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J-Lo's Boy Toy Casper Smart Dry Humping An Unidentified Girl

by RumorFix • 581,151 views

Who is Casper Smart? He's Jennifer Lopez's backup dancer and boy toy. Watch this exclusive video from of him humping a girl. SUBSCRIBE HERE for celebrity news

he use to hump guys for real, nvm dry humping girls
@MakeupSkinHealth JLO; no offense but i never liked her... she has been overrated for long time; .. most beautiful women in the world?? fuck no; their are so many latinas right now that are way better looking than her and talented... that americans never heard of; but nooo; were stuck with JLO; some of the stuff that Marc was saying about her... it sounds crazy but he was telling the truth.. she is terrible wife. same time its his fault why you he married her
is that really him? his head it cut off the video.
what kind of dancing is THIS???? pull your pants up BOY!!
he is a clown here, and he gets to fuck J Lo
i wanna know!! name of this song!! plz
Hahahaha this is the most unique intro to a Bisexual porno! jk!!! On a serious note his dancing was off the hook and I'm pretty sure Casey Anthony and the other dancers were the only ones humping anything! And he's such a gentleman helping the girl off stage! No wonder JLO is in love! Good for both of them! :D
The best part of that I like is his ass
You mean An Unidentified Girl gets Humped up by 2 guys at the same time...
...and your a mom? LOL...Marc A...should sue for custody....YOUR UNFIT!!!!!
I think he's bisexual... I believe jennifer knows and is ok with it. an unofficial biography of Adele revealed that the inspiration or pain for her "21" album was a long term relationship she had with a boy she knew was bisexual but was confused about his sexuality, he professed his love her but ran off with one of her gay friends right after. There are girls who are ok with it
Marc and Jennifer aren't together it was a bad mess but now they are doing a competition show together, what the H"". This is what you call "messy". They like to play games with life and other people lives.
@Kemiztri I agree. I think she ruined her career with this move with this kid. I didn't expect this from her. I lost interest in her after this one. I had followed her pretty loyally before. Not now. Being crazy isn't sexy. She looks like she is kissing a little kid in the vids.
just imagine sex with that animal.unf
@Kemiztri I'm sure but she is Beautiful why else would they choose her over the other woman? Just let it be and move around
Uploaded by RumorFix on Dec 6, 2011 See when this was uploaded? He wasn't dating J.LO then!
I know, your 40 and a young stud does your ego good, but in your case it does your reputation bad. It's hard to turn that around. JHo
haters go get a life she can have any man she wants lets not forget she is the worlds most beautiful
A BackUp Dancer...? Real...? lol
He's gay and using Jennifer for his career!!! There's a picture of him looking like a chick.
Casper...a very suitable name for such a douche. J Lo...he must have one smart package for you to lower your standards...cubic zircon hood rat. LOL....That's ok JLo....I'll look after Marc A. Now that is one fine man. You must be blind..blind...blind.
umm that was not dry humping.. he's an awesome dancer.. and he barely did anything.. it was actually fun to watch..
JLO come on you can do sooo much better than that looser KID, why did you even put your beautiful eyes on him. Don't you know who u are, u can get who ever you want in this world, and that is what you think you sererve...Come on we all love you and think way more than Casper for you. U are so succesful, beautiful and probably any man in this world would make you happy..Stupid Ben A for messing up! U guys where in my eyes the PERFECT COUPLE..hope u find someone that really fits u, not a looser
Lol its not casper. That guy in the video os
i want to be with casper smart he is so sexxxxxxy
I can dance way betterthan that when I'm drunknhigh on pills lol
@MakeupSkinHealth theirs a beautiful mexican girl; thats in a movie called Miss Bala.. Stephanie Sigman.. mexican lady... beautiful and classy.. young star already in mexico and no one heard of her
Weird why would he grab dudes feet haha.....weird
umm why is he a loser? He's a very successful choreographer who has worked with many other artists and he's young.
that hefer girl didn't even know WHAT 2 DO! Lol!
oh... her father would be so proud!
Someone call the doctor. He,s having a fit. put a wooden spoon in his mouth so he don,t bite his tongue
yea he live by his name SMART?Jst using JLO as stepping stone 2get fame.
nope, but you are the only one who didnt read the title of the video i think..
Ewwww, that's some nasty shit. Casper Smart can dry hump all the "women" in public he wants to, but all of US (queers) know that he's as gay as Liberace. You'll see...just like the Ricky's, Anderson's, etc...WE have the inside scoop. Casper and Mario are just buying time. You'll see.
Wanted to see from the side not from behind... close enough
If she was dating her backup dancer were she with him during the time she was with Marc and got pregnant alot of people don't think about that. Marc said the marriage was because of her cheating but she turn it all on him why get back together and have kids and now Marc and her have move on with younger mates.
@J2DLO1 thats americans opinion; come on now JLO is a joke... theirs so many hot latinas out there... get of rid of this yankee
i would like to be that girl!!!!!!!!!
I have no idea how JLo finds this classless kid appealing? She must have lost it after Marc. So sad for her.
Honestly, I don't care that she's dating someone half her age. But him? He's a loser? I'm happy that they're in love. I'm totally happy for Jennifer, but I just have a feeling he's gonna screw her over, and she doesn't deserve that at all -|3 I mean, come on, he became her backup dancer to make money. He's probably dating her for the same reasons. As long as she's happy, I'll support her, but I don't want to see her get hurt:( she deserves someone much better!!
this guy moves his ass like a chick he must be bi
has he ants in his pants and they itching him or what?
LOL, I was just thinking the same thing! I am laughing so hard, my belly is shaking! so funny!
Follow Me n @MsGenny <3 You won't Regret it
The Organization for Busted Chip~N~Dale Regects has called and the want Casper as a mascot.
Omg that other dude was doing most of the "humping". besides this dude casper is a professional dancer, his job is to entertain, & that is exactly what he is doing. Nothing more than that. Im am pretty sure top notch J.LO isnt going to trip off some ish like this. Besides he would be stupid as hell to ruin things with her, she dont need him.
Got Daym! This dude even dances gay ..JLo's not a very responsible parent allowing her kids to be handled by any man she lusts behind. No wonder her small son bolted from Casper in that one public photo at an airport & she had to send their body guard after him. She's misused & emotionally abused all of her husbands for the sake of publicity so I cant see God ever blessing her in the area of relationships Karma is a m/f
How the fuck did I get here and what the fuck is this LOL
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