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Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Epic Fails: Episode 3 by Anoj

by Machinima • 826,505 views Click here to watch Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Amazing Kills: Episode 1 by Anoj Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Epic Fails: Episode 3 by Anoj Submit at...

I was having 1 kill missing to Osprey gunner and i get killed by friendly care package
These are not fails,I fail even harder than this people,Finally Good at something.
i ran into a tre ans fergut how te spell
i tryd to play cod like a boss
I walked up to a girl to talk to her and when i did my friend tripped me and this was right after lunch and i fell and hit my stomach and threw up
Number 9 was hacked he clearly shot that dude
i took a crap in the toilet and then i fell in :P
I vaulted over a table and landed on my wrist then broke it or I was at a birthday part and said I can skate like a boss to my friends and fell and broke the same wrist
@fail number 9, look at 0:45. You can CLEARLY see that the crosshair is EXACTLY pointed at his head. That just shows how "good" the servers are on Infinity Wards games
number 7 they tweaked dome so you can't do that
you don't need to say any fail anymore xD but thanks for letting us know ahaha xD
My biggest fail (in CoD) is when I get a MOAB in Infected I get killed by an infected and then my own MOAB kills me.
I was trying to a backflip i did it once in front of my girlfriend and ended up kicking her in the face. It suked - I got slapped lol
my friend wrote a perfectly fine 6 then i said that aint no 6 (draws a 2) ...oh thats a 2 funniest shit ever!!! (microsoft points)
My biggest fail was across the map throwing kinfe
What is with all these fucking black ops names being used like for equipment and shit
send smokin devin a friend requst
i fell down a hil and landed it dog shit
My fail is that they killed, before i respawned there was a host migration and when the game restarted i was in front of a guy
my biggest fail is wen i was snowboarding i was texting and my lil brother push me and i fucking broke my finger
#7 he wouldnt get anyway because the game just started and the have spawn protection on
How do u get Xbox buttons in ur clan tag?
that wasn't a concussion it was a emp
i was was shuffling infront of hot girls leag shorts fell down
1my coat hooked onto the back of a car and being dragged on the road
my biggest fail was realising my mum didn't turn up for my birth :(
Most of these Machinima videos are of hacked lobbies and staged fails and successes. Biggest fail? Machinima using hacked lobbies in their videos.
my epic fail was on infected. getting a moab and dying on 0.3 seconds cause i was last survivor
Mine was when I got off the bus in kindergarten I ran a hugged my dads leg and when I looked up it was my friends dad
Battlefields close range sniping is like that too! Dont get me wrong i love Battlefield but if they made it so it was always a hit close range itd be way overpowered, its an arcade style game of course it isnt going to be like real life
Spawn protection and lag with the quickshot sniper. This vids a fail.
the biggest epic fail ever. my mw3 game. quickscope, hardscope, quickscope again, miss. noscope, headshot. WTF???
my failwas i got an airstrike put it didnt kill anyone except myself twice !
I think he meant the sights when he aimed in were pointed at the other guys head.
I was play black ops S&D and got a hit mark with a tomahawk
biggest fail was me getting spawn killed by the 3 times in hardcore domination with one stealth bomber
Mw3 is boring, same problems as the 1st million cod games, too much like a £1 a play arcade game, maps are way to cramped and shit ,spawning shit, weapons are shit, the story's long killed off, equipment is shit, shotguns are still pathetic, no difference in body hits to a toe hit, still get killed by a pistol through 2 buildings and a car at 400yards, no vehicles no decent height in the maps no hiding spots. You literally run around aimlessly till you get killed.=CRAP
my biggest fail was when i was 4 and told my parents i wanted somebody to play with...years later annoying, snitching ass little sister
This is why, bf3 is kinda better, cuz the spawn sucks, if mw 3 add a 5 sec god mode, I think they will be successful
My epic fail was when I scored a goal for my football team and tryed to do a backflip but fail hilariously plus I had a neck injury ):
my fail is when i didnt get a triple headshot over the three enemies. i was like OMFG.... i checked in theater mode and i can barely see the shot of the line hit the head.
I had a rock and throw it at a tree it came back and hit me in the face and gave me a busted nose no lie.
..its real life guys. he didnt say biggest fail on call of duty.
shooting a javelin on dome, (i was playing hc) my fuckin osprey came above me and i acidently shot it down. if thats not enough, a cuple teamates climed on that dome sniper area wich was next to the chopper. they got hitted and i died because of the fuckin friendly fire.
My biggest MW3 fail...I was in a the dome map..through out a care package grenade..I got shot and was on last stand so I couldn't walk after taking the noob down with my magnum..the care package rolled down the hill landing right on me and killing me..everyone burst out laughing coz the kill cam showed me in the back ground gettin crushed..lmfao..
Lol you pronounced leandertje so wrong xD Dutch people will know
my fail was like 8 but mine was my first M.O.A.B >:(
my biggest fail was when i was winning thee game a then i lost the connection ;(
I once failed when I was at home and I was kicking the footy and someone yelled and the ball hit me in the face
yeh i was wondering how you get the xbox buttons in ur clan tag
my fail was wen i killed 4 people at same time and it dint count as a multi kill or triple kill or doble kill
You call the guy you killed a noob while using last stand?
DAMN IT! Is his name Anoj sheer or something like that or is his just saying "here" weird.
Guys if you want real fails look up isekc failing with style, those are real fails
Biggest fail ever, my girlfriend handcuffed me to a bed and left me there naked while se went to the shop. When I heard the door shut, I shouted you ready to untie me. Then her mum walks into the bedroom and sees me lying there. All she said was where did I put my camera and then walked out. The next 10 minutes where bad knowing that she could be getting a camera at any moment
Why wear headphones at a party haha. At least it wasn't a blowout......I hope
My worst fail was when i didn't wanted to sing in a party and while i sang the music went off and i was only one to sing in the whole place, and then i farted and i didn't hang out with friends during a month
my biggest epiic fail when i was swimming with my hot cousin then i accidentally put my arm over her head then she sinked:))
this is why i find cod annoying..
7s is fake explosives dont do damage for first 20 seconds
omg what doesn't anyone understand grenades can't get first blood on dome no matter what
number 4 was an emp, not a concussion
my biggest fail was when i tryed to fart stealthy in class but instead shit my pants
my biggest fail is running into a pole
this is an year old video u r not going to win :D
my biggest fail in real life was accidently aka not realy shot my brother with a airsoft gun where i should not have and in mw3 i had a m.o.a.b and suddenly boom a m.o.a.b on the other team
That was an EMP grenade, not a concussion.
my biggest fail was when i crashed into a garage and put a bump in the door
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