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Diablo 3 - Double Tornado Barbarian Guide - Basics

by Dino • 100,003 views

Here's a guide (part1) for the Double Tornado build! To watch the whole guide :

WOW nice i love it dps type barb still survive. Im going to try it :) -thumbs up-
hey dino, i have problem to keep up the wotb. my cc before using any spells is at 55.5%, when i cast overpower with killing spree rune, battle rage and wotb, my cc would boost up to 78.5% so i can always see much more of the yellow figures bumping up of the screen than the white one. but its still hard to keep wotb at all time even if there are large amount of enemies present at the same time. the fury just doesnt generate fast enough. barb has really been seriously nerfed by blizzard recently.
Actually, you can spawn twice as many tornadoes per Sprint with the added movement speed from Hurricane. And those tornadoes heals you with the LoH, so you end up getting healed more than with Blood Funnel. :)
This is just brilliant, so clear and detailed explanation, you are extemely good, I was only wondering if this build is meant to work in coop mode too, any help please?
Honest To God Warning- if your prone to seizures or have epilepsy I woudln't recomend this build...phew im dizzy
Watch the full Act 3 run (check my playlists) where I only kill elite packs one by one then. ^^ (PS : I skip a few packs, but that was 1.0.2, I can take on 100% of the packs since the difficulty nerf)
I had a strange experience with a reflect damage boss lately too, wondering if there's a infinite reflection loop bug or something ^^'. But I didn't find another similar boss yet, still looking for one to see if it's the same.
thanks. the very best tornado build.. ovepower is much more better than bash+instigation..
jus wanted to say thank you dino for this build. I have been farming act 3 with the standard sword and broad. I tried your build and it has made farming so much easier. once again, thank you, you are a genius.
Translation: "I couldn't get this build to work. Derp."
nice but i dont understand always what you say !
Duh, my mistake, I used the wrong rune on Battle Rage, haha. Now it's working perfectly :)
Another question but unrelated to your build. How do you see items on the floor when u hover over them with you mouse?
Yeah but you need an high DPS (~25k). You gotta make a few monsters (or a lot...) following you before engaging the goblin. Then when you Sprint after him, they'll get hit by the tornadoes while following you, so you'll get your fury back.
killing inferno diablo is really easy using this build, There is no need to worry about fury generation since his firepools literally fill up my fury instantly, and I can just WW all the time. :D
Have you considered Overpower Skill Rune - Killing Spree?? It gives 10% crit chance for 6 seconds.
How do you stack 3 elites at the same waypoint, also, how do you stack so many mobs right near the waypoint? I've never been able to do that.
I have never used overpower, probably cause of not being capable of using so many keyboard buttons at once :DDD, (instead of it, I have frenzy with +20% damage rune), so the new patch didn't affect me and it works as same as it did before. What Im afraid of are the new auction house prices, which increased to enormous heights (f.e. quite good weapon cost 15m+), but this theme belongs to another topic. Great guide, dino, perhaps i would be glad if I see the new gear guide you're using at this tim
hey dino, the problem is that every skill in here is require fury but you start playing without fury so i dont understand what do you do when you are out of fury, how do u start? and im trying it but dying very fast :S
yeah you're so right man. I tried it that night and laughed it made such a huge difference. I felt twice as powerful easily. Also I switched to overpower, SO much better than leap. Genius.
The damage reflection can't generate fury but I'm pretty sure it already couldn't before (probably can't crit on a damage reflection since it's a fixed amount)
It's complicated. :P Weapon's Master give you a bonus depending on your mainhand's type, so you can use anything as your offhand. Sprint always use the mainhand's damage, so you can ignore the DPS on the offhand. But it sometimes use the mainhand's speed, sometimes the offhand's. So having a fast offhand does boost Sprint, but its damage are ignored (thus it uses the mainhand's damage with the offhand's speed, which can be pretty OP!)
The build you have posted has ignore pain instead of battle rage thats where my issue is i think that is why its not working i will try this when i get home and give you an update thank you
i did the same and now i hope it wont get nerfed
can this build kill goblins? i always run out of rage chasing them
hi mate, how can i save enough fury ? its always drain out.. thx
Makes sence, get up to 10k DPS, 50k HP close to 1000 Resist All, then retry. PS. The last set (around 1/4 his health) he will 1 shot you every time when he does the poison AOE explosions. at 50+k health its around a 2 - 3 shot lol.
Yeah, probably :(. The Sprint + Battle Rage core stay though, so it'll "just" make desecrator/plagued/molten... a bit harder (I played without Crushing Advance when I first beat Inferno anyway so it does work without it, but it's harder).
Wrath of the Berserker makes me immune to CC (jailer,frozen,nightmarish,knockback,vortex,...) and I can keep it up for several minutes with Thrive on Chaos, longer than its cooldown.
by the looks of it youve stacked all the crit hit chance in the world and no crit hit dmg. why?
Hey notanothertrolol you have to go to gameplay options and turn on elective mode then you can change all your skills to other buttons
how can this possibly be any fun at all, just spinning in circles all day. no thanks
Does your offhand weapon affect your crit chance? And are your tornados affected by your attack speed? I used to have a dagger as my offhand for attack speed, so my life on hit and fury on crit were increased, but wasn't sure if I was still getting the full 10% critical hit chance bonus from weapon master.
when u say 35-40% crit you mean un buffed?
Hey dino, i use this build all the time and followed your guides from start, and havent had as much fun as i do with it, thx man :)
Yeah, goblins are hard, but with 35k dps you should be able to get them. Try getting a few monsters to follow you before engaging, and when you're Sprinting after the goblin, you'll get your fury back when the tornadoes hit the monsters following you. :)
im doing like you say but im keep dying and i have a good gear with lot of Loh AND crit chance.. donno what to do i cant even do act 2
Tanana na na na naaaaa...I wanna start a fight!
thanks man.. i'm using ur build now and i'm able to clear act3 with ease. Having trouble with shielding/invulnerable packs if theres no mobs around and goblins always evade me ;( I made a video on my channel clearing act3 using ur build.. check it out if u want ;) /watch?v=1qIArmbOs-4
Why are you watching this guy? When Kripparian is the Original founder of this Build. He explains it way better. Isn't that right Dino
hey Dino, ive found that using Revel rune for Overpower is actually pretty good for healing AND generating fury. When you use overpower on a small group of mobs, you generate fury from battle rage when it crits
How on eaerth do you handle fast / extra helath / jailer with fire chains?
i don't understand how you change around your whole thing like put sprint as right click and stuff, this is getting me so neg :\
OK, clearly I am doing something wrong, or did Blizzard patch this? I am unable to generate any fury while doing this. I have the sprint going and it is generating the tornadoes, but my fury isn't going up. Do I just need fury per hit on my weapons?
Check out the gearing guide in description. :) Afterward (once you got more than 800k), you want to add some Strength in addition to the vitality/res on every basic piece of armor. Then get a bit more DPS on your mainhand. Maybe an offhand with Crit Damage AND a socket for more crit damage. Some LoH in the amulet in addition to the Crit Chance (super expensive though). Some Crit chance on the helm too maybe.
I understan you and i'm franch you speak slowly it's simple
Hey, i tried this with almost exactly the same items as you (better actually) for some reason i keep dying because i can't keep my rage up. Any ideas?
Wow, ! tried to get it to work and was struggling but now i got more appropriate gear and tactic, and one thing to say. THANK YOU. u made diablo 3 fun again omg. its so fun and so much dps with the right crit and crit dmg. switched some skills tho. went with the passive wich generates fury each sec since i find it hard go gain fury before wielding dmg. a little hint for u guys, never let tornados go off. its what keeps ur fury up. thx again mate =)
I can't understand this man needs English subtitles
Hi Dino thanks for the built again, I have modified your overpower variant with higher critical chance on gears and switched out weapon master for unforgiving to get an easy kick start on fights.....what do you think?
Thanks. :) Works fine for me in coop but I'm playing with a monk and another barb so we are all melee. I heard it can be annoying with ranged friends, since part of the mobs will run away from you to go attack them, instead of staying near you and in your tornadoes.
LoH is extremely important. I have 701, and it still rarely keeps me up. Also, I noticed on several occasions where sprint will not release tornadoes, although it activates.
Practice in Act 1 (dense area like cimetery of halls of agony) or even Hell for a bit, you'll be able to get the hang of it without having to pay tons of gold in repair costs. Then you can come back to act 2 and beat it easily, hopefully. :)
The cooldown reductions on overpower & Berserker are according to fury GAINED right? like, you can't be at full fury otherwise it won't gain / reduce time?
Dino, me again, so when did you decide to swap away from blood funnel? Wouldn't the 1% life heal for each crit make a huge impact on survivability? I'll try the hurricane rune later today to see the difference, I'm just suprised logically that it works as well
I cant even understand what he's staying
Thanks. Thats a pretty comprehensive reply. I am still struggling in act 3 against some elite packs, but I think I just need to stack some more loh and defensive stats. Really good build. 1 more question. Does whirlwind take into account the offhand weapon damage? If so, I guess a good offhand weapon would still be pretty useful as long as it has crit damage and loh.
This is a great build, i just made one change in the skill build, instead of leap or overpower to initiate, i used furious charge with stamina rune so i start with almost full fury. What do you think??
Overpower's CD reduction comes from crit hits not fury generation, each CH has a chance to lower its CD by 1 second. WotB does not get a CD reduction but a duration boost. Yes it is based off of fury generation, for every 25 fury you generate you gain one second to the duration of WotB so you want to keep spending fury and keep moving so you generate more.
how you do with elits with jail ?
A lot of ppl are telling me this, but I don't see the problem personally, I'm fine in the keeps. Corridors are large enough to do a big circle, and you can't get blocked by enemies since you can spin through them with WW (use Shift+Click to spin-move, helps a lot). What am I forgetting? (Wallers elites are more dangerous in the Keeps though, agreed)
Train a bit more and act 2 will be easy. Maybe train in Act 1 for now to avoid having big repair bills.
Shift is usually to attack without moving (force attack). With WW, it allows you to spin without having to click on an enemy, so Shift+LClick will make you move (like regular Left Click) with WW on. You don't have too, you can activate WW by clicking on an enemy too, but Shift allow you to use WW while cliking next to an enemy, or even away, if you need to flee.
Hmm I don't use that anymore, I just use Bash - Instigation Whirlwind - Hurricane Wrath Of The Berserker - Thrive On Chaos War Cry - Impunity Battle Rage - Into The Fray Sprint - Run Like The Wind 49% crit chance before wrath of berzerk, 570 all res before buff, only 4.4k armor :/ but as long as I keep wrath of the berserker up in act 3 (really easy considering how often I crit)
wait so when you're using're also hitting sprint the entire time?
thanks for the guides! it is fun, though difficult to get used to at first. i have troubles with elite mobs having Shielding and/or Invulnerable though. do you have any suggestions for that?
How are you generating so much fury, i barley gen any
Wrath of the Berserker makes you immune to CC skills like Jailer (and as you can see after 2:55, I can increase its duration as much as I want thanks to Thrive on Chaos rune) Actually, those goblins have Jailer, and Nightmarish too! You can see enchantress getting jailed, but it doesn't work on me.
Nah, check out 3:32, I engage with 0 fury. Bit hard but you can keep going for a long time once you get a Sprint off. Or 2:30.
nm, i'm an idiot and accidently changed out of into the fray
perfect build... able to roflstomping act 3 and 4 with 3 groups of champs pack.but i cant kill goblin with this build.
Seems to be the same problem as craig1287
Hi Dino Great gear... But I have some questions...Which is your rune in Battle rage and second why do you always have full Fury in Town...When you cant generate some of it...
I doubt it'll get removed, but it might be patched to require more gear than it currently does.
For starter, it should regenerate fast. Do you have 40% crit? Did you check if the way you run does spawn 4 tornadoes? Don't forget to have Battle Fury, with Into the Fray rune, on. As for dying fast, well, again maybe you aren't spawning 4 tornadoes, or you don't have enough LoH/attack speed (need 1300 and 1.55attack/s for Act 3, eg.), or don't have enough armor/res (5k, 450 for act 3. More if you don't use Overpower/Leap).
that bad thing with this build is that u cant kill goblin in act 3 for eg ..i have 35k dps and i cant kill him :(
Dino- tip for you- once you have good enough gear that you are pretty much never worried about dying- swap nerves of steel for Berserker. If you can handle the loss of armor, you will get a 30% dps whenever 3 enemies within 8 yards.. I'm at 40k hp, 2300 LoH, 650 allresists, 6k armor, 48% crit, 1.87 APS, +18% run speed. Without berserker I do 23kdps, but with berserker and wrath I do 37k dps. I'm almost permanently in wrath (thrive on chaos). Let me know what you think :)
C'était une dizaine de minutes avant mon commentaire =).
I found that if I use overpower instead of leap, I use the rune for war cry that generates 60 fury instead. Since you don't really need a lot of resistances since you'll be healing everything back, it's good to have a skill that is up every 30 seconds that just automatically gives you 60 fury if you're running low
Should be fine with your stat, LoH maybe a bit low, swap your emerald for an amethyst on weapon or get some attack speed. Try Leap instead of Bash, easier than Overpower and a nice defense boost.
Yeah, WW use the offhand for half of the hits. But that's a very small part of the DPS so it's not that important, I'd take an offhand with 20% more crit damage over one with 400 more DPS. WW does 110% DPS (and only half of that use the offhand), while sprint does 60% per tornado, up to 240% if all 4 are hitting.
Yep, Battle Rage(Into the Fray) = Each crit can generate 15 fury. Sprint hit a lot of times, so lot of opportunities to generate 15 fury, + high crit chance -> insane fury generation. :)
Hi very awesome video. I have question. which of the skills generate fury? im struggling a lot trying to learn this but i still dont get any fury while using sprint. or do i need to get fury weapon? u would help a alot if u answer this question
Nice! Good to know my barb just hit 34!!! hope to be 60 by friday!! thanks for the reply and take care!!
Im calling 100 % BS on being able to kill elites in act 3 using this build, use at your own risk / repair bill, lets see some more videos of him killing elites NOT at the same time, but rather one after another
So what skill and rune would you recommend to replace with? Back to Leap or maybe Killing Spree or Revel rune for Overpower?
La vidéo est impressionnante mais est-ce que tu pourrais en faire une en français, je n'arrive pas à trouver de bon tutoriels en français et vu ton accent dans la vidéo je me dis que tu dois être français... ^^
I have a problem getting fury to be honest, i use warcry and run around to wait for some "ticks", but nothing happends, whats wrong?
Avec Ouragan, Sprint a le temps de faire apparaitre 4 tornades au lieu de 2 (car ca dépend de la distance parcourue), donc beaucoup plus de Life on Hit et de furie via les tornades que via les runes de Trombe, et beaucoup plus de dégâts aussi. ^^
Whirlwinding doesnt heal that much : Each time WW hit an enemy, you are healed for 13% of your LoH (there's a lot of hit though). Most of the healing come from sprint : Each time a tornado hit, you get healed for 20% of your LoH. Each tornado can hit up to 17 times with my attack speed though, so that's 340% LoH per tornado (x4 tornadoes). Per enemy hit. :)
how do you stop from taking so much damage? I can produce the same damage as you but the problems is when I take too much damage.
wtf awsome cool i learnd much from that
I have followed the exact and precise build with weapons and all, when I start running around enemies my fury regenerates slowly and I can only run around for just a couple of seconds then I die, what am I doing wrong?
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