't grab it, because the cat will do anything to get a good grip on you to get a feeling of safety. The cat will claw into your flesh and wont let go... Have u ever had a cat, half inch deep into your skin, as you try to climb down a ladder, bleeding all over the place...... nuff said
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