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Loadout Ep.21 - Famas, Foregrip, Laser Sight (Battlefield 3 Gameplay/Commentary/Review)

by LevelCapGaming • 194,508 views

Loadout Ep.20 - M27 IAR + Heavy Barrel: Hey guys. It's time for episode 21 of Loadout. Today I'm going to be using the Famas with Foregrip and Laser Sight. Let's see if...

When I started playing bf3 my first unlocked weapon was the famas and ofc i played with it a lot...i am master with it
I was in the top of my room and all the server using the famas 50 kills in a match and may be more may be 60 I loved this gun but I hated its recoil so I started to play with the aek which is more better
so ... burst fire or control recoil + burst fire 
Went 95-10 on Seine Crossing TDM with the Famas by throwing on a suppressor, foregrip, and holographic and sticking to the flanks. Outgunned plenty of AEKs and many capable shooters.
Went 62-12 with this gun on Noshar Canals. In my opinion I prefer the FAMAS over the AEK anyday.
am a Good player? thx lvl cap :)
There should be an achievement for this gun once you unlock a service star for it.
my famas loadout is holo - grip - heavybarrel
Nice vid. Love your vids you definitely helped out a lot of people in being a overall much better battlefielder. By the way the famas isn't that hard to control. Once you got familiar with it you'll drop people as quick as a fly. Believe me i had some nice rounds with it!!! Anyway thanks for all of your vids man. God bless you;)
Did it get patched since this vid?
I guess I'm really good because I'm totally destroying w/ this gun
Im always at the top of the scoreboard, I went back to BF 3 and I got 51(kills) and 14(deaths) with the famas.
no its not hard to use unless you dont have much skill ,because you dont
my best gun look me up the_RagingCajun
ive already unlocked attachments for this gun and I don't even have it
ya when I used to kill people that use it i'd pick it up, and after a while I unlocked some attachments for it :D
what about having an accessory rail and an M26 shotgun for backup? 
Can anyone please tell me which map is the one that's kinda high rise, but has large warehouse areas indoors with walkways between them? Thanks in advance!
I have 38 survive stars with this gun I find it easy to control it's like any other gun once you learn the recoil patten and bullet spread it becomes a really good gun
Service Stars* lol.
I could kill snipers with this... Without any attachments
+Ivan Petrov True. It's relatively quite difficult however.
I guess im good .......went 202 and 50 with famas on max rush metro last nite
People,can you answer how to get famas.I really want it.
assignement close quarter, one of the easiest to get
This and the G3A3 have the worst recoil.
Underslung rail, muzzle break, reflex sight this gun is my favorite in the game went 70-25 on noshahr had a third of everyones kills
This was my main gun ur doing it wrong
To be honest just chose the class u r the best at and show us how good u r with that class. Who's with me?
Then we'd go back to watching LC play with nothing but the M16A3 and that's fucking boring.
EPIC Clan, you sir! Are a shitbucket
Scar L silencer bipod holographic sight m249 Rex
Can samwone can pase mi the premium ps3
Ok, then I must correct myself, the gun with the higher rate of fire has a better chance of winning.
scoped 44 magnum p90 (HOLO) c4 please use! like so he can see...
i have 5 service stars with the FAMAS :D I usually use any of the 1-4 X scopes, foregrip, heavy barrel ect.
I think they should give it back it 30+1 mag and I think it would be perfectly balanced
Mtar-21 Kobrasight or american red dot sight flash surpresor m1911 s-tac
When I used that I had a full squad of people though!
Ok, I'm not using it at all when it's my most used gun... I'd like to know more about your logic...
FAMAS All time!!!!!!! and you will see in BF4 ;)
Well I can tell you this is easily possible, FAMAS is hard to tame but when you get over it, there's no limit !
Sneaky loadout my favorite: reflex sight foregrip long barrel (I think that's what it's called) and supressor! Close range beast mode: holographic sight foregrip long barrel and laser sight
That... Is the friggin Helghast loadout... And i love it!
YES! I am an excellent player :D
an94 with modded controller or with macros kills faster.
heres a loadout:Australian poacher jng-90,rifle scope(8x),bipod,silencer 44.magnum xbow regular bolts 2nd gadget optional squad sprint
Difference when he is reviving: he is checking his sectors and not being a noob
What are you talking about? I think the FAMAS is the worst gun in the game, and even Levelcap listed multiple reasons why. The ONLY thing that makes it good is its fire rate.
US holo-sight, Fore-grip, flash suppressor. That is my loadout
Hail yeah bro! I MUST agree. I've always heard people saying "too much recoil" and stuff like that. But your right, if you know how to control it, it can make a boss gun. It's funny, because I get kicked and banned from servers when i'm getting streaks of kills with my FAMAS. But forget about admin noobs! >:D I absolutley can't wait to use the FAMAS in BF4!
you are bragging i bet you couldnt kill an enemy with the famas even if he was an inch away from you
Why exactly is it BS? 1 bullet = 25 dmg 4 bullets = 100 dmg 1 HS = 50 dmg 2 bullets + 1 HS = 100 dmg 4 x 4 = 16 26 - 16 = 10 Was that so hard? Simple math!
level cap your a good youtuber and i do subscrube but first of all why the fuck did u call it the noob tube? thats the m203 from cod u prick and can u say famas propely
Same ! it's actually my long range rifle but does that mean I have a problem ?
ive won in close quarters with the scar L, against PDWs
Well whatever assault riffle you are using, you'll need pretty static targets if you want to take them out at long range ! One thing i didnt mention is that I use the heavy barrel and semi auto in this situation and the FAMAS has a really decent accuracy at long range on that fire-mode. Also I'm playing on PS3 wich helps a lot when you aim at long range cause when you don't move the joystick, the dot/cross doesnt move at all and its harder to do that with a mouse.
IceCream42, the famas wasn't as overpowered as people said it was it had normal damage just like the other ar just with a very high rate of fire and it already had decent recoil. The frag rounds them selves were not overpowered they were only overpowered in the fully automatic shotguns.
Skorpion evo is, it has a rof of 1200 rpm.
i play on ps3 and i just started and i came first on tdm using the famas and i got an achievement and i cam first again and got another achievement called most value player and like level cap said i went up with a guy with an m16a3 and came second and got another achievement called better luck next time so it is fun but hard to use
That is possible if you use single shot, if on auto, then that will never happen since the recoil pops the gun around so much even if you can control the recoil.
Really? I haven't played it for like a year now when did this happen.
Best set up for me- L85A2 Holographic Foregrip Suppressor M9 Supp. Medic Kit Squad Ammo
This gun is useless, they damned it all to hell
The FAMAS won't be in BF4. France is replacing it because it requires special steel cartridges due to the fact that its blowback mechanism can actually BREAK brass ones. No one knows what will replace it, but most people thing the AUG will.
Learn to master it and you'll be making lots of damage on the enemy team! (Only recommended when attacking on Rush or just city maps CQ or Rush! Never on large scaled maps due to vehicles and simply too long for even a FAMAS master)
Okay 250 meters is over fucking far so an inaccurate gun at range, not to mention the mag size wont allow multi kills very nicely unless you get super lucky and turn a corner with multiple campers.
I can drop 1 enemy in 4 matches... BET YOU CAN'T DO THAT, HUH?!?
I got 130 kills in one round of Noshar Canals TDM with this gun! :D I love this thing. it does so much damage with that 1000 RPM ROF! :D
Oh get jumped over at 1:40ish lol epic play level cap
Good weapon at mid range if you burst fire. best weapon at cq on full auto.
Famas has 1000 RPM, AEK has 900 RPM. The Famas destroys all in close quarters, AEK can kill the Famas at longer ranges.
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