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DONT WATCH! ;_; SCP-087-B ( + download link in description)

by PewDiePie • 2,473,804 views

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The player is annoying
34 526 147 people seem to disagree with your argument. And I'm sure the number of people watching Pewdiepie is increasing.
азаазаззазазаз, я Русский))))
А я литовский :)))))))
Yo. Privet. Mamu ebal. Suka
All scps r real but we r safe from them
Don't be so sure, some scps are outside in the world. Some are monuments around the world.
Welcome to comment panel.There's no jump scare here.Just a hug.
meh... just a guy in a mask
pewdiepie scared at a brick wall at 2:13
I know but it looked like it
Secure Contain Penetrate seems legit
Как ты смешно пугаешься ^^
lol I remember when Skydoesminecraft played the minecraft version! XD
When Pewds was slitghly normal...
I was so mofo scared the entire time. I screamed the first jumpscare and my brother came runninto like what happened are you ok? And I'm like FUCK NO!
Hey I'm a big van keep up the great work and also the first jumpscare got me I yelped 😂😂😂😂😂
And pewds gets penetrated by scp
Why do haters always gotta hate? ✌️Not referring to a earlier conversation, just reading the comments.
even though I knew what was coming at 2:14 it still scared the crap out of me.
The Nostalgia Sniff
I love your vids cool bro
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃ ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ I███████████████████]. ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤
I hate pewds so I come here to watch him scream! >:) (scp-106 laugh)
When at 2:14 that jumpscare appeared I was like: Omai GAWD!! Gimme a hug!
I watched at midnight and scared my self shitless everytime he screamed I'm just like OMFG KILL ME NOWWWW!
AHHHHHH Fuck that nearly gave me a heart attack 
Is it really dark or is my monitor just fucked up
Never mind it was my piece of shit monitor
Мне кажется америкосы черезчур пугливые
А ничего что, Пьюди - швед?
it's that real please someone anwer me
Look up SPC-2030 it so scary...
SPC is a brand of canned fruit...
welcome to the comments your safe here 
I liked your vid but I did scream at a part lol
+Lou Mage I am also a filipino, and you spelled caution correctly. ^_^
This game is very wrong since no personnel is allowed to enter.
The staircase in the site of SCP Foundation is less scary than that!
I know that SCP-087 is a forever ending staircase with mills of scary things DO NOT PLAY OR YOU HAVE NIGHTMARES D:  
2:02 I don't like the random noises, make them stahp :((
how many people before watching got a pillow for their legs? XD
This thing is real but your safe from it. Along with all the scps
Did he said something about a elevator at 2:16 ?
Make more scp videos ? Pleaasse ; ~ ;
this is a vid from 2 years ago, I don't think he'll be looking back on this one sadly :c
Masky Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
i played the game it was scary D:
Tim, go take your pills. He's coming for you.
+Abfreisner! calls hoody WHERE ARE THE PILLS
I hope pewds dosnt hate me I'm watching it AT 4:06 IN THE MORN
Where is the link? ...
At the bottom of the desc where it says download.
Man this game got intense since the last time I saw it good luck +Pewds
S-Secure C- Contain P-Protect
all i could think of is "Its time for another spooky viewer happenings" haha 
OMG YASSSS I need those videos back in my life, I want dan and phil to start another season
not creepy i wach horror movies all the time
Is that creepy thing real?
i hate this game this is very creepy the jumpscares hard
SCP 087 is a piece of liquid shiet, this version is a lot more scarier
que gran susto,x dios.
6:40 ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gasps X_X Died
There was a fat man. . . He was in a vaaaaan. . . .
around 6:42 to 6:50 it sounded like pewds had an orgasm
well.....I did not scared by this game.   I was scared by pewds.
Pewd: You said there would be candies! Game master: No, man! That's Portal!
Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, it's scarier with headphones on!
His lighting is so appropriately dark. 
So close to 1337 dislikes /n\ no! willpower! (< > o<)J
i can never get you downloads to work it says "The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service. Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance." WTF so anooying
2:13 i think i just got the world record of the highest jump ever
Secure. Contain. Pene...traition...
I swear it was the barrels looool
Great while your at it why don't you type everything he says in the video :)
Stop yelling barrels!!! I'm terrified enough already!!!
theres a new version of sonic.exe
The SCP is a Real containment in the U.S it was started in the 1966 and was made for monster creating. It did not worked and it closed 1998. Monsters are still hounting the place!
It said dont watch so i didnt, but i paused the video and commented this comment, have a great day :)
NO pewds SCP containment breach is not a piece of shit :'(
Hes talking about SCP-087 original
What about the scp games for the ones that matter? There are at least 6 different scps that have better horror game value than this.
Pewds laughed at u when u cry
Pewds...You're going backwards.
OMG the voice from thriller!
so what happens if you stumble on the staircase, fall down several sets of stairs and smack straight into the monster?
Pewdiepie you did look a little like that orangutan 2 seconds ago.
Don't ever lose orientations in a dark corridor Dx Shadow People!! O_O
At 2:09, something actually drifts past Pewds' door in the facecam. I shit you not
U lost ur sanity at the end didn't u
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