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Do It Yourself: Homemade Natural Hair Gel with Flaxseeds

by Naptural85 • 924,514 views

*Re-Upload* Original Upload Date: April 30, 2010 This is an amazing natural hair gel LOaDEd with essential oils and nutrients. While other gets work against your hair, this one (from nature) works...

Sack sort of looks like testicles as she squeezes the gel out, I'm childish lol 😏
Then the perfect time to make this stuff would be after a man makes you mad. lol
Pwaahahahahhahaaaa FunNee!!!!!!!!
Have anyone try to make this? I love her hair and videos..Do It Yourself: Homemade Natural Hair Gel with Flaxseeds:
Still making my hair so hard. But im using it anyway, not as a gel but conditioner and rinse it.
Let us know your experience once you try it.
omg this stuff is the bomb! i just made mine adding wheat germ oil (ceramides), sunflower oil (to soften coarse strands), jojoba oil (emoilents), my oil blend from my beautician, rosemary ess. oil, and lavender ess. oil. I just put it on a small section of my hair (half relaxed, half natural) and omg! My hair is actually moisturized and it held a curl in under 5 minutes with a flexirod. I'm usually lazy, and I never do DIY hair stuff, but naptural's hair is gorgeous so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. If you're hesitant on trying this and your hair is dry, coarse and hard to moisturize like mine, definitely try this. Thanks +Naptural85!
You don't need them. But if you are interested in using some, Vitaminshoppe has plenty of essential oils for under $9
+TiMalice2009  yasss! i did a flexirod set using the gel and some hair butter like naptural did in her flexirod set tutorial, and it came out nicely!  Good luck with your set!
FYI... A wire strainer works perfectly! No fuss whatsoever. I just sit a wire strainer over a large glass measuring cup and pour the hot liquid in there. Then move the seeds around in the strainer with a spatula and everything comes out just fine. Super quick and easy.
Heyy did yall know that you can cook with flax seed, just use a strainer instead of a stocking and leave out the oils. It can be used to replace egg in a recipe. Perfect for people with egg allergies
Im about to make some now. How do I know when it goes bad??
I have flax-chia seed mix I use in coffee and cooking. Can I use that?
Oils: Vitamin E, Basil Essential, Rosemary Essential, Llang Llang, Lavender Essential
Thank you for listing the oils. I've been looking for the written recipe of this gel and can't find it on the YouTube list or her blog. Thanks! Trying it today...
Your tutorials are simply amazing. Thank you so much for sharing, your awesome!!!👍👍👍
I made this. But as it is shown in the end of video, it is too sticky and "saliva" like texture. It gives me "Yuck". I hate this, if anyone knows how to prevent that from happening, I would be very grateful. 
I just made this and mine was too thick too, so i added water to the "slime" and reboiled it for a thinner texture (just don't boil it as long)......its still pretty slimy, but it feels great in the hair!
So I just tried to make the gel for the first time but I tried to cut corners. And I kept the flaxseed s boiling to long so and my stocking was too thick. So my first try was an EPIC FAILURE. I am going to try it again but first I am going to dollar store getting real tongs and really cheap stockings. But I did save the seeds lol
This comment made my day and gave me a real chuckle. If at first you don't succeed.... ;)
I bought a small tea strainer.  Worked very well.
Omg i'm soooooooooo trying this!!! I didn't know we could make our own gel!!! I'm gonna look for rose oil to put in mine. 😀👌
I just wanted to ask a couple questions because I'm new to this. At the end you saved your flax seeds, how many times can you reuse them? What's the difference btwn using the golden flax seeds and brown flax seeds? Have you used the golden flax seeds to make the gel? I do want to say this was an informative video. I made some tonight but I used a regular strainer and I see why people use the panty hose so il try that next time.
big lots has flax seeds for 4 dollars a bag either great grains or red mill brands
Great video where can you find the oils and how much do they run i would love this for my daughter's hair
Wow! I'm never buying gel or curl mousse again!!!
Whitney, How many times do you think you can reuse the same flaxseeds? Thank u for your response in advance.
I love the flaxseed gel.  My problem is hold.  My hair is soft. what is your recommendation for something that  I can mix with the gel or use along with it to get a better hold.  Thanks.
Just watched your DIY hot oil, had to find the flax seed gel video to really get back basic.
How long do you boil your flaxseeds? My hair is very thick, and I can never make it thick enough to actually have a hold.
So your'e saying we can reuse the flax seeds over ??
Does anyone know if you can use chai seeds instead of flax seeds? I've soaked chai seeds in water before and they then have a gel type thing going on too. A plus for describing lol. Please let me know :)!
I was wondering exactly how long you should boil it. Anyone know? I want this perfect! I'm going to try it and see what happens!
Where does she get her flaxseeds???
I just made a  batch and this time i poured the hot mixture into a French press coffee maker and it drained so easy. and I didn't have to fight with it.    It only cost me $7.99 for one at  Ross.  
Hey can you use flaxseed meal as well to make the gel?
yess but i wouldn't suggest it because it can leave pieces in the gel( the flaxseed meal) and it sucks picking them out of your hair but if their expensive at walmart, etc. go to dollar tree and look in the food section thats how i got mine
I tried this this straining technique and my panty hose ripped :( can re-use the seeds to make more gel??? I'm sold. How many batches can you get out of one quarter cup? I'm so excited. I'm trying to use more diy products on my natural hair. The coming new year calls for change. HEALTHY HAIR. Thanks for sharing...I love your channel!
Do u have a list of ingredients
I was wondering if you could tell us how many drops of each essential oil you add to the batch? And how many times do you or can you reuse the same flax seeds to make gel?
Thank you Naptural85 for this wonderful video its changed my hair in many ways, because of the myths about conditioner I don't apply conditioner to the top of my hair only the length. This flax seed gel has made my hair so silky  its like a pantene advert. You aamazing.:) @lilmissmuah(as long as you store it in a cool place it stays long. I made two big tubs and still have them , nothing happened to it.
Looks gross but helps
Do u use it on your hair cold? Bc you said to keep it in the fridge
it just preserves it makes the gel last longer
+Naptural85 how many times do you reuse the seeds?
I can't wait to try this. If you don't add some of the oils how long will the gel be good for?
$3-6 HA! my supermarket sells it for $12 -_-
I made this today... Thank you
What is the remedy for not having the build up (flakes) from the hair gel?
YOU ARE A GODSENT I am not even kidding, people like you inpspire me to get involved in this natural revolution, and I love you for this and your tips and other videos. Keep on healing the world one video at a time!
Great video.! I had no idea you I could make your own gel. I am trying this within the next week. This will definitely save me trips to the hair store which is a good 20 minutes from where I live...
Can you use this as a body moisturizer too?
Hey...could you list all of the oils you use? I didn't aught it all. Please.
Dk what I'm doing wrong but I never yield that amount of gel with that consistency😒
Hi, where do you get your essential oils from? Thanks.
I love this tutorial...I will not be buying gel anymore
Walmart rolling it back for 58 cents naturals go stock up!! 👏 About to make this riiigghtt now!
I will try this. It's natural and healthier for your hair. Reusing the flaxseeds is a plus.
OMG this really amazed and excited me....I can wait to try it
Can you use this everyday? :3
Hi guys could you please tell me the name of the cream/ white thing that she added ?
Bought about a cup at winco for 35cents
do you have to keep the gel in the refrigerator constantly?
Where can you buy the essential oils?
Where does she get those oils single like that??
Do u have any healthfood stores around your area, maybe there will have them.
vitaminshoppe has a wide selection of carrier and essential oils. the prices range with the quality of oil
I'm going to try this today and re-twist my locs!! 
What brand of flax seeds do you use? 
Can you put a list of your ingredients up please? Im so excited, have been natural for about a year. I've been through so many trial and error. I can't wait to try this with the flexi rods tutorial!
This was amazing!!! Thank You!!! I was a bit iffy on using gelatin so I am happy I found this. After becoming frustrated with finding the perfect products for natural hair, I said screw them all and I have decided to make my own shampoo, conditioner and daily hair moisturizer. However, I saw my store bought gel with the ingredient "methychloroisothiazoline" and said no way! This has to go! Thanks again :) btw does this hold styles well?
Hi,   Can you tell me where you purchased the plastic containers from? Thanks
Thank you so much for posting please continue your videos are successfully helping me
+Naptural85 Great video, I'm definitely going to try this! Can you put a list of all the ingredients in the description please?
Hi do you have something for receding hair line? and what did you do to get your hair to grow like it did?...Beautiful job ,,  
Hey Naptural 85 can you use this as a detangler? Thank you
This is my 2nd time making the gel but what I wanted to know is do I let the gel get room temperature after taking it out the refrigerator before I use it. The first time I just put it in my hair while it was still cold and lastly can this be done in the microwave
Thanks for the tutorial but I wanted to know if it will work you straight hair because when u do my hair I hate having my hair messy but I also hate the chemicals so I was just wanted to know if it will work thank you
+Naptural85 can you use any kind of flaxseeds.? And oil.? Or does it have to be a specific kind of flaxseeds because i have organic cold-millied flaxseeds.?
What were all of the essential oils used again... I could not understand them ask from the video?
AWESOME. Thank you for sharing
Can anyone share their experience about how well the flaxseed gel works? Does it flake? Does it get super hard? Does it give good shine? Does it lay down the edges very well?
Is this for styling hair?
AWESOME! Never thought to do this! Glad I watched! Thanks for sharing!
Following your recipe, mine turned out perfect. Thanks!
Where to get these products
i got a large container of flax seeds from Publix, but Walmart also sells small packets for about .50 cents
They were in the spices aisle with the herbs 
Does the flax seed gel have good hold?  Also how does it compare to Chia seed gel?
Where can these oils be purchased. What are there exact names?
not to come off wrong would this work for anyone ? cause im sick  of pay 15 dollars a tube for bedhead 
It can work for anyone - you don't have to use the essential oils she uses, can always substitute in different ones depending on what you like 
I know its supposed to be refrigerated, but about how long will a batch last? Can this be frozen, thawed and used later?
On RachelCPR's channel she freezes it. Says it changes the consistency slightly but not much. She freezes it it flexible ice cube trays.
I love the instrumental !  Does anyone know who it is? Thanks
Can u use salba ir chia seeds since there kind of like flax seeds
lololol @the battle
How do you kno when it goes bad?
- Rotten food smell :x
Wait...what was that liquid she put the gel in at 2:54 ??
- She made two batches. It was just gel :)
Just made this gel...been putting it off for a while...kicking myself now !!  lol I used the strainer method and don't have any essential oils yet but I used a little olive, castor & avocado oil. It's time for a co-wash but that will be in a couple days but I was so excited to try it that I put a little on just my bangs.   Wow Wow Wow !!!!  Outrageous curl definition !  Can't wait to see it on my whole head once I co-wash.  Thanks Nap !!!
Please answer, do I need to use the oils in the gel??
Oils are not required. My hair doesn't like oils very much so my flaxseed gel has no oils in it. Folks add oils as a preference. I also found the gel defines my hair better without adding anything to it - just straight up gel.
My friend had made it, and she gave me some in it, after some weeks I think,  it become stink
How much of the essential oils are you using?  I can't tell.  Just a shake or a drop or two?
I would say no more than 1 or two drops I tried 4 each and let me tell you the scent was so strong I had to dump it and start again lol, lesson learned
Ok. I made this flaxseed gel and I like tje way it defined my curls, but I am not sure about its longevity. Having gray hair and being natural is perplexing.
Oh, and btw I used the stocking as a second sifter. I used a small hand held strainer for the initial separation of gel and seed. I used a spoonula to get the gel from strainer to measuring cup and a funnel to place in the bottle. If you would like to see this in real time or more info let me know.
Just ordered some flaxseeds. Hope my gel turn out like yours!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours... :-)
كل هذا عشان ماتشترين لك جل شعر
يآآآآآآآآآآ فاهمه دا جيل طبيعي
Hey:) it would be Very sweet if somebody could just write down which ingedients she Uses.. i am from germany and because she talks so fast i cant understand it ... would be very nice.. i could translate it then .. thank youu:)
Hatte eben das selbe Problem :D aber schön das schön jemand gefragt hat
What was all those oils she use?
Vitamin E oil, basil essential, rosemary essential, lavender essential and ylang ylang.  I got all mine on, you can also get them on
where can get the flaxseed? 
I got mine at vitamin shoppe
I got mines from Jewel @ $1.99
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