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Probably the best concert I will ever see. Arctic Monkeys ARE Rock&Roll!
@upupandaway505 same here that sucks massive 8=======D but maybe after this in like 2014 theyll start making music like they used to again
@Kingofthecowsable I love how musically manipulated some people are. Just coz the British music media tells people that a band are cool, seminal groundbreaking music genius the multitude will follow to satisfy their need to belong and not be left out. The highly hyped Arctic monkeys were one such example. Alex Turner was heralded as a true genuis after one album, but he was really only in the right place at the right time like the Gallaghar bros.
this is going to be EPIC for sure
what's the name of the third song ? can't remember...
I think it's good there taking a break, we'll have The Last Shadow Puppets to look forward to and if they tour the same album for too long they will get seriously bored of it.
and i have to wait till next summer to see them. :'C
@TheSupernoodle Good times! how was the gig? plus i love supernoodles! ha ha
@Guvna07 Seriously if you don't like them then just don't watch their videos, but I guess when you have no life you have to kill time somehow.
My "Ooooooooooooh, yeah yeah yeah!" came out so horiibly at that concert, it's impossible to sing it well though when you're virtually shouting it, and are very pissed...
This gave me the chills, OMG UGH IM CRYING OF HAPPINESS
COMING SOON Me: Still waiting...
everytime i watch this trailer i get chills. best night of my life. i need this DVD.
Can't believe I couldn't get tickets for this, quite possibly their best ever live performance and I missed it :( Seeing them at the O2 in London in October but i'm not sure it will be quite the same as this :\ ahh well they will probably still be incredible :) I want this DVD now!!! Also, who is that one dickhead who disliked?! May just have to find his house and set it on fire :\
I'm so glad they're doing this! Hearing the album Favourite Worst Nightmare was what made me fall in love with this band. I think it's one of my dreams to hear them play 505.
@moonch15 It was the response from the crowd, plus the brake between the vaccines and arctic monkeys was about 20 minutes so when the lights went out and it came on it was brilliant
When is ''soon''?! I need it noooooow
When will this DVD be out, cuz I need this.
i was there bitchesss!!! right at the front!
I'll starve to buy that DVD, I need it.
Any ideas as to when this is coming out???
como se llama la segunda cancion que sale en el trailer???
please announce something for this guys, a release date or summat i cant go on with just an uncertain trailer:(
this is on my christmas list, better be releasing it before then!
FUCK YES. Arctic Monkeys for life. Wish I was there!!
hm... Are they going to release a concert DVD or sth ?
@dancelittleliar YEAH YEAH YEAH. Stop following the british music media trends and learn about music sir
@TheGasimli Alright, thanks, if he does it can be really really good I think.
@FabioNintendo if the show is after the 17th of January you can have both.
If there's no Arctic Monkeys in 2012, I understand why it will be the end of the World.
Seeing them for the first time in October...I would kill for standing tickets...but I suppose it'll still be good in my seat, a mile away from the stage...or more to the point, a mile away from Alex :(
alex, the time has come again if you know what I mean..
asdfghjkl;lkjhgfdwertyuikjmnb vcxsdrtyu. . . . . Oh sorry , i was wiping the jizz off my keyboard
What a night this was. I went on the first night with Dead Sons, The Vaccines and Miles Kane!!
The intro makes me remember Daft Punk song Something About Us.
@41rules nice manipulation there...WPSIATWIN came out in 2006
505 and turner's voice make me wet in 20 seconds
@lockedabout who says they are gonna get back ??
@liverbirdgal wikipedia says "The band finished recording their debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire in September 2005." They made WPSIATWIN in 2005, but it came out in 2006.
What if they release loads of dvd trailers then release a book...
Are you fucking kidding me??? I must have this!!!!
Come to Puerto Rico!! We need you here!! Pleaseeee!!
- my only fucking love <3.<3 !!!!!
@sickboi8 WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! tell me you lying!
ok this has been up for three months, and still no announcement as to what is actually going to be released?
I'm seeing them this sat. !! YES!?
When come out this DVD? The Sheffield concert was in June, I think... So I hope this DVD come out in September ...
@theNWOBHMJUNKIE No, I don't like them because of anything the media has suggested about them. I like them because THEY'RE A FUCKING GOOD BAND!
1:08 - 1:20 which song is that??? plz someone answer ^^ !!!
before the last song is 'Library Pictures'
i hate when i try to sit down but the arctic monkeys have moved my chair
@TheSupernoodle They have been doing that for all their tour, good song to come out with i think
@lockergr haha, i suppose the whole gig was amazingly good, certainly best ive ever been to :)
@sickboi8 dude seriously the have relase 4 LPs in 5 years most of the bands take half a decade to realese somthing so dont complain
what is the song after dont sit down cause ive moved your chair ?
@theNWOBHMJUNKIE Haha are you joking? Alex Turner is genuinely one of the best songwriters of the 21st century, and far, far better than the Gallagher brothers. You might not have liked the style of the first album but Turner has changed his music writing style so many times, always successfully. Turner has written some incredible lyrics. Listen to any of Humbug, or his solo soundtrack to Submarine. He is just so good. And please stop posting shit, cause everyone here is just gonna disagree.
Starts with 505, Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair, Library Pictures and then 505 again. There you go chaps.
Holy shit Yessssss. It's about time for another DVD
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