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Spinning 2.0

by AnthonyPadilla • 391,711 views

The epic sequel to the epic beginning.

Lyk thies if u crie evrytime
Omg you took 5 years to make a 2.0 wow!!!!
+Pokemon GamePlay He's talking about 5 years after "Spinning" which was uploaded in 2006. lol watch it
He actually moves his eyebrows somewhere in there... ;-)
He actually moves his eyebrows somewhere in there... ;-)
That is a nice house/ building.
First was left then was right
This one was longer and slower but still... Dat face xD
Is it me or is your face not moving AT ALL??
This was slower than spinning and that was longer than spinning But how cood u keep dat face for dat long?
so all i have to do is spin around for 9 seconds to get 300,000 views? OH HELL YES
Coming to cinemas near you! The next sequel would be on 2013
Over 300,00 views for spinning in a chair or nine seconds thats the power popular YouTubers have. and he's handsome ....:D
lol I was gonna correct myself but I was on my ipod and they wouldnt let me post another comment.
375,000 views for a 9 second video. LOL.
i think i am going to make an account on youtube and go on every video and comments things that would just piss everyone off. i will call the account troll and if that not able to use i will think of something ells
I had been waiting for this for 6 years..
Where is he? That house looks amazing.
Lol how kalel did this too in her vlog ;)
I would rather watch this than Spider-Man 3
hmm spinning 2.0 i wonder what its gonna be about
lol i do this all the time with my camera
left. first to say left. YES!!!
Anthony kiiinda looks like Danisnotonfire in this. :O
geez shut up abput the sextape!
I think he's trying to imitate Gabe Newell.
can we see the result after you doing this 1 hour long?
Hope you're working on Spinning 3.0
The weird part is that I think I've been the place he's at o-o
Is it your girlfriend just behind ? :)
These little videos just make me laugh my ass off.
You spin me right round baby right round
This was uploded on my birthday yay:)
I heard "stop spinning" at the end
No offence to anthony but most videos on his channel ae pretty pointless sometimes
Yeah, I was like, wait a second! And i remembered in one of her old videos she was at that building! :D
That was a very well spent 0:08 of my life.
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