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Boxman 2.0 (Official Music Video)

by Smosh • 6,370,778 views


Hello im from 2015
Barney is a dinosaur, from our imagination
Am I the only one who likes the song at the beginning more?
He was a dick being nice to those people.
I seriously detest rap music, always have... but I don't mind these Boxman songs from Smosh... I like the Firetruck song as well.
Mr. Clancy, everyone has different taste.
+Sloane Eris yeah im just saying Rap is one of the most successful genres in music 
Back when Smosh was still good
yep smosh is shit now
So....Boxman2.0 started Saint's Row gang? XD 
Out your hands in the aiir
2015 madafakar!
Purple = ballas from san andreas
Ultimate Spider Man season 3
Boxman is not making vids no more because he is in jail by the gang
like if u watching in 2015
BAMF= Big ass mofo right?
So Boxman joined the Ballas? Somebody call Carl and Sweet johson!
The purple gang reminds me of the Saints
Snorlax is super cool
how do you get a box man hat? i reall want one :(
There's a purple gang called grape street crips just so u know
like if your watching in 2014
Boxman is part of the ballas???
amir abdul-rahman Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
listen to this 2 but be warned it has cursing HA!  its so funny!(BOXMAN is back!!!!)
snorlax is super cool
The hump a tree part made me think of my best friend cuz whenever she was mad at some one she would tell me that she wanted to tell them to go fuck a tree
haven't seen this video in 4 years, still remember the lyrics though :P
I didn't know that police just carry around 3 random pokemon cards!
so Boxman is in Balla's gang
Black Nova 15 Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Cause iam the boxmannnnn 2.0
sn0rlax is mlG m8 i r8 8/8
Stop everybody body put ur hands in the air if there is a gang affair going on in here I'm aware
Wow oh my god dude what the hell is all this gangs play Pokémon you can't be serious Hey is that a Snorlax that card is super cool I'll trade it for my Squritle, Mewtwo, and Tentacruel
can someone help me my youtube isn't working and I'm able to do this through Google+ and my tablet but not youtube itself on my computer what gives?
this is really fucking stupid 0:47 for people that get the joke.
who is the girl whocuts in line at 0:40 , i feel like i know her from somewere, maybe another smosh video
When Smosh were good...
Omg That Bass Lifting My Car Trunk!
1 of the best smosh songs ever :)
Boxman 2.0 and the ROBLOX Packages are the same because they're both pretty ugly.
Hey fucker bix go suck your dick and sex with a large penis balloon in a bath.
Smorlax is super cool
smosh this the best firetruck video ever
Best part was the cop barging in.
also what guy would be dumb enough to trade a snorlax for a mewtwo the strongest pokemon during that time this vid was made lol
He is the man in the box(alice in chains reference).
Snorlax is Super Cool! ....But Umbreons are cooler!
He's a boxman, virgin too
ya 2.0 try to change things things get destroyed like look at my "partner" i destroyed her ass
Ian's rap was the best part
What happened to the boxman videos? Smosh should make a new one each year like food battle.
The bloods and crips are real
So... Who was in the box?
I like the first seconds of the song!
My name is now in smosh
New smosh videos aren't as good as the old ones
Smosh is shit these days mate
I hate Snorlax. He blocked the way :D
ll this was posted on my bday
Ian's rap is probably the best part
Even in real live he is a good rapper
Boxman 2.0 is ........ Awesome
what the F*****uck!!!!
They should bring Boxman Back 😂👌😭😏
gangs are from south park, bloods and crips :D
+Gwyn, Lord of Cinder No im not milord, and im not living in usa neither. how do i know such a thing ?
i like your icon flies away
"Stop, everybody put your hands in the air" (etc.) ?! I used to hear that in Flipnotes (from Flipnote Studio) all the time! It's so familiar sounding to me now... So, it comes from Smosh!? Awesome XD
Burke Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
я обожаю SMOSH!!!!!!! 
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