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Chicks Don't Dig Jobless Guys

by SourceFed • 183,274 views

A large percentage of women flat out won't date unemployed men. Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‬ Our Source: Go to for our 5...

I would think its higher than that for men....I would say 99 percent of men would date a woman without a job.....Just check look at how many guys cruise to pick up college girls or even high school...
True...should look for married chicks...
Most girls are bitchy there gold diggers
I would not date an unemployed guy
I would date an employed guy if he was trying to get a job but not if he was just getting benefits and didn't care about jobs.
I think the reason it doesn't bother men so much is that we are natural providers so we're used to the woman staying at home to take care of the family
I would date a guy, or girl, if they did something that they were genuinely passionate about and get something out of it (money, art or a sense of achievement). But if they sit around all day and get have nothing to show for it then no... :)
As long as she's as hot as lee id date a girl with no job
Lee needs to SLOW DOWN when she says, "hi, welcome back to 20 minutes or less, I'm Lee Newton."
Did they really nee to do a study on that? I mean, the outcome is pretty obvious!
Job is good not a requirement in my eyes. I wouldn't let that bother me, though women usually want to be taken care of even if they have a job themselves. I have this view probably due to the time I was very unhappily unemployed, it sucks but you can't really do much about it at this time with the job market so bad.
i would date a man with no job BUT i wouldn't date a lazy man
It's hard for me to say "I definitely wouldn't date an unemployed guy." because you never know. I'm not super thrilled about the idea though...but ya know, if he doesn't mind doing all the cleaning and cooking around the house, I guess that's acceptable. It's just like the roles are reversed. For years, women have fought with men saying that being a "housewife" is legitimate work. It's a bit hypocritical for women to turn around and complain when it's the men staying home instead.
I've dated an unemployed guy, and we were together through all the bad things, but I think I started to notice the downfalls as soon as he got money. Of course, this could be a specific case. But now my guy has two+ jobs and it's not great either. However, I do believe that money isn't the biggest thing, it's about caring and trying to make some ambition
I would date a unemployed girl as long as they didn't sit around and do nothing. Like looked for a job and didn't mooch off me.
if i liked a guy with no job i whould go for itt MO MONEY MO PROBLEM!
I wouldnt date an unemployed girl
I dont mind if a guy is unemployed, but only if they arent just sitting around doing nothing with their life.
That'd actually be pretty cool. I think both sexes just want to understand more about each other.
this actually makes sense. in the past, guys would work and girls would be at the house. maybe guys are more used to dating unemployed girl then the other way around
The thing that really gets me is how people seem to think its easy to get a job. A lot of people are unemployed not by choice. The job market is crap, and if your not qualified (like myself) the jobs that will take you are crap as well. I'm 18, fresh out of high-school and can't find a job. Considering I have no job experience that just makes it harder for me. Employers are looking for experience.
Ok then, answer me this, i am 'unemployed' every member of my family has been for at least two hundred years but i can offer more financial stability than any employed man, I receive a sum of money each year that increases with inflation and in time I will inherit a rather sizable estate. So what was it you were saying about instability being associated with being unemployed and not seeking employment?
Dating an unemployed man at this very moment.
If I liked the girl, I'd date her regardless of her job or lack thereof.
depents if i have a good job than yeah (guy)
All you need is love and maybe a little bit of emotional intelligence, you know so you don't end up killing yourself.
Isn't funny how lee was talking about gold mining and then Steve said The prospect
TheOctopusHotdogs. Sorry I meant to put if you have a family or kids the guy should do whatever it takes to provide for them. if you can find a job try truck driving that's what I do and the whole industry is under staffed bad.
It very much depends on the situation and the reason behind the unemployment. If you're unemployed because you're a lazy cow with no aspirations and you just feel like staying home all your life, then hell no I won't date you. If you're currently unemployed but looking for work or keeping yourself busy trying to make some kind of living, then sure, no problem.
@farrell9009 good question. I'm a dude and I don't think I'd date a guy without a job. Depends in the situation. If there is ambition and potential - yes. If its lazy immaturity then no. You date a "person" not their job. But being the sole bread winner and supporting thence while they aspire is short term. I don't care if it's a job at a coffee shop. A job is something everyone needs unless your a mooch
Hm, I don't know. It really depends. It really does. :/
Man, I'd definitely date an unemployed chick.
I'm a girl & no I wouldn't date an unemployed dude, been there done that...
Your question presupposes that all of your viewers are heterosexual. What you should have asked is "Would you date somebody who is unemployed?" rather than unnecessarily bringing sex or gender into the equation.
1:41 I could explain why video games have made my ability to strategize good, but the internet has made me lazy
"I've literally dated struggling artists. Literally. There was a band called Struggling Artists, and I dated every single one of them.." LOL
Holy wow. I'm sorry, I could have told you that
Sometimes a woman just wants to date a man that has a job so he has something to complain about that isn't her.
if you were a dude would you date a dude with no job ?
I am a gay man and I would not date another man who is unemployed.
Tbh, i wouldnt mind doing a project out of this. It might actually prove to be a serious box office breaker. LMAO. ok maybe not against spiderman or the dark knight. but iunno, it sounds kind of interesting. Besides, many guys would be able to reflect on this and it also give woman another perspective of how other guys think
that's the thing. a guy would still want to spend the rest of his life with a girl who never wants to do anything.
Women do date unemployed men. The ladies are just married at time time. Reason, husband dose not have time for them. You should watch more Cheaters.
Money rules the world. That sucks.
Well don't you hate the struggles we have to go through and seeing the love of your life vanish because you wouldn't date a girl without a job
I would date an umemployed woman, yes.
Steve seems like the kind of guy you want as a friend, just sayin'
Theres à thing called getting to know some one, i would date some one without à job if that person told me why she dont have one, after all im 17 i take what i can get...
I was raised in a family where man should work and the woman can work if it doesnt put her family aside. I met my boyfriend he wasnt working, i loved him.. he found a job but then he lots it recently, i still love him, but i know that we cannot get married until he finds a job. I am not rushing things with him, especially that i dont mind working before getting married. So i guess it depends on everyone.
As a man I would love to be a homemaker, a stay at home dad, seriously. But men aren't allowed to do that unfortunately, we have no choice but to pursue meaningless soul killing careers. Women can do one or the other or even try for some mixture of the two, I envy that.
I'd be okay with dating a girl without a job as long as she had *something* to do with her time besides hang around me 24/7.
I have that same button
I'll date any woman, literally. I need so luvin' in my life lol. *Forever Alone* Still as Steve said and I quote Biggie Smalls. ''Mo Money, Mo Problems ''
I don't mind dating an unemployed woman as long as she has some sort of ambition in life.. No guys like girls who take things for granted.. :-|
Women... think about it Gamers fingers are probably the most skilled fingers on average world wide think about it...
My wife has never had a job since I met her and now she goes to school and takes care of our son while I work. so for job no big deal. But if you're a dude get a job bum I've been laid off twice in two years it's not hard to find or keep a job
I think that i agree with some of Steve's data, I'd rather date someone who is involved with productive activity overall. As long as you're trying to do something with yourself, i think it's all good.
"All You Need Is Love" FALSE: You need oxygen and optimal sunlight.
It obviously depends on the guy or girl
There are a few variables that would go in to it. It would depend on why they were unemployed, also probably whether or not I knew them before hand, and other stuff yadda yadda.
Hence why "provide for himself". I'm sure "himself" only refers to the man on his own. Well, being able to provide for his partner is quite the bonus, though a necessity. And surprisingly, a number of men prefer that women rely on them financially as well as for other things. Typical commensalism perhaps or maybe even mutualism. But what I'm saying is I wouldn't want another deadweight guy to spoon-feed.
to be honest when i date someone its because i actually really like them and not because they have money or because their hot. to me if i find love i will do my best to stay with that person. oh and nice guys ALWAYS finish last,just saying.....
/dealer/lawyer/dj/chef/kinkster/model. is that asking for too much?
ok, he said the majority of women wouldn't date an unemployed guy, then that 33% of men would date an unemployed parson, and went on to say that men aren't as picky. Sorry Steve, but in my book, 66% of men is a substantial majority.
That does not apply exclusively to males women should be able to support themselves too and not rely on a man to provide for them.
My boyfriend and I are jobless! But... he's in med school, so it's more like job-pending... and I'm just jobless >.>
My wife married me jobless and we've been fine for 8 years. She didn't care.
Gaming is a hobby, the same way soccer can be a hobby for many...
I would date an unemployed woman but I guess I only say that cause i'm only 19 and ignorant but I do make enough money to do so
I am self employed and my girlfriend does not work but is looking I gess lol
It wouldn't be a very balanced relationship and if your thinking of starting a serious relationship you want a strong foundation. You don't want to be deciding your career after you've had children, you want to have settled down
I'm a dude and my girl needs a job cause I'm a college student with bills and a low income but if I had a career idk if my girl was a career woman or some homeless chick off the streets................... ok maybe not homeless. I'd still rather have the girl with a job cause it means she won't use me as a life-line for cash and support
Yeah, I think the dating unemployed women= housewife for (if) a future..... Just sayin'
What would be interesting to see, is how many of those women that wouldn't date an unemployed man, actually have jobs themselves.
I just can't understand why someone wouldn't have a job D: if they were at least looking... I don't see why it would be considered "picky" too hold a potential mate up to the same standard I hold for myself. I have a job, I pay my bills and go out and have fun, let's do it together.
i wouldnt ask for something i didnt expect from myself. i often have 2 jobs and i sell things to make a little extra cash. he better be up to par. sorry =p
It depends why they're unemployed and if they have taken the right steps to try and get a job.
Yea I accept that ,I was just stating that I wouldn't be able too.
No I wouldn't date an unemployed man because I am a workaholic I work 12 to 15 hours a day and I would want someone that has a job it doesn't matter what kind of job or how much they get paid it just shows me they can commit to something
Lee you cant date 3 friends.. they just took turns on ;)
I have a decent job and I want to date a man who's at the same level in his life as I am. My best friend has a great job and her boyfriend of 6 years basicaly lives off of her.......I don't find this very attractive or fair. As a side note I would probably feel the same if I was a man.
Since when have women been allowed to have a job?
what if we are both unemployed... employception!
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