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Effortless Beach Hair

by Dulce Candy • 470,043 views

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the sound of the beach puts me in a relaxing mood...thanks dulce and for the tutorial i will certainly try this
i love you soo much you are so gorgouse and amazing
I love you dulce you are truly amazing :')
you are so AWESOME!AND GORGEOUS!!:) just want to let you know!
What did you do to BEAUTIFUL! <3
lol i would do this everyday in middle school:p
Perfect timing, great for this holiday weekend :)
Absolutely beautiful! I will have to try this! Rock it candy! Gorgeous!
love this tutorial<3 using it tomorrow!
Thumbs up if you are the 301ts viewer.
I Love ittttttttttt and you are beautiful I LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS :)
why is there so many dislikes /: her videos are awesome guys!
@McKennaAndAmy care to check out my other channel? maybe we could do a collab or something, very similar channels! my other channel with my friend is kaycharbeauty :) thanks
Whats the color of your hair in the tips ?
HI Dulce! i think you should do a makeup tutorial in spanish!!! that would be awesome;)
Have you ever watched the show nuesta belleza latina? I wish you would be on it because you are a true beauty inside && out! <333 and a role model to all the latina
Dulce, where is your dress from? I absolutely love it but I'm petite like you and can never find maxi dresses that are long enough! You're so beautiful and sweet, and I love this hairstyle! Can't wait to try it!! :) xx
where did you get your maxi dress from? Its gorgeous! (:
I luv it when my hair is like that :) really good lighting in this video!
What if your hair has NO natural curls in it at all? Would it still work? I'm guessing not :(
i love the purple liner!!! and the beach hair too!!! xoxo!!!
Or you could mix salt with water and spray it all over the hair and let it air dry. It will give you Beachy waves as well :)
i love you soo much you are so gorgouse and amazing
Can you buy a diffuser on its own??
Thanks!! I just got some bumble and bumble surf spray and I'm excited to use it!!
I love you, if i invited you to my sweet sixteen in new york, would you come?
great video! I love the beach background
your vids are so gooooood ! :D i love your hair colour ! what is your highlight shade called?
Can u do more hair tutorials and I love you. You absolutely an inspiration to me :)
You are amazing. I love your style. You inspire me. <3
Dulce, You are so gorgeous! I entered your contest and had so much fun filming it! You guys to check it out! <33
You did a great job, Dulce. It looks effortless and easy without trying so hard, yet still looks cute :)
Can you reply back to me? It will mean the world to me!
why are there so many dislikes right now? i love dulce! shes amazing and this look is gorgeous!! thank you soo much<33
U r soo pretty how old is your son now
dulce I love this video its simple and easy im not one who likes spending to muh time on my hair
this might sound odd to you, but I spent most of my afternoon watching your old videos from 2008-2009-2010...hahha I was 17-18 then. I must say it's a difference. You remind me a lot of myself back then :) You've grown so much and I hope you're very happy with all that you've accomplished, you should be proud of yourself. Someday I hope you film a personal testimony about your roots ...I'd really love to hear it <3
Ah :) I'm one of the first commenting and viewing :3
hey dulce i have a few questions, one is how can i get this look without getting it sticky and hard from the mousse/products. also my ends of my hair is really dry and split is there anywhere to fix it? also i have oily skin any tips? and also how to wear minimum to no makeup for summer
When I was in the hospital, I only watched you! I LOVE you! Your my idol!
is your hair naturally curly? just wondering if this would work for my ultra-straight hair!
where is the wavy or curly ? i didn't see any !!!!!!!
thanks for teach me how to scrunch my hair...
Dulce, I LOVVVVVEEEE the lighting in this video, it's perfecttt! xoxo <333
love your videos dulce.just had to let you know. :)
great look! Love the waves! Love the sea!
HI dulce i love all your videos, and i was thinking you should do a makeup tutorial in spanish ;)
your hair from your very first videos is so different now, what did you do over the years to get it 'different' ?
Can you do a hair and makeup tutorial for a rainy day?? PLEASEEEE :)
You are probably the most beautiful person (inside and out) that I have ever seen. Love ya girl.
love the music that you used in this video!
dulce your amazing! trying this tomorrow!
so cute if only my hair did that :/
The outfit was adorable, wow looking at this video made me want to hit the beach looks soo serene and peaceful great place to just let go off all negativity, hair is awsome xoxoxo
I love this video Dulce! It's so calming :)
can please u do a non-heat version? thanks
Is your hair naturally straight or wavy?
Now I REALLLY want to go to the beach!!!!
can you do a video talking about your hair color! i really wanna try an ombre effect on my hairrr becuase i love yours! <3
whoever married you is the luckiest man to have you
what do you use for frizz control dulce?
I really love that jean vest you were wearing! So Cute!
Dulce you know what I would love soooo much, is for you to do a LADY GAGA inspired look :) xx
such a well made video! love it Dulce <3
and this is why i want my hair to grow faster.
I already have curly hair when i want ''beach curls'' all i do is put just a little bit of conditioned and i must say it will dry out your hair but it would works for me just fine and i'ld give me really nice curls :) (y)
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