Productivity Future Vision (2011)

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Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go. (Release: 2011)

Better not be run on windows...
You're kidding right
osea se reian de apple que no tenia teclado y quieren hacernos creer que con un trozo de plastico transparente se van a comer el mundo ,como lo cargamos ,como se conecta el auricular,la bateria es transparente uy las resistencias.diodos transistores que ,transparentes no ,inexistentes jajaja 
me referia a cuando es supdirecto de microsoft se reia del iphone por que no tenia teclado para escribir 
Clive Roach Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
A vision of the future? At least it shows a better styled version of Google Glass! #thefuture #vision
Microsoft HoloLens :D
+Alec Kong Yes. Looks WAY advanced than Google Glass :P
Notice the real-time translation bit in the beginning. Skype is offering a real-time translation tool in beta right now. So MS is making this future happen!
I wish MS actually went with this vision. Or at least the design part…
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you what life will be like when Project HoloLens miniaturizes to the point of being a simple optical implant in our eyes. Microsoft may actually be serious about this. Suddenly this entire video makes so much sense.
Mateusz Z Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Productivity Future Vision (2011): http://youtu.be/a6cNdhOKwi0 #productivity #future #vision #microsoft #office Nie przypuszczałem, że w Microsoftcie mają takie wizje :) Chociaż biorąc pod uwagę ostatnie spowolnienie w Google (nieudany Google Glass, gorsze wyniki za 2014), to MS prezentuje bardzo ciekawą wizję. Aplikacja #outlook jest genialna, #onedrive wreszcie zaczyna się rozwijać (doganiać konkurencję). wygląda na to,że ten kolosalny statek zaczął wreszcie reagować na ruchy sternika ☺
we already have most of this
Make an earth better place to live. Join Us : +I'm Programmer if and only if you are programmer.      #productivity   #future   #vision  
That was amazing! Its like an update to the Corning glass video.
are there any poor people in the future?
Filip Appel Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
No ciekawa wizja. Nie widziałem wcześniej tak spójnej. A to wszystko #microsoft  Pełne zaskoczenie. I do tego bardzo celny komentarz - http://goo.gl/QXDWWS
I love technology but I'm not looking forward to this sort of future. We're already acting like robots and it won't get any better considered how sterile, cold and simply unnatural be we became. It's depressing to see that throughout history, mankind always chooses the extremes. Either we live like brutal cavemen or we become totally detached and cold.
"...Either we live like brutal cavemen or we become totally detached and cold." Very good point!
James Corbett Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
It's easy to be cynical about this 3 year old concept productivity video from Microsoft,... just because it's Microsoft, but it's amazing how quickly this 'future' is coming to pass. Curved, edge-to-edge screens, Google Glass-like augmented reality, real-time translation, flat design (everywhere), projection mapping, voice interaction.... etc.... all doable / being done now. You really need to pause it repeatedly to take in all the detail. Sure... the narrative looks daft in places but you have to give them 10/10 for the overall effort.
J'aurai adoré que l'OS de Windows phone ressemble à cela. Même en version 8.1 elle est vraiment trop austère et pas très fun. A voir avec la version 10...
Another beautiful video about the possible future with technology. I get truly excited about these videos, they could be our future. Some things are more real (probable) than other, nonetheless, a possibility.
What, no self-driving cars? ;)
Graphene.  We need to find a way to mass produce it or else these technology aren't going anywhere.
i think on 2040 this can be truth. the only problem is that Microsoft, Apple and Google dind't want to work together. If they dind't want to work together there is no change for this product's because: 1) To high price's for consummers and office's 2) Your Eco-System most be the same. For example: you use a Windows Phone, so you most even have a Windows Tablet, so the company that use this technology most even use the Windows -EcoSystem to work with your Windows Products.   (i think even a little bit that Apple and Google has look here for there new User-Interface (-> IOS 7 and Android)) you think it too ?
It can be web based and they have unified platform . 
I don't like this future vision... Productivity seems like too much work... Isn't it suppose to be more simple? And what if my digital device runs out of battery? Is my whole productivity messed up?
Huh, apparently: Productivity = more screens than you can look at + shit ton of animations. The real advancements in human-machine productivity will be coming from research in machine learning and data mining. This video is a true representation of how oblivious people are about innovation (a la, bigger/more touch screens = innovation!!!)
+MacGyverinSpace BTW, the metro screen has a parallax effect. Why is it that 90% of people who say they don't like windows 8 have never used it in their life? 
This is a waste of 6 minutes and 17 seconds. Nobody is going to submit orders for 40 liters of something from their phone while waiting for a train. Work requires concentration, not constant interruption from the public all around you. Also, nobody is going to donate to a bum 10 seconds after supposedly submitting an order for work. We all know how ineffective multitasking is, and this video show's exactly this, over and over. Who's going to need to pull a recipe out of a screen, using holograms, and then put that recipe onto the counter top? Why didn't she just start making the dish while the recipe was on the screen? Stupid. I can't wait for people to start using this productive software and these impossible devices. We have young people who can't even use today's smart phones without getting frazzled. How are they going to comprehend holograms to navigate their piece of glass? Oh, and did you guys notice that there are no chips or batteries in those glass shards? That's what they should be called. Shards, because it rhymes with tards. Why does the guy in the office pull a graph off his screen onto his desk, then duplicate it, just to put it back up on the screen? No real data can be handled this way, besides simple functions like addition. This is the most annoying muzak I've ever heard, too. I wanted to puncture my ears with toilet brushes after the first two minutes. All in all, this video shows how far removed the artists are from the actual function of a product. I'm a computer geek, and NOTHING in this video makes any sense, other than thinner, sleeker looking devices, and augmented reality glass. It's even hard to follow the supposed concepts that they show working in real time. I see no real applications for this tech.
What kind of careers are depicted in this video? I am very interested in environmental work, focusing on design, efficiency, and sustainability.
Nice to know that in the future, black people will still be working in menial, servile roles.
you know what I think it's stereotype in the video? the white girl is still practicing 20/5=4 at that age.
Um... The guy's colleague in that video meeting was also black. And being the concierge of a hotel is actually an okay position. The driver wasn't black. And they're in South Africa. You're just picking fights now, I think.
Bharath Reddy Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Make an earth better place to live. Join Us : +I'm Programmer if and only if you are programmer.      #productivity   #future   #vision  
Jacqueline Jimenez Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
People might find this great tech, I find it plain creepy; but good tech.
Surprising that obesity aint a factor
Why people want this? it looks cool but after 5 years of useing that technology people will became a robots and think like robots and humanity will no longer be that should be. 
That's what I'm talking about and noone reading.
+Casper Official™ well maybe thats the future? you ever think about that? imagine how throughout the generations when innovation stared people in the face there were idiots like you out there who would deny it and say "o no but our human qualities will be gone" won't know until we try
Join me in burning down civilization before we reach this point.
But what about actual things?? Things like paper, books, pencils, kinder surprise figures? Something that is real, something we can hold in our hands and not just pixels in the air
We'll don't watch a microsoft video for those things. Why don't you go contribute to your local bookstore for books.  Everything is real. Life is an illusion.
"A comic is like boobs; they look good on a computer, but they feel better in your hand."
They took our jobs!
Its going to be a reality with Windows 10 Today.
Oh...I forgot, how is it that in these "mock-up videos of "future inventions" only white skinned people are used as models? Make the future today, upgrade the poor and the future will upgrade itself...Yes make the earth a better place to live by reaching out to the poor of "mind"
Lester Leblanc Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Productivity Future Vision (2011): http://youtu.be/a6cNdhOKwi0
Interesante visión. Nadie se toca, se mirarán a los ojos?
There will soon be no such thing as a frickin button!!!!
César Wolf Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Productivity Future Vision (2011): http://youtu.be/a6cNdhOKwi0
something that will never happen. Since 2009 they been making these videos and now in 2015 they have new videos but you will never see these thigns expect in movies big time bull shit
Chirag Jangid Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This is The Future of All over World By Microsoft Company...
David Johnson Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go.
when will it be out, in 2023 or something?
Our future is not physical,never was. In the end we all are going to leave this physical realm called "earth" and live in "nonphysical"  domain where "mind" is total technology.
One day this will happen from MSFT. MICROSOFT IS THE BEST!
沈建宏 Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube: 這是四年前製作的,現在微軟已經正式展開第一步:hololens,達成初步成果。過去眾人以為是微軟的范特西,現在微軟向世人證明他的決心與實力。
This shit is screens on top of screens on top of motherfucking screens. Holy shit, it's like screenception.
Fayad Fami Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago (edited)
Here's a vision of the future that's popular right now. Its amazing and a bit scary too.  http://worrydream.com/ABriefRantOnTheFutureOfInteractionDesign/
Amazing!! I'm ready!! The impact on medicine, technology, science, education, and progress in our daily lives!! Wow!!
Axon IT Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
In 5-10 years, how will people get things done at work, at home, and on the go? Check out this concept video from Microsoft to get a glimpse of the future of productivity and let us know what you think. Will this be our reality? #microsoftoffice  
At 3:53 the thought of having a super smart computer is seriously depressing. It is like the Chinese worker has nothing to do except to take the train and deliver his data to his colleague... If a computer can come up with a solution, then what's the point of employing the worker? He is not providing any value-added service to his company. 
I dont want to live in this gay sterile and stupid future, where network companies watching you 24/7, and  knows about people  more they know about yourself.
MS vision of every surface being up for grabs is a profound one, and adding touch recognition, voice recognition and video conferencing is using tech that is already in use daily.  Flexible OLED panels will make all of this possible, and make no mistake, this is future that is nearly here.
Did someone say Material design - Google's new GUI for Android and web?! ;-)
Woooow ! Hope it never happens !
What you are actually saying is "I don't like this concept, so I don't want to anyone on the entire planet Earth be able to use this" Maybe you should rethink your stupid position and instead you will say "I don't like this concept, so I will not using it when this will come true"
+MankindDiary Ok. Ill refrase it then: "I hope I wont be around when it happens." Feeling better now ? 
All if this exists right now
No, you can't predict upcoming technology and what it's gonna look like. Nobody did and nobody can. Whatever shown in this  video can be done on any smartphone (maybe more cos of different appls) though it has no funky large screen.
I Just Really want a major improvement of Office... The design Are better. Transition and Animation are way better than 2003, But still is Nothing that much of a different... I REALLY HOPE the next gen Of office would somehow looks like this video ... Great Design And Productivity
Is that glass/screen technology possible?
Dud !! This is Graphen !!
Yes, it's there already. There are technical challenges in terms of how to make compatible glass and electronics technology, but with the pace of development for printing circuits it's will be here soon. 
A People who love technology, so that passion innvador, what creativo.Y Time to Step, increasingly help to meet basic needs and improve the quality of vida.Excelente Video
Watch their fashion be nothing like that actual future. :P
Some would just go for a retro / conservative look.
A beautiful future of technology for only the elite that can afford it.
All of you people believing in the theory that future technology will make us into useless mindless robots in a neon era, you may be right, but also wrong. Such technology helps us recreate the productivity we need and interaction we need in the future time. Maybe technology will be advanced enough to help us achieve too many tasks, but we will always know what to expect. We will learn to control such technology. The morality of the world cant be changed so easily people. 
borderless screens <3
Got the title wrong. It should read: "Slavery with no Souls Future Vision".  There, corrected it for you. 
We can already do this , it is called iPhone
Why they seem sad and lonely?
I'm reading all these comments and all I'm hearing are "WE'RE ALL GONNA TURN INTO ROBOTS IF WE USE SWIPEY TECHNOLOGY!!! AGH!!!" and I find this totally ridiculous! It's kinda like getting the new iPhone and saying "OMG I'M GONNA TURN INTO A ROBOT!"  People, just stop being stupid...please, it hurts my brain...
Robert Fleming Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Productivity Future Vision (2011): http://youtu.be/a6cNdhOKwi0
someone tell me what would be an information system in this video? thank you
Touch screens are sooo overrated, brain computer interface is the future baby! God knows where yo hand have been
Well done in doing things very slowly... Now Google Android L had done it first!!! Do all the concept you want and let the competition win us....
MacRoller Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
mladen tokic Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
@digitalferrari You're like the folks that said I God wanted us to fly, he'd have given us wings. You make some valid points, but you sound like something out of the 19th century
Senzo Mthembu Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
What great invention cant wait for it...
raul Estrada Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Hey wait! Are you guys going to donate all these...
LOL why does everyone assume that everyone will be so well behaved in the future?
Revolutionz Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Microsoft Future Vision
Jawebstudio Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
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to se mi líbí :)
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