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Hands Up! - Dynamite - Dragonball AMV

by Drabaz Doug • 57,017 views

Finalist at the ConnectiCon FMV Contest 2012 Entered at AnimeExpo 2012 Winner for Best Dance/Fun at AnimeNext 2012 Entered at A-kon Winner for Best Action as voted by the audience at FanimeCon 2012...

I loved this. I wish you included more about the sayin saga. I would have liked to see some more of the sayin saga. Other than thst fantastic video. Love this song.
I meant that instead of thst
Hidan 飛段 Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
#AMVFriday  3/5 So fucking awesome! XD
Monkey D. Luffy Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
+Yuyi Jiang This is my favorite song :) Good Night post Every One, ill be back on tomorrow probably....maybe not....well no i promised Yuyi i'd talk to her tomorrow....well ill be back on tomorrow Bye-Bye fly's into the internal darkness of space as a SSJ3  XD I LOVE THIS SONG
I like that song, too. It used to play on the radio before all the time!
yes and i loved it all the way back then :3
holy crapbaskets this is awesome!
which software did u use for this
Sorry for the late response. I used Sony Vegas Pro 11. But the edits I used in this video are so basic that you could probably do something similar in free software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.
ok thanks i actually just got sony vegas pro, i made one but when i try to render it it just doesnt work
I don't know how but you made this work!
Like if you would throw your hands up for Goku!
Funniest shit ever. Keep up the work.
Who else put their hands in the air when they all started to give their energy to goku?
Gohan;s face in the dancing XD
you make the best amvs
I put my hands up in the air everytime I hear this song
Saw this at Momocon. Great stuff!
I know I was one of those people! Such a good AMV. Mad props.
This was good, but to be honest I enjoyed the Safety Dance amv more.
You shoulden't automatically assume that just because of Dbz, I mean that was one of the staple starters of a lot of anime including but not limited to one piece and naruto.
Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D
@Bluwuff23 Thanks :D I I could submit it for Otakon, but apparently if you've already won an award with a video at another convention you can't enter it in Otakon. :(
yes. great video. timing with the words was perfect!
this song single handedly charges goku's spirit bombs
I remember seeing this at Nekocon and was absolutely blown away. I love DBZ so that was already a plus, but the way you constructed the amv is really what sold it to me. I love the progressive approach you had from the early stages of DB to the ends of DBZ. The major thing that I loved most of all was that you used the spirit bomb energy getting scenes for Buu and then putting that with the part of the music that had no words. I seriously get goosebumps whenever I see it. Keep up the good work!
Saw this at A-Kon and scratched all all other ballots and got a new sheet so I could only vote for this.
I fell off my chair laughing in the Green Room at the Masquerade when I saw this XD
god how I love this song and dragon ball z you made me love this even more thank you dude you ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!! keep making bad ass videos dude you are amazing keep it up PS I love this video
Saw this at Anime Boston 2012 :>
When I saw this at AB, I was amazed!! You did so well with it :)
I just saw this at Nekocon, fantastic work man!
Saw this at katsucon. easily THE best Dragonball Series AMV I have ever seen. Grats on the win and hope to see this at Otakon!
Thumbs up if you put your hands in the air during the Anime Boston closing ceremonies.
fell absolutely in love with this video after an acquaintance linked me to it. you've done something amazing here! single-handedly, you've captured what everyone first loved about Dragonball... it was fun, it was awesome, and the cast is timeless. thank you for rekindling my love for this story, and reminded me why i love Son Goku so much! you don't happen to have this available for download anywhere, do you? ^_~
Saw this at AnimeNext2011. Totally made the AMV festival awesome.
50 times?! That's crazy awesome! I'm glad you like it so much! It was definitely worth the time and effort I put into it! Kanzenshuu forever!
I have yet to see a good DBZ AMV and I have now found it. That last minute had an amazing effect which just made me want to throw my hands up in the air.
Impressive syncing. Digging how you sped up the fights and caught some of the most dynamic action from them. Good stuff.
My friend told me to watch out for this one. The others were good so I was skeptical. But I have to give it to him. He was right lol Where can I find the results of the animenext amv contest?
Scenes match up w/ the music so well, big dbz fan and you did not disappoint.
Oh yeah, this is way more what i was looking for, very good job.
Saw this yesterday at Anime Boston. I thought we were in the Comedy tournament cause EVERYONE was cracking up! lmao. This is an awesome AMV man!
yeah get out the way Mr. satan! xD
This is the only AMV that I actually enjoyed watching. :3
1:05 that part stayed awsome and funny xD I already saw this video so many times that i lost the count xD relly good job c:
Not a big fan of the song but it was used excellently. Overall great video.
this worked surprisingly well, Id have never thought db would go with this kind of song XD
I put my hands up in the air sometimes to help Goku with his spirit bomb.
saw this at fanime and my friend was like 5 bucks that spirit bomb is at hands up
my first reaction to this amv was it would of been Best in show like 5 years ago, i'm glad to see it at least won something all these years later. I was one of those with my hands up in the air during the masquerade showing of the winners ^^!
I saw this at AnimeNext last year. I loved it and im so happy I found it on youtube :DD Awesome video. My favorite!!
spectacular, congratulations again on making it so far at the fanime contest
Man, I must have seen this video like 50 times already xD Awesome video, you really capture the "Dragonball feel" that even though they go through tought times, they never let the shonen spirit die! BTW, Kanzenshuu forever!
Hahaha, yeah, dude: when this played at Anime Boston during the winning category, I was sitting in the second row. I looked behind me, and EVERYONE had their hands up around 2:32. It was astounding.
Hilarious! Saw this at NDK 2012
dude i'm not a fan of this song but i must say you did a fantastic job on this!, i saw this at anime boston 2012 and my friends and i loved it..the second it said throw my hands up, everyone stood up with their hands up and laughed too..i was so glad when i found out it won..congrats dude keep up the good work hope to see more vids next year at ab
I don't know a damned thing about DBZ beyond the occasional Meme and what I've seen in AMVs but this is amazing. Maybe not quite as amazing as the DBZ silent movie, but still amazing ;)
Damn. Cant see this on my Android. 'Restricted: Syndication of this video was restricted by its owner.' ):
i havent watched DBZ since i was like 5 years old...and i have one thing to say job well done and it brings back memories :3
Saw it at Nekocon last year,great job! I love DBZ
yea, this was great to see at AB, i was near the back and whenever the chorus started, everyone was raising and moving their arms to the beat, it was awesome.
saw this at nekocon. it was amazing.
I enjoyed seeing this at the con :D
Thank you so much. I agree with you on the blur. I have almost no experience with using effects, so I guess I was just trying something new lol. Thanks for the critic! I always appreciate comments like yours.
hands in the air..spirit bomb.. should've seen it coming.
this person has done the impossible. something that no other abridger could ever do.......... Sum up DBZ in less then 5 minutes!
@Drabaz88 Yeah, and the hands in the air theme was just awesome, I loved it, especially at the end when everyone put their hands up! Thank you, congrats to you as well! Ouran is amazing XD
Saw this yesterday :D U are a genius!!!!
I absolutely loved this at AB. My friend and I were cracking up even through the next AMV X)
@miraclefalcon Wow that's awesome! Thanks a lot! :D
btw, sin to the fandom, but you get a ton of love for me for actually using Hurcule in a way other then the amv's buttmonkey.
My pleasure and congrats on the success this video has had.
That was spectacular. Really liked the concept and the fact that this wasn't another rock-DBZ combo where action was the only focus. Sweet deal~
Actually the best AMV I've seen yet! Great job and keep up the good work :)
Haha.. Oh I get it now; "Spirit bomb". I see what you did there.. very nice!
you did great making this keep doing more that was amazing
They played THIS at Momocon? Did you mean to comment on "Hall of Fame"? Either way, THANKS!!!
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