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Secret of the Wings Trailer

by Disney Fairies • 2,500,113 views

"Secret of the Wings," the latest Disney Fairies adventure, will be available to own on Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack and Digital October 23. Like Disney Fairies on Facebook:...

If fairies need pixie dust to fly then what's the point of having wings? And how come if their wings get damaged, they can't fly? Humans can fly with dust alone, so why not fairies? If I was a fairy, I'd feel sort of ripped off lol.
Two sisters, one who lives in a world of ice and snow and only together they can save the world as they know it. Yeeeeeeeeaaah, totally not like that other movie.
Does anyone notice the similarity of this to Disney's 2013 3D animated film Frozen? Tink is warm and so is Princess Anna. Peri is cold and so is Princess/Snow queen Elsa. And they are both sisters. The only difference is that Tink and Peri are twins while Princess Anna and Elsa are not. But both of them are separated from the start because of the coldness but was united because of the warmness of the heart!!! I am pretty sure that Disney's Frozen is inspired by this wonderful film. I love Disney!!!
dwi novianti Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
This movie and The Pirate Fairy were amazing!!! But I loved this one more, love Periwinkle so much.
For some odd reason, my dad likes this film. Don't ask me why.
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Frozen is just like this movie i swear
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This is the best of the Tinkerbell movies! The story was the most intense and Lord Malori and Queen Clarions story actually made me tear up. And I actually almost cried when Tinkerbell broke her wing.
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Wait. So if they aren't allowed to cross the border, how come Tink, Clank and Bobble were able to cross when Tink was still new. Also there were Winter Fairies inside the Tree when Tink was brought by Vidia. Hmmmm, naaah doesn't matter. 
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oh... I though you meant the movie pixie hollow game
reem saeed Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
السلام عليكم
no no it doesn't , because in the first tinkerbell movie when she was born & she had to find her talent, how come her twin sister wasn't there.
But in the first tinkerbell game they had a story about triplets???lol...I WUV TINKERBELL
Where can i watch the whole movie plzzzz
if winter fairies cant come to the warm side so how did they in the first movie ;o and tinkerbell and the 2 other tinkers went over to the winter side for a short while too.And there was another person who was in charge of winter. why isnt lord milori there.
how did i get here from twilight breaking dawn 2? ....
This movie made me so HAppy! It helped me appriciate my own sister more.
I don`t know why but I love these movies! They make me warm and happy on the inside! I love Tinkerbell! Btw, Im a 24 year old guy and I don`t care if anyone dislikes that! Everyone can love their own thing and be happy about it. You just have to embrace it and be true to yourself ! ;)
So, I totally hated and was completely against the entire concept of these new CGI Tinkerbell movies because it just didn't seem to fit her and I thought "Tinkerbell isn't supposed to talk!!". But then I saw the preview for this movie when I was watching Cinderella and I thought "Well hell, that actually looks pretty cool" I got Secret of the Wings yesterday, and have now watched it five times in a row since then. I effing love it.
This tinkerbell & Peter pan tinkerbell = NOT the same... they are not even alike character wise
Amúgy nekem is feltűnt, nemcsak a a nőknek. Testvérek nem szoktak ennyire ölelkezni, megfogni egymás kezét, ölelkezni stb.. Csingiling is rá volt állva a fagytündérre, amikor szét akarták választani őket a határnál, teljesen elborult az agya:D. De ezek ellenére inkább ilyen animációs film legyen több, mint ami öldöklésről vagy pusztításról szól.
I love this movie..It was so beautiful..I cried, haha..
OMG!!!!! Tinkerbell has a sister idk o_O
Hey I'm a 31 year old guy and I love its purity and innocence. No shame! =)
I ended up here by searching for Brokeback Mountain's soundtrack The Wings
The new tinkerbell stuff isnt nearly as great as the originals. They completely changed her personality. Disney sucks now, no where near as great as the old disney, so of course....theyre gonna ruin the old disney characters
Why don't they ever make movies about silver ?!!!:( and I think silver mist and tinker bell should be best friends
Jag sag filmen, Jag tycker att det är bra. Gillade de äldre bättre,eftersom det var mer av en naturlig sak. Lesbiska är mer som systrar.
Well I don't see Tinkerbell as a preppy cheerleader. That's not going to change. I don't really like cheerleaders anyway.
I Love The Movie so Much! Too bad in the end tinkerbell Broke a wing but luckily with her sister helped her cure her Broken Wing :)
The landed in different areas? When they split off, one was blown off track, and therefore came at different times?
They are making a new one. All of Tink and her friends switch talents. Tinkerbell is water, Silvermist is a fast fly faerie, etc.. It doesn't matter what age you are when watching these by the way. (: I'm considered "old" for Disney movies but I still love them and watch them! ~Fox P.S. Merry Chrsitmas
I love this movie, I got the DVD for Christmas and I LOVE it
I don't think this is canon with the Peter pan movies.
this makes no sense.. if fairies come from a babies FIRST laugh, and to be a sister u have to be from the same BABY... thats IMPOSSIBLE!
I want to see the movie but its embarrassing
haha i just bought that movie today
How did I get here from Dead Space 2?
Thumbs if u didn't know tinkerbell had a sister
Ohhh see thats why i was so confused! I knew that to be siblings you have had to come from ths same laugh! Now i want to see this!!
Wouldn't it be funny if Tink and Vidia were sisters
hello can you tell me if this movie is only for baby girls??, I have a boy 4 years old, and I don´t know if this movie is for boys, thanks
1:06 LOL look at the bobcat in the back-round
0:50 lol is it me or did anyone else think they where gonna fall in first time?
I find that this movie is like all the other tinkerbell movies. They are ok. Not good, not bad, just ok. I do have one question, though IS PETER PAN EVER GOING TO ACTUALLY SHOW UP IN ONE OF THESE!?
Am I the only one who saw this for the first time with the sound turned off and tought they where a lesbian couple?
I love this movie. I hope Periwinkle appear again on the next tinkerbell movie...
it was a great piece of animation, really job done way above avarage. LI!
4 wings combination to be owl picture in 1:20 is Illuminati symbol of Disney
For some reason....I can't wait to see this movie omg...
I watched this earlier and it was so amazing :D My parents just bought a DVD yesterday.. SO COOL !! xD Watch this! Great story :)
I watched this movie.It was terrific!
Ohh yay another one!! I freakin adore all the tinker bell movies. <3
I've seen this movie! It's AWESOME
who tinkerbell?? I Liked her After this I thought this was the best movie YET I really liked this one and i would love to learn more about the Winter Fairys
WHY IS SHE RELATED TO EVERY FUCKING FAIRY?!?! Tink's mom has some "hobbies" I guess.
but , if a fairy is born from a baby's laugh then . . how does she have a sister ?
Could someone tell me (who has seen the film) if Tink and Terence have a "magic moment"? :D at the time i saw the first Tinkerell Movie i just fell in love with these two caracters!! :) I'm so excited when they'll kiss the first time <3
...wait... I was just listening to music... DARN YOU YOUTUBE!!!
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