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Cute Puma Cubs Escape Danger

by uzoouk • 12,530 views

A group of Puma cubs are recovering after being rescued in Managua, Nicaragua. Since the urban area is increasing, these pumas are moving towards the farm land and farmers are unfortunately setting...

Those are actually Jaguarundi cubs. Puma can refer to either species. But if these people expect them to grow into "majestic mountain lions" they'll be in for a surprise!
Foxes in the area aren't orange they are brownish and small
Awwwww! What lovely little fellas!
Yeah, more or like anywhere on the planet, then? You may understand why I thought THe idiots who thought they were "foxes" neeeded to look at childrens books on animals, then? Good!
na-na-noh!, it's a "sobriquet" who FARMERS put to 'em, the problem it's uzook's translation, farmers say to pumas: fox's chick-eaters, it's no about em believe pumas are foxes... get it?
poor cubs :'( they say its a fox tht came into their yard looking for food... and so they tried killing it... as urban development continues, we destroy the home and food of many animals, forcing them to come out and be killed. such humans have no heart to care at all. :'(
awwwh T___T poor animals...but im happy they are in safe hands now..<3
Guys! Are you fucking kidding me! These are not Pumas, but Jaguarundis (Puma Jaguarundi - much smaller and differently looking animal)! Lmao and Uzoouk approves of it! o.O
"A fox"??? Wow...I know of one place in dire need of education! Maybe the peasants should be given children's books with pictures and names of animals? For starters!
oh look humans ! lets kill them because they are eating our chiken !
This cubs aren't puma cubs, are jaguarundi cubs
i think thats the way to become a cat friend,like kevin richardson does with that cats in africa.
@winterstellar ur a jackass, he said that people think its a fox that hunts their chickens so thats why they set traps for them. u need an education buddy.
people should be ashamed of themselves. hurting an animal like this, always taking their home. I'm rushing to be at a feeling. that feeling is sad. I'm a shame to be a human
This video just put a smile on my face
I did not that mountain lion cubs instinctively know how to hunt for themselves after being bottled fed by humans in captivity.
We need less humans on this earth! We are with so many that here isn't enough food and water to eat and drink. We take up too much space and take it away from nature that will eventually hurt us.
@CrystaltheWaterLily Yep. I left out the KNOW. But in reality, we do not know for sure if what they say in the video is what they will actually do.
@TheHadesShade I know right!!! Nobody understands me when I say stuff like glad I'm not alone!!!
it's sad that human are destroying nature but relieved that still many people care
@bullshitproof Anyway, they hunt in completely different ways, and it's easy to tell by the carnage or lack of carnage which animal did it. Also by the size of the hole it entered through to reach the chickens. Illiterate peasants make so much damage and should be educated down in the bush there:: (
What we need is for the general human population to start been less ignorant and look at the bigger picture outside of their own lives and needs. I think some people forget that we share this planet with other living creatures that also need to eat as well as us.
CAuse it's not a question of coulous, it's a question of who do not resemble eachother anyway! A cat and a fox??? They are very unlike, and the peasants down there need to be taught to spot the difference! : )
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