Obama Says Voting Is The Best Revenge

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Pres. Obama while campaigning in Springfield, Ohio says that "Voting is the best revenge" (November 2, 2012).

william gordon Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
vote for me, i aim to punish.
"Israel was assassinating Iranian scientists." ?? Holy shit! Are you allowed to run with sharp objects? Do you wear a helmet when you go outside? You think it's "unfair" to kill scientists trying to enable Iran to have Nuclear weapons? Which is more "unfair"? To kill some scientists - who forgot to duck ... or to have a fucking war with Iran? Obama and his Defense Sec. told you and the world that Iran "can't get nuclear weapons". Do you understand the gravity of that statement?
Weird, my computer just said your comment was flagged as spam.........but now it isn't.
i have to apologize.. the good Lord is making me feel guilty right now for sure.. please forgive me for anything i said that hurt you ok.. i mean it with all my heart. this is not like me.. i just love my president.. but i should keep that to myself if i can not have an adult conversation about it.. so, please forgive me ok.. i sincerely mean it.. i am now going on here apologizing to everyone i offended. i feel so bad. good luck with your candidate.. and God Bless you.
Haha sarcasm! Did you get that from the liberal media?
Very negative stuff. I am tired of his mud slinging. I have waited months for your plan to solve this debt problem and get people back to work but nothing but attacks......so long.
Do you have to be a fireman to recognize a fire? Or hold a biology degree to recognize a liver? No. And I do understand the science, at least enough to know that whenever a country is monitored for nuclear activity special sniffer planes always look for xenon isotopes, and even the smallest explosion would produce an abundance of those, and you can't hide them. So when someone says "Iran tested a nuclear device" I can safely say THAT IS NOT TRUE.
And that very era was a boom time for clever Tax Attorneys creating off-shore tax shelters, etc., etc. It was a huge business for them. And wealthy people can wait to declare their income. They reduce the salaried income - and take more in stocks. It's a lucrative game. Remember John Kerry parking his yacht out of state to avoid higher state taxes on Luxury Yachts? That's John Kerry ... Democrat 'Man of the People'! What they're trying to do - is stimulate this shitty Obama economy.
The people who vote for Romney have no idea what's coming if he's elected. YES he will reduce the deficit BUT will do it on YOUR dime...not just the 47% that he mentioned. The 99% WILL pay for deficit and his people will continue to profit from his new laws and tax cuts and the poor will continue to get poorer. Once Romney gets through with his first term, the middle class will be nonexistent!! Praying this does not happen!!! Obama 2012!!!
I wish I had answer for that. I live in a blue state and many people think I voted for Obama because I am immigrant. My neighbors hate Republicans and I pretend I am Forrest Gump. As the matter of fact, all my family members (including extended family members) are republicans. We never received food stamps. We are college educated and hard working people. Unfortunately many Americans think all immigrants receive food stamps - this is not true. I pay taxes & volunteer for senior citizens & church
Judging is nowhere near the worst sin. Killing is worse! Especially babies inside the womb. Did you know Obama supports the killing of babies if they escape an abortion attempt? They are set aside and slaughtered.
Obama helped rescue stopped bleeding of 800K jobs per month creating more jobs than were lost, saved financial, auto, manufacturing & housing industries, improved student loans, stopped Iraq war, ending Afghanistan war, stopped torture, stopped "don't ask-don't tell", passed laws for equal pay for women, health-care, tougher carbon emissions, supports a woman's right to choose, fought and won against China's unfair trade practices, decimated Al Qaeda's leadership and killed Osama bin Laden.
If Romney won there would be no difference, choice was simply an illusion in this election. You should say "Hello new World War" because that is what happens when there is a global depression.
Yes but the point is why did we help a company that's just gonna ship more of their jobs overseas and employ less American workers.
thank you.. i give God the credit.. he is the one that has changed me this way.. that is why i was so disgusted with the way i behaved. i felt the guilt and i new it was him trying to tell me something.. i have already asked God for forgiveness, but i also felt he was telling me to ask for it from the ones i hurt on here. and that was a lot of people... this is not the only comment i made on youtube that i had to apologize for. God is right, it does make the soul feel better not to hate.
The only way you'd know a job was done -- was if some scumbag, thug union boss told you it was done. You have no clue how the world works ... or why our economy tanked. You have the level of stupidity necessary to support our current failed president. Name one thing I said that is "bullshit". You don't even understand what the Hell I'm talking about. Later, parrot.
Wait! "republifag"? You idiots really have a high bar for insults, I guess. "What are you gonna do about the 52 senate seat majority the Democrats are gonna pick up?" Are gonna pick up? That's a net loss of a seat. Idiot. And David Ignatious didn't "align" with any partisan beliefs. He's just not a lying shill -- like you and the other OBots here. Seriously, everything you just wrote is retarded. Do you have anything intelligent to say? Doubt it.
Richard? voting Obama out of office will be the best therapy ever for the entire country...perhaps even you too since you just don't "get it". We have had 4 years of serious decline.
History says they aren't paying normal taxes. Bush implemented his tax cut plans and it didn't work. Unemployment wen't from around 5% when he took office to 7.8% when Obama was inaugurated. Why did his brilliant tax cuts increased the unemployment? Why did billions of dollars settled in the pockets of CEO's and didn't wen't towards the expansion of those businesses? Why did the economic crash happened and companies required tax money not to go under is the tax cuts were helping?
The truth does come out. You are a great American. Thanks. Yesterday I voted for change, for love of country and in memory of fallen hero Tyrone Woods. Please consider doing the same. Time is very short.
Yea, I am aware of the deal. And I support it. Why? Because fuck your righteousness. You think that threatening a country with war just because they desire greater prosperity through nuclear energy is a thing to do? Who is USA and Israel to dictate the internal policies of a foreign country?
It's disgraceful that you can be so ignorant. MA is a democratic state. It's pathetic that people voted Obama in for a second term... his first one was just so amazing.
Well don't change a thing except your vote..........LOL. Romney/Ryan!!!!! Sorry I had to throw that in there.
I can't ride with those who say "I got your back" then when shit hits the fan pure silence
no.. God is..lol.. i am a christian woman and this is just not like me.. it is like the old me.. i had to apologize.. i still love my president.. i just dont want to bash anyone anymore. i should just learn how to ignore it cause it wont matter what i say anyway. God bless you and thank you for your concern.. that is so sweet.
Yea you pig fucker hillbilly, and the day he left they went up to 7.8%. Why did the unemployment rate was going up with your republican genius in charge?
I'm not surprised Obama won. ACORN was disbanded but the former ACORN operatives weren't in the slammer where they should have been.
I have always voted for the best person in my opinion in order to have a better life and society. I would say I voted with compassion for my country and not being sissed off at my fellow man. And now we have to hear this Muslim talk about revenge. I have revenge and that is Osoma Obama and his communist views and not getting off his arskie and creating jobs rather than turning them away. Case in point,Keysyone pipe line.DAH !
The ONLY reason to vote for Obama is a dislike or hatred of Republicans and that is why he will lose.
Seriously dude. You're the biggest lying partisan hack I've spoken with. Everything about you just is SO dishonest. Now you're calling it a "neutral policy" -- after the post I first replied to called it "a tax cut for the rich". Now when I point out that Clinton's people first pushed the idea ... it's "neutral". That's rich. You can play your denial games - because that's what partisan hacks do. They also lie about their political enemies and smear them. You in a nutshell.
sick SOB. he thinks this is some game. mr president, im sure u have the ability to go lower.
@klrdotorg Whats sad is you're included in that 47%!!! This guy tells you he doesnt give a shit about you and you support him???
I have been "fighting" against Obama voters all day. You see, Georgians can be more American than people were born in America:-) As the matter of fact, up to 3000 Georgians served in Iraq and Afghanistan; they have Bush Avenue and a Reagan statue at Georgian government palace. Problem is that Obama calls India, Pakistan, S.Arabia, China and S.Korea allies, what they ever do for USA. They have not sent one solder for America. Unfortunately, not too many people know about us.
Soon we'll be rid of Obama Bin Lyin'!
The best revenge is voting. I love how conservatives think its a take over plot. Lol they are so scared because their not having it their way that they have to put a magnifying glass over Obama
Voting is the best revenge. for revenge of slavery, make the people of the USA slaves for revenge for bring his ancestors over here as slaves
LOL. If you believe what comes from Faux News then you are an idiot. Your not brainwashed, youre just an idiot. Theyre only reporting on Benghazi so you can forget who killed Bin Laden. And you still didnt answer my question buddy
You are the biggest fool ever voting for Romeny is a big mistake all he cares about is making the rich richer and the poor poorer he doesn't care about this county he is gonna start another war all he cares about Is making billion dollar business stupid fools and if he gets in the chair your going to be crying
I am glad I am smart enough I did not vote for this horse in 2008:-)
So "McDonalds shit jobs" is a factual statement from the NY Times? I'll take that with a grain of salt. Insults like "retard" and "shitbag liberal" just make you look like a jackass.
xfd look at this butthurt republifag right here. Stockpiling ammo little Jimmy? What are you gonna do about the 52 senate seat majority the Democrats are gonna pick up? Also nice on you for knowing who David Ignatious is, lemme guess you read a few wiki reports on him when he aligned with your beliefs so now he's sainted to your bitch ass. Guess what. You lost you lost you lost. Nothing you can say will change it. You fuckin' lost booyeee. Get ready to go to Fema camp or get droned, terrorist.
Best revenge against who sir. You are truly a no class pathetic put together from day one.
that is so sweet.. you just made me cry.. i did not feel so good with all the things i posted. things can be said much better then that. thank you so much.
Lol. 9/11 was a big story. But I didnt see CNN make a conspiracy of 9/11 being a inside job created. And everyone knows besides Faux viewers that they have lost creditbility in this "coverage". Faux News is scared Mitt Romney isnt gonna win the election so they do this. lmao. And you wanna talk about Partisan? Then tell Mitt Romneys campaign to stop bitching because Chris Christie is working with Obama. Later gator
Lol if thats how you want to take the words "best revenge" Jesus best revenge was to turn the other cheek.
Goodbye America as we know it....Goodbye Middle class.... Goodbye good Doctors and nurses....Goodbye to our childrens bright futures....Hello Greece...Hello poverty.....Hello higher unemployement....Hello food stamps and Obama phones
Are we living on the same planet? You mean to say that Romney was not saying "I will reduce the taxes on the job creators" for the past year? Next thing you will tell me that he would never cancel the estate tax, and even if he would, that would help the regular families.
He spelled it out to you. He said it VERY SLOWLY -- so idiots like you MIGHT understand. He wants to lower RATES - so that our tax rates on business will be more competitive with other countries. Because many businesses are taxed at individual tax rates. He wants to reduce INDIVIDUAL deductions to make up for it. It's a common sense solution to a problem. But if you are going to lie about it - what's the point of debating it? I know you don't have shit in your ears - you're just a liar.
The memory of Tyrone Woods should get him in trouble with undecideds. Saturday I voted for love of country and for change. Please do the same. Time is very short.
@klrdotorg Faux News is a Republican station and everyone knows that. Faux is just like Donald Trump...nobody takes it serious. Crazy how Republicans change the topic when asked about 47%...
Can a very smart and intelligent person tell me what he means by the "VOTE FOR REVENGE"?...I'm confused and dont know what to think.
I like oboma, hes dun good as hell he has everything going good, I dont understand the revenge thing? Just look at the dis-likes i am not the only one. i wonder about libia to, why he didnt help them boyz?
it is also another way of saying "why not build a new factory in america instead of using the ones in China?"
More tired talking points. Don't you OBots have an original bone in your bodies? Obama sucks. He's failed this country. He added $6 Trillion in new debt. You're probably too stupid to have a clue what that means. Go back to your padded chat rooms.
No Mr. President the best revenge is living well. The Benghazi 4 begged you for their lives and you willfully withheld the Calvary. That makes you a terrible CIC and you will be fired for it.
I'm not trying to charm you. You said things that only a partisan hack would say - so I've called you that. You said you hoped Romney would win so we could watch how he failed - so I called you a scumbag. That's a scumbag thing to say. You've told me about this name-calling half a dozen times now. You must think that the only way you'll be convinced of something - is if you're charmed into believing it. That's pretty sad. Sorry. Romney isn't going to outlaw abortion. Grow up.
Glad to entertain you -- my scumbag hack friend. Stun me with ONE fact about Romney's policies that you think would ruin the country. One.
Proud to say I am voting for Obama!
I see. You don't understand the difference between reactor grade uranium and weapons grade uranium. Most people don't. The difference is enormous, 1 is for gradual energy release, 1 is for sudden energy release. Iran is being monitored vigorously, and at no point did they produce anything more that 20% enriched uranium. You can not make a bomb from that. Also, I bet you would love it if a cop shot you because you might assault him. That would seem like a justice to you, right?
That could get him in trouble with the undecideds.
by the way Richard, you look like Larry Sinclair, is there more to your story?
Don't apologize for having your own opinion. Obama isn't great but Romney is even worse. Most of the people watching this video are republicans, and they won't listen to anything negative you say against Romney, and they'll try to make you feel guilty for saying it.
Excuse me? Do what Reagan did? The man skyrocketed the deficit! In fact, he increased it by 188%. That is a real welfare president if there was ever one. What he did, he did because he borrowed enormous amount of cash. Obama could do the same thing if he could double the deficit. The problem with that is the future president's. Lets say you borrow 10K from a bank. You are absolutely fine at first, you can afford things, but a day comes when you need to pay that debt back.
Odd thing to say.....dangerous territory when the sitting president says things like "revenge". Is he encouraging violence post-election?
Thanks. You are a great American.. Saturday I voted for change, for love of country and in memory of Tyrone Woods. Please consider doing the same. Time is very short.
Obama will lose, the Redskins have spoken
and just to give an example of the needless amount of money dumped into these agencies: my uncle works for the state of massachusetts and he was once sent to do a job at a PBS office. there was a big going away party happening, really elaborate with catered food and fancy decorations. curious, my uncle asked "who's leaving?" and an employee said "oh, the summer intern". the company used all that FEDERAL, TAXPAYER money on a party for the intern. thats what romney meant when he said cuts to PBS
And I congratulate Obama for his family. Romney has said the same of him on several occasions. He's not a scumbag partisan hack ... like you. And yes ... I'm much better than you. I would NEVER wish ill for my country so I could prove a point. You've proven yourself to be a scumbag hack. Romney has been trying to run a positive campaign. Obama has been running a dishonest, dirty campaign. He lies at EVERY speech he gives. He's a failure. And you're a scumbag hack.
Again with the childish "Faux" crap. Seriously, go look for some old Olby re-runs -- so you can pleasure yourself. Obama and his people lied, and left brave Americans to die. Fuck him ... and you. Parrot.
"McDonalds shit jobs" That's not a very objective statement following an actual number. Also, average unemployment would a poor indicator of economic stability since it wouldn't even predict the crash of 2008.
And if you leave the town and make the other guy answer for your debt, well, that is not exactly fair to that other guy, and you can't blame him for taking to long to fix things. Obama has many faults, like his horrid stance on personal liberties, but you can't blame him for not sorting out failed policies of his predecessors quickly enough.
Romney must have been so good of a governor, thats why he won his own state....... Oh wait hahahaha no he didn't. Besides inwas watching both campaigns and I couldn't spot one single minority in the romney crowd, alll white men and their mormon wifes hahaha. Disgraceful
Broccoli is going to be one of the guys in the breadline come January. Lucky for him, more jobs are right around the corner thanks to his opponent.
Refer to my post to you FOUR fucking hours ago, dipshit. Romney spelled it out to you. He spoke SLOWLY, and in ENGLISH. He told you and Obama that he would NOT lower rates by 20% if he couldn't offset that with deduction elimination or "capping" deductions. Is that confusing to you? I'll remind you again. He said it carefully and slowly. There was no mistaking what he said. Why can't you idiots understand your native language? So I guess Romney can expect your vote tomorrow.
Do whatever. You are, of course, absolutely wrong in what you think and if you have your way, you(assuming you are not a multimillion buisiness owner) will be the one that looses out, but that's the drawback of a free-for-all democracy: everyone can vote, no mater how uninformed or disinterested.
Wow, Obama actually says something right for once. "Don't boo, vote...vote AGAINST ME, that is the best revenge. I can feel your righteous anger. Strike me down and your journey towards a better America will be complete!"
look at the whole quote and the context is understood. They were booing for Romney's plan. To which he replies "Don't boo, vote. Voting's the best revenge". @Battle4MiddleEarth words are words. Revenge is a word used by Christians for centuries. From the Spanish Inquisition to World War 2 and even with racism by many of the Christians. Get an education and then come back and talk to us
You DO NOT vote out of anger, resentment, or revenge. No, the American people need to vote for love of country, the United States of America. You had your chance Obama, and you failed miserably. Commit to Mitt!
Here is a classic example that we have all seen from the head Muslim who is naturally pissed off at "we the people" who have dreams of making it through life and having the American dream of advancing as far as one could go. He should have put his hate effort on his jive ars father poking a French pig and leaving him to be raised by communist folks and then wanting to be the leader of a do nothing society that he wants to create. There in a nutshell is your wannabe leader showing his self.
That is bullshit. Taxes were significantly higher during and after WW2, and that's whn the middle class was born. If you can't think that far back, just look at the Clinton administration. It was just before the bush tax cuts, there were more jobs, and country had a surplus. Don't give me that thick "Job creators" nonsense, you know as well as anyone that any profit will settle in a pocket of some CEO, just like it did for the last 10 years.
I'm not surprised Romney lost. Obama was in front of a crowd in Ohio that had been hit w/ campaign ads from the Romney telling voters in Ohio that the Jeep plant was shipping jobs to China. Jeep let people know that was a lie. This crowd in Ohio (that had been lied to by the Romney campaign) started to boo. THAT is where Obama told them to not boo, but vote. Romney tried to pull some faux patriotism angle to say people vote for Romney because they love their country.
It doesn't matter what he said just bcuz he said that it doesn't make him a bad person your just blowing this all out of contact its just something for you to talk Obama down about which is absolutely nothing to talk about I bet you diddnt even hear the entire speech
Yeah, and the last guy never said something stupid. Was it a poor choice of words? Sure. But people make mistakes
You're absolutely right, Boris. And if almost any other president were in office -- the main-stream media would be all over this story. As it is, they don't want to touch it ... maybe they'll check into it after the election. Shills.
You must be a Fox News fan. Broaden your mind by listening to other opinions and watching other news channels to get a better understanding of the issues and what the truth is.
You too. You didn't hurt my feelings and I don't think you need to apologize. I just felt you rolled in here with some poorly thought out partisan claims .. and I tried to call you on them. No need to feel bad about it. That's all. Take care.
You laugh about this topic? You're a partisan scumbag and a disgrace. Do you know who David Ignatious is? He's one of the most respected foreign affairs jounalists in the country, and he praised the coverage of this issue by Fox. They're the only TV news org who hasn't tried to protect the President. Obama put out a pathetic cover story - a lie. They let Americans die in a 7= hour fire-fight. You're a fucking maggot if you try to defend or deny this story. Later maggot.
Instead of just saying we took it out of context, with nothing to back your claim up, why didn't you explain what he meant and why we got his words out of context?.....You say it so confidently, but didn't back it up with anything.
You are dishonest, you know that? Year 1944 tax rate on the top bracket: 94% 1946 - 91% 1964 - 77% 1965-1981 - 70% If your theory was true, then all the action would be in Europe long time ago. So then why, with such high tax rates did america managed to become a wealthiest nation on the planet, with the most established middle class, and why did the middle class began eroding since the Reagan era? Your "Job creators" were taxed like there's no tomorrow, and look at all the businesses they made
Vote Obama out of office now! The best 'revenge'!
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