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A New Kind of Science - Stephen Wolfram

by University of California Television (UCTV) • 205,267 views

Noted scientist Stephen Wolfram shares his perspective of how the unexpected results of simple computer experiments have forced him to consider a whole new way of looking at processes in our...

Computational irreducibility. Explaining complex stuff with simple logic.   Now I know what it feels like when someone is undeniably more intelligent than me. Not just a genius, but humble about it too. Some cellular automata generate metastable pieces that seem to last forever? Jesus, that sounds like evolution: evading the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Hahaha that's fun.
I'm not a math person but wasn't similar complex behaviour from a simple set of rules already known a long time ago (Lorentz attractors, the Mandelbrot set, etc.)?
Kind of, Mandelbrot said "oh look at this cool pattern". Wolfram said" Here is how this pattern applies to natural systems". The difference is night and day.
+Sum Arber Well Lorenz attractors were discovered from looking at natural systems.
Jerry Switzer Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
#Though understanding we will be the change...
Everything is on the verge of change. Everything.
At 24:09, aren't phenomena such as cellular automata (and, as Wolfram suggests, fluid turbulence) dependent on simple rules also dependent on initial conditions and therefore just as unrepeatable in the real world as other kinds of chaotic systems? Am I missing something?
+Maurice Green  What if the real world is a CA...
+david196609876 Then all the same it's impossible to repeat exactly such initial conditions as, say, the positions of billions of water molecules, no?
he's explaining aether , without admitting......
He might not be aware of it.
What kind of people are listening there? I've certainly heard cell phones and loud sneezing.
I'd really love to talk with Stephen Wolfram about my physics.  I'm sure he's super busy, though. :)
Try his book, it's free to read on his website. His power of explaining stuff is great.
Drinking game:  Every time he says "Well, OK", drink.  But don't plan on driving for  a while
Cinema 4D - TurbulenceFD anyone? :P
I don't know if he knows it or not, but this is all old stuff.
Cool.  I have a problem that I've had half solved for years.  It fits right in with this.  I'll dig into this a bit deeper.
I've taken English and split it up into positives according to my own whim.. it works.
Colin Godsey Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Doesn't this point quite a lot to the possibility that our world is simulation? And the most basic element we are trying to get to in particle accelerators is actually a very simple discrete unit of code, it's enormous number of copies all interacting with each other. While math is good at modelling the complex outcomes, it's not the most basic workings of the world, that's just purely logical operations.
i agree that once we can harness the very fabric of reality, we will unlock the key to universal replication. we are the simulation child of another universe destined for self-replication! just my humble opinion that sort of plays in concert with yours
I get a similar feeling. The universe just keeps running, it can't help itself, it's locked in and has got to go through the program motions. Maybe it's just a slave to a cellular automaton. Fascinating and bewildering, eh? Science fiction stuff. Maybe one day it will run out but it's not possible to know because the behaviour of some CA are not predictable.
put all the public data in the cloud and sell it =)
Ron Page Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
A New Kind of Science - Stephen Wolfram
Wake Up Neo... The Matrix Has You...
Amazing! He really is a genius. I have heard of him and I used Mathematica back in 1989 ... he just blew my mind with his insights.
Regardless of weather I think Wolfram is a genius or a crackpot, it's encouraging to see a company put this much effort into basic research that has no obvious financial payoff. 
+Dylan Valmadre i bet we could program 3d printers to make tissues , bones , nerves from basic stem cells and use atomatatons  outcomes to get desired patterns in turn creating structure like the snowflakes etc..
wolfram-alpha best thing since graphing calcs  move over TI +Dylan Valmadre
Srikanth G Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Cellular Automata can be very useful in modelling complex pattens in various dimensions. Need to read the book!!
What happens if the Electric Universe theory is applied with this NKS
electricity is the clock?
Have you ever thought that google's going to start an inner simulation of our present and future on their cloud servers in 5 years or so(depends on appearing a quantum computers). Google is our neural system, conciousness of present and future generations of humanity. Starting from the beginning of known history, the system computations will reach present in about 3-4 years. Then, using information, collected by google and Apple devices, system will sync to the present and then the game will change. System will overcome present time leaping to future. Reality as it's known well be slave of virtual world, unpredictibly advanced. People, born virtually will have a chance to reborn in a cyberbodies, living in a real world. Finally people will understand that there-s no choice actually and will relax. Catchin tha waves....
One of the most enlightening hour and half I ever spent. Now to reading the book.
Give up Wolfram!  It  ISEN'T  A new kind og observation that "There is no buissnes like showbuissnes"
One additional simple rule may be: "asynchonic patterns cause dynamics".
I think Fibonacci beat him to it.
Perhaps he did not try to win a tiny point, but actually learning more together with others. Strange idea, perhaps.
Key word here is "seed" which is what singular recursive functions are all about. Now if only if you could tell Mathematica how to remember (archive) what the seed it is suppose to do each time, reproducing itself with each new branch of completed growth existence, that is, without "ones" intellectual intervention and programing input, that in and of itself would be the miracle. 
Amazing man amazing mind.
sick of hearing him say "One"
I love hearing him say "One". One finds it nice and non-egoistic.
It is not only a new kind of science, it is also a new kind of philosophy in some kind.
I strongly suggest the book review on A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE by Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate in physics.
Shame of physicists. So boastful this guy.
One could expect arguments against belifs that    "it takes supernaturalities to make the complexity etc. of the World", should be  not-metaphysic.
i had watched this lection and thought that Stephen Wolfram should mention conway's game of life
Does Conway mention Wolfram, often?
Every he said "Rule 30" I thought of "Rule 34".  Sorry, someone had to ruin the comments feed; it is YouTube after all.
Aaron Free Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
YouTube can be a great learning platform too!
at time 1:11:13 mathematica is currently on version much of this is history, interesting listening to Wolfram predicting quantum computers 2-3 years before they were even envisioned...(about the time D-wave was forming up)
+dx dt  Mr. Wolfram attributes to himself lots of things which belong to other people. If someone is misinformed, someone simply "buy" that... better yet: buy his book! and buy his software!
a good idea has a thousand fathers...
Serjoscha Wiemer Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Wolfram erklärt seinen Ansatz, zelluläre Automaten als "Programme" der Natur zu verstehen, als die "simplen Regeln", die die Natur verwendet, um "komplexes Verhalten" zu produzieren
WHO ARE WE? Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I bought his book when it first came out. This is not new. The Book of Changes - an ancient Chinese Oracle - is working on this principle - on (yang) and off (yin). Leibnitz was impressed with the I Ching - it was Leibnitz who designed the binary system that through Boole and Peirce is the basis of our computer system. Randomness is called mutability in symbolic language. When the on off system reaches eight possibilities mutability occurs.
Its not all that new but one should always listen to Wolfram because he is a deep and passionate thinker. The question he poses is whether the Universe is discreet or continuous or to put it into another way, are "real numbers" for real?
@sh83982 Is this an original comment? I love it... very clever.
@bdogshredder you should read the book, he'll take his time to explain that.
@Revstoningpot I think there's a conceptual argument for its plausibility... inventing a virtual universe... a system which can be classed as modelling the principles of a need not be quite so difficult. As for current science fantasy... a quantum computer may allow us to construct the machine in an external universe.
I love the Mathematica plugs throughout.
why r so many comments negative about his sense of self? he created some products wrote about some ideas, and is proud of it. who's "supposed" to benifit from the labors of "his" life? altruist bastards.
@3dload really? I know nothing of programming. Is this usually done in mathematica? where can i run some of my ideas?
If you guys want to see more awesome documentaries/talks check out the playlist in my channel!
@ElecEng91 I understand that he's British. There are many people with a wide range of British accents that I have no problem listening to. I found THIS man annoying to listen to, his accent was the LEAST of it. First of all, he is EXTREMELY repetitious, saying "ok, so well, ok, so well" over and over and over. His repeated use of pretentious sounding vocabulary, such as "mathematica" instead of "mathematics" has very little to do with being British and very much to do with being pretentious.
well ,this was very interesting!
@MagiMysteryTour knowledge is power,I have never wasted any time in my lifetime,looking at peoples flaws,were all flawed,do little things were not aware of,I'm sure if I spent a day with you,I could tell you things about yourself,you wouldn't like,likewise you could do the same with me,I always look beyond when i meet a person.
The game of life is very simple and would produce a pretty simple pattern (immediate isappearence) if, like in Wolframs examples, you woul start out with just one cell. If you choose different starting states employing Wolframs CA, you can get event more complexity. But the very point of this presentation is to show that with minimal complexity in the initial conditions and the rules you get a lot of complex output, so making the initial conditions more complex would miss the point.
He sounds like a narrator of some epic movie saga. And he seems so happy about himself and this story of his discoveries that made me feel good too. Different people acting different ways is what gives color to the world.
And in the meantime Teal talks about a new kind of Age.
I do wish he's stop saying "Well OK." OTOH, he's covering some fascinating stuff.
Not noticed the incantations of "Well, blah, blah" ? its a very annoying way of speaking. Everything is on "high" tone and attention. one conclusion after another etc. He should take some classes on how to tell something to a audience.
This video has impacted me greatly. I am pondering how this could be used in studying brain development/ mental illness etc. This is very enlightening, thanks!
Are you kidding? I was didn't seem to have any time following his lecture in fact most of this stuff I came to the conclusion of on my own time of studying quantum physics, specifically string theory and quantum gravity. Some of the concepts are a bit abstract but I don't see how its a bad lecture. What do you mean by "high" tone also?
This windbag could be a World-Class bagpipe player.
@Uaz31 A designer intent on deception, due to making it appear as though all life has a genetic common ancestor? In any event, until you define "kind" or admit that there is no definition, I will not be continuing this conversation. If you have any questions to ask of how evolution or any other scientific topic works then I'll be happy to help, but if you're unwilling to learn then I'm wasting my time with you. Good luck.
Cool Search otomata in google it's awesom It's a simple program and put starting positions but it can evolve forever I think
so this guy is trying to become the new newton
Rule 42: the answer to life, the universe and everything.
@JurakaF anything he would create would be a deviation from perfection. thinking it's fucked up is a relative speculation. it could be better, it could be worse. but, the fact remains, in order for these algorithms to work, they must begin, and they must be ultimately informed by something that is not itself a colored, or uncolored, cell.
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Most interesting ! Thanks for posting !
Even for the simplest computer program that he demonstrates, someone had to write the program. Who wrote the programs found in nature?
I reproduced this program in 2 hours, very easy to program.
He didn't write create his ideas, he stole most of it from others without giving credit. This guy is a liar, I read his book during the holidays, and it was interesting as hell, but I had read most of "his" ideas elsewhere. He barely recognizes Conway's work.
He lost me at 1:02:48 when he says that it's "hard" to distinguish random radio noise from a compressed intelligent signal. If true, it follows that it's hard to distinguish an intelligent signal from random radio noise — in fact, it would be hard to distinguish any sequence we judge to be intelligent from random noise, including Wolfram's talk. That two things are computationally equivalent doesn't mean they cannot be distinguished; it means processes other than computation come into play.
@TheatreCritic the joke is not even funny, dumb reference
Cool stuff ! Very astute indeed.
AMAZING VIDEO! Possibly the best video on youtube!
@sh83982 Carl Sagan FTW. Actually he's probably the most influential person in my life.
Stephen Wolfram is bringing generative formal logic into a new era. This concept of formal logic as any induction is going to create a revolution in both the way we think about formal logic and mental sciences. This is a really big deal. This is the biggest deal. People like Sebastian Seung, Angela Belcher, Caig Venter, David Chalmers, Stephen Wolfram make me feel like sticking around a bit longer.
It's not clear to me that there is anything intrinsically new in his thinking and lots of stuff is just asserted and not proven...
Smart, little dry to digest, but smart. This guy kills God, Nature, and anything else you "believe" in.
@Uaz31 but pointing a finger at a book makes it a reality ? Science is fantasy, throw your computer through your window and go live in a cavern...
AWESOME - this is the FUTURE ! The only intuit and mathematically conistent EXPLANATORY idea for relativity and QM !
@fkh000 well of coarse you'd need a universe sized computer to keep track of every particle. In any case the simulaton universe would have to be smaller than the simulators universe. it's reaching but probable.
It is absolutely clear from your saying "real-time" cellular automata at all; let alone that it somehow makes 2D Eight-Neighbor automata anymore complex (did you even listen about computational equivalence?) than "Wolfram's cellular automata" that you know nothing worth lecturing other's about.
@necrowizzard The point is that the complex behavior in our world is based on simple rules, that's the basic point here.
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