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High Tide Low Tide: Save The Children's East Afri…: http://youtu.be/_xdvNLaTFls
Brogan Hanes. proof that God does not exist is in this video.....where is the manna from heaven to feed these poor dying people.
Why isn't God helping them ???
Brogan Hanes. God isn't real , there is no proof that he is. seems strange that about 2000 yrs ago God was doing all sorts of miracles , helping the people in the Middle East but nowhere else it seems , or at least it wasn't written about in the Bible if he was doing miracles on the other side of the world . Oh but hang on they thought earth was flat , they didn't know about the other side of the world !!! These days we see nothing of Gods miracles , why isn't he helping people in this video ? And don't give us that shite about he works in mysterious ways, please spare us that load of bull.
+Brogan Hanes You're asking us to prove a negative claim. Lol fail.
Hollywood studios use to be the shit then VEVO came around…
this very good.a will add more friendsss
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High Tide Low Tide: Save The Children's East Afri…: http://youtu.be/_xdvNLaTFls
Jo pues se me han puesto los pelos de pubta al ver los niños esos tan pobres tenemos que hacer algo y ya
This why l want to suicide bomb in America because it is all America who did this because they want oil so the created a conflict God willing l destroy America my life full of shit so l would rather die killing the person who made Africa poor l. One day America will be destroyed by iran or russian
And for our people !! :::: ► That really need´s our love ... and this is not a Game is the reallity !  ::Wake up Dear Wold they need U... WE need U  High Tide Low Tide: Save The Children's East Africa Fund
I have a grup called starving kids and I help them so. Thake you
Watching this makes you remember how bless you really are despite what you are going through...Don't you think...
God bless those in Africa and those who are in need :(
It is also my country and things aren't always like that
its a sad thing that somewhere out there, lots re living such sad life. i think that we should always charish what we have. god bless
send all the afircans to other countrys like australia america etc they wcould get a job enjoy food and having a 9-5 job fuck africa
the best to help african people is to unite them in one community or city near to there needs, educate them on how to make food ( farming ) , teach them family planing to maintain there population and there food needs, i know its so hard to do what i'm saying here, by the way its my opinion, what yours?
Many times we worry about things that we believe are important and sometimes I think it is good to show us this kind of terrible things that happen in our world because they know the problem helps to solve
Stop with riannah please children are dying in this world and some as young as three or as young as that don't have a will to live , so let's pick up a phone and try to help these people!!!!!! It isn't to late to help. Let's make this world a better place!!!!
Umm .. my internet is freaking slow and i cant watch teh vid wtf
You could donote money to Africa that's what I'm doing
@checkmate821 What do you buy in your life that you don't need to survive? Taco Bell? Starbucks? pizza? DVDs? iPad? iPhone? There are so many things that we all want but simple do not need. One thing you can do is stop or cut back on such expenditures. Instead of an iPad, donate that money to help. It all adds up. In that way alone you can help save a life. It's hard to cast aside things we want, but is self really more important than a dying child? What if it was your child?
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It's hard to watch this video without at least sheading a tear.
Hate seeing people like this :'( pray ❤ I wish they had every thing like we did
@checkmate821 You are a very nice human being, thank you!
Just tell me how, ppl that dont have money, can help others that dont have it too?
How the fuck can you dislike this!?
The parents in the vid must know that there children arnt going to hav a good life so why hav so many kids?
You dont have so many subs Miley ;( that sucks, ahahha FaZe clan have more subs than you, you have only subs because you are nive <3
wich heartless people dislike this video?
check out this page its hilarious /user/GurianNewsNetwork
dislike this?!!! how could you! if you do not realize how difficult they are! >:'(
Instead of saying "if these rich" do that or another that, go and change the world yourself, ah no, u can't.
this video is touching 2 me.. don't worry, i always pray to you all.. :') Love..
so sad..sh*t of world,fc*ing america..we have everything,they have nothing,they dont have food,water and medical assistence,that is terrible.. God please bless motherland Africa!! i'm gonna be your friend
they could just help though and SAY the kids are dyin
wat if it happend to u huh? u wouldnt be laughing so stop its just RUDE! learn manners OOPS u dont have any !
@all9must9die dude why u blame usa? arent the whole world not doing anything just making tv shows about them and think people are gona give them money. Taking photos on child lieing on the ground dieing with cancer...
propiedades físicas de los numeros complejos
It feels like i wanna give $1.000.000 for 1 little thing Food, drink, clothes, medincine etc etc
I wish if i can help all of them :(
There are so many super rich actors/actresses..singers, sports people, business people that have CRAP loads of money. All of their money could stop this famine. Where are all of them? These kinds of things should not be.
I'm so happy that my school (religion class) is colecting money to help them :) so far we've sent about 4 kids to schools in about 1-2 years :D but i feel bad for animals, i feel even more bad for them, at least africa WILL evoulve at some point, but animal abuse and slaughter will never stop :c
I wish I could go over there and help them... :(
like this /watch?v=vT7yS-VXNCU
live your life liferaises(dot)com
@SuperBerya Thank you <3 :') you are too! =) Have a good rest of the day :))
Quick everyone Micheal jackson is the unlimed WORLD SAVER HE CAN CONTROLL WIND AND EVERY THING.oh that was just a jk lol! les,t just save this children i said Viloent sloves everything cause it,s scary.Lol haha thumbs up if u think u are a good person who help children and donate them and if u wan,t to go to heaven do good thing just like micheal jackson he,s kind,good,gentle man
there are so many people will multiple houses and cars, they should sell these material items and donate to those who truly need, even i will donate what i can to those who are in need, its so sad we live in world that revolves around making the most money yet we need to realize there are other important issues to bring our attention to
so the world to see that there's a major problem in there..O.o
The American people need to solve thier problem of greed before they can give thier money to Africa
Todos sabemos lo que pasa mas allá del horizonte los grandes líder del mundo roban y no hacen nada si ay un dios donde esta para que salve estas alma que sufren .
I so said I have us dollar 120000, how to give ?
@Se7enModz Maybe because the infant mortality rate is so high that they have to keep reproducing to ensure one kid survives to carry on the family line? And besides, who's going to take care of them when they grow old? More kids means more people to work to earn an income. I mean, you know, just maybe. Things aren't usually as simple as you think they are.
Before I die, I want to be able to help people and places like this in the best way possible<3. Then I can leave this earth knowing I made it a little bit of a better place and more peaceful <3 :')
oh Goshhh Michael Jackson was right! We have to "Heal the World"! :(
q tontos ponen q no les gusta!?
If all these rich people donate monthly there would be none of this in this world. Would be enough to eradicate poverty for so long..
SO they had the fuckingmoneyto go over there and film some africans dying but dont have enough to give a shit and help. ridiculous
I piece together from my childhood to now, to our despair, the videos are on TV over and over again. Where are the women and children's country? We just scratch the surface, whether we could ally with some members that have a wise process to deal with the problem. We teach Chinese on YouTube, and welcome to visit us.
EVeryone should report Howtobasic's channel this human wastes precious food where people in Africa walk km's just for water. What does this man do wastes food for likes and views what hjas our world come to everyone must watch this channel. Howtobasic < the channel. Please like this comment so people can see what he does and doesn't care about kids in Africa when they die and starve. :(
it's really painful so see them like that :( i wish i could do something to help them
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