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Minecraft: Lux Perpetua - Part 8 (Custom Map Adventure)

by CaptainSparklez • 248,228 views

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That sword has some epic knock back compared to 1.7.8 or 1.8.0
Why can't he escape mobs in 1.8?
@bajsbajs9 he recorded this when 1.0.0 still wasn't released
Jordan is running for king of the web... so is Pbat
@BoyJohn95 If you are really 16, you shouldnt be writing this at all. Small kids at the age of 10 and down writes this.
2 things, one. Bad ass guard tower passage way. two. Dirty harry was shitting in their water. Thats why the woman said it tasted funny...
To all those people saying pull that DO NOT PULL lever, theres tnt under it. A lot of it.
The funny thing: How could those stones be the way you had to come if right next to it was a staircase? Or was that the end?
if you compare me to toby and syndicate, they're calmer than me!
xXxJ3ioxXx Im a Hacker ☣☠☢☭♍♉♏♐♓♎♌♊♑♋♈♒☯☪✝✞✟♀♕♂❥❤☂☼☂☻☺☺♋✔✓✪♧☾☣☠☭☢ ☣☠☢☭☣☠☭☢ 1 day ago
I wish there was a monkey mod where you can climb vines and have monkeys all around!
@Qwazyoxyphi I had a look and that would be a no, unless I missed something under the obsidian. :P
@Chrizasouras It says on the Lux Perpetua thread, LB RPG Realism... or something like that.
Couldn't you have just went up the water instead of parkor?
"ahhhh i'm stuck" Not anymore
just i heard he say "No cause i'm in 1.8" in 14:54-14:55
Just flick the fucking lever you pussy
Jordan is turning to be another Tobuscus?
Part of me just wants to set that wasserfallen place on fire....for irony.
Finds the mine cart track under the fountain, better take the 3 block parkour over the city. But still CaptainSparklez didn't die and he is awesome..
@MrBigles1234 i pulled the lever, and i survived...because i equipped diamond armors and played with minecraft 1.0.0 =P
how to "remove" the sand that is at the bottom of the fountain?
DIAMONDZ :) :) :) :( CReeper :(
:o why you stop it there? i'm so curious
@CaptainSparklez u should of used the red wool to get across the stone
The way he says uh uh and here as hya kinda annoys me. Just gets me.
@TaDaTriMz LB Photo Realism, i'm Waiting here :D
@d4133t is there anything in the mess of the explosion? it just doesn't seem right that there would just be a lever there to kill you.
Cpt. sparklez: I gona do this! Skeleton: NOPE. -doiiinggg-
hay captainsparklez when is deep space turtle chase part 2 coming out
@alexhanson1000 At first I was like "Why didn't you mention Nova?" but then I realized that anyone is calm when compared to him.
DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
where can i get the update for toomany items
My, you, my friend, have an amazing voice. I love listening to you. Not to mention your videos are very entertaining. :D
considering all of the mobs you've slain in this adventure map, how are you not level one yet?!
I got a chrome book ad and at the end the guy said "I burned my lungs. Is that even possible?" Then the video strarted and Captain Sparklez said "Hmm, I have no idea."
That zombie was trying to tower dive you. Then he took a diamond sword to the chest.
h t tp :/ /ww w .mediafire .co m /? j7d 776b1ng 1dr8l
if this is 1.8 and its survival oes that mean someone built it in survival
I love the League of Legends pus :D
I found a texture pack like this one called recon
@therealdimwit Dude how much longer are you people gonne keep that shit up. YouTubes been doing that for like 3 years
You tubes oviously fd up coz u arent on my sub list any more and it wont let me add you agin
I got in with out breaking it I'll redownload the map and find out how once again. and i'll tell you.
ahhh! he picks the worst spot to end the videos
@ThemCubes i think this is the first time there has been a reference to a story book in the history of the internet
Sparklez, there is a button in a chest the house where you said something like "Let me outta your house," on the top level of the house. Just letting you know, that is where the button was to put near the dam.
The zombie wanted to follow in your footsteps!
@Ivyhart1 Yah I saw that to so you need glasses captain
7:40 - WHY U NO DO GAY TONY? wait, wrong commentator xD
U idiot Sparkles look at the huge hole in the wall beside the house that leads to the parkour !!!!!
where can i get the texture pack?
its not parcore up there ia parGORE
If you compared me to sydicate or toby, they would seem calm and dull time ten thousand
I remember chimneyswifts super rage on an enderman XD
if u pause at that point it shows there is no entrance/exit so it is for the bookshelf to grab boooks just to make it realistic
Does anyone else think Dirty Harry's toilet was the waterfall?
Sparklez if you block with your sword when you fall it makes you take half the fall damage that you normally would. it might help.
around 10 minutes, why you just dont sleep? :D
if wasnt me i pull lol reverse phiscology !!!!!
like if you saw the chest at 00:55 and 01:21
@MrBigles1234 23 people made an arrow to the knee joke, then took an arrow to the knee
u can swim up water to get there
You realise that if you jump from there you can still make it into the kingdom?
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