Talkboy Commercial

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Yes, this is the tape recorder from home alone 2, and yes, i am aware that many people have owned one of these, i have 2 :)

So the goal of this product is to be a little cock blocker? 
The teens on the couch must of been real idiots fir thinking it really was the parents.
Yeah! That kinda sound more like Marge Simpson. XD
why the fuck is that kid wearing a tie?
My sister used to have Talkboy when she got this for Christmas back in 1993. It has all the tape functions, and even has a speed control switch. But when I try to record this button her tape recorder, the recording function is not working. And also have the same Talkboy tape recorder from the scene of the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and I also remember watching this commercial.
1990. That was the year that the queer, arrogant and immature powers that be were supposed to have fully prepared and initiated the tyrannical overthrow. All these advanced gadgets and communication things should have never made it to mass consumption. That means mobiles phones, pod, pad crap would have never gone beyond the realms of advanced technology research centres, and old ladies on buses would never have to experience the noise of some immature retard playing their crap. Thatcher should have been sacked for being far too wet and weak and, not replaced with something far wetter but the total reverse. The Gulf War would have been aborted and condemned. American Psycho and Gordon Gecko would have never been permitted, Michael Jackson would still be around, despite having half a nose and being banned for being suitable for mass consumption (thus he would have never have appeared in Back To The Future 2 in his ghost-robot-corpse version)   ... and 911 would not have happened. Instead mass overthrow and reconfibrillation would have taken place. Thus, we are now presently 25-50 years behind schedule. 
hahahaha I remember this man im getting old
Dud you spell for f o r not fer im not trying to Start a fight. YABFFT
Can't believe this was a non-working prop, from a movie, that was made into an actual product. Thought for sure it was product placement in "Home Alone 2".
Its not movie accurate at all
I got one of these for Christmas one year, and the damn thing wouldn't work. My mom felt so bad, that we took it back and she bought me a Game Boy. (Plus, I think she felt bad that all it was was a fucking tape recorder. A shitty one at that.)
Game Boy...definitely a good trade.
Why is her boyfriend wearing a tie? This is freaking me out man.
I had a talkgirl which was the girly pink version of this device, I used to sing into it all the time, that all it was really good for.
i recorded my will in this hahahhaha
+washikiryu That's...kind of sad. Lol
Those were off the fucking hook
mine still works. fuck the ipad, right guys!??
Hello, young ones; we have returned home earlier than expected
Omg! I remember this commercial! I'm so old!
I wish I still had mine... only problem was it took like 4 or 6 AA batteries...
Everything from the 90s took 8 D cell batteries to make portable.
I still remember this and I used to own a Talkboy, I'm getting old.
I wanted one! I remember that. lol
Comment #333 FTW (fuck the what?)
Watch kassem g's talkboy commercial
Stephanie Bird Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
My stepbrother had one of these. I'm feeling pretty sad that I remembered that commercial. 
That little boy will be very lucky if big sis's boyfriend doesn't shove that toy up into his colon.
I got the girl talk one a few years back
Watch the new version by KassemG
"Get outta here, you nosey little pervert or I'm gonna slap you silly!"
How do they not know their own parents voice? Haha
I remember being a little kid and still thinking her brother was an asshole
Lmao what a little cockblocker.
@BankaiIchigo12345 You do realize that this was almost 20 years ago?
Batteries not included!!!! :O Awwww mmmaaaannnnnn!!!!!
Those people on the couch are just about the slowest dumbest people of all time!
the places iv'e gone from watching skooks...
I just found mine in my childhood bedroom. That room is a time capsule.
It's amazing that Kassem recreated this commercial perfectly.
where do u find these old commercials?
I love this kids singular pursuit is to make sure his sister doesn't get any ass. It's not like that dude has got game look at his tie
I wanted one of these SO damn bad once I saw Home Alone!
i would like a hotel room please with an extra large bed, a tv, and one of those little refridgerators u have to open with a KEEEYYYY ........credit card u got it!
Hey I saw this tiger talkboy on the movie call Home Alone 2!
Kassem sent me here... Asshole.
I remember this shit like it was yesterday!
Sisters don't get ass. Sisters get cock. He's a little cock block.
Ian's gonna get thousands of these in the mail :D
Sheeit, people be tryin' to say 2010's are all, neww, and sheeit. I mean, come on now. XBOX ONE?! We got these bitch ass Micro soft fanboys be tryin to say it's all, neww, and shit. I don't give a fuck. Ya know what xbox oughtta try to copy? Xbox oughtta try to copy how to get gaimes.
OMG! I remember this soo well! Good ol' days that were the 90s! Thanks Ian ;)
Too bad they don't make the Talkboy anymore. I wanted one of these so bad as a kid. But knowing my parents I didn't. Man I remember this commercial.
Anyone else really disappointed when they got one?
Oh my god! Wow those were the days! I had one back in 1996.
It's just a fucking tape recorder. I can't believe they tricked kids into thinking it was cool. Damn we were so dumb back in the day.
I saw this movie last night, this morning, and this afternoon. God save us.
I remember wanting one of these for Christmas after seeing it in Home Alone 2, and I realise now why my mother never got me one! What the hell is any kid gonna do with one of these?
Got here by Kassem G completely screwed up version.
Holy CRAP I actually remember this commercial
lol fuck with your sister while she is trying to get it in.
this guy most be fucking proud cus smosh watches his video
damn companies saying batteries not included really fast so kids won't be able to hear but i finally caught you sneaky bastards
Trolling in the nineties. lol
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