How To Wolf Whistle

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The wolf whistle is a commonly used way of getting someone's attention or showing appreciation for a particularly attractive specimen that's just caught your eye. We're going to show you all the...

I tried it and it blew my brains out the back of my skull...
"the wolf whistle is a great way of objectifying a woman in public and treating her like a piece of meat" Bonus Points: Transphobic joke! THANKS VIDEO JUG!
there is only one way to fix this, Black "genetically superior" dick on white "man" ass, just like Carl Marx Intended.
+Bodhi Dharma autism, no. die. +MyPincheLoco Autism, no. die.
Am I the only one who followed instructions and then got absolutely nowhere?
I probably look like a retard right now.
having braces is making this eternally harder for me.
+Gage Witcher having no fingers makes it even harder
Thx videojug for the AWESOMe Wolf Whistle defentlyone of the laudest whistles ive ever heard. ;) Thx!
I can do a normal whistle but I just can't do any of these.
Almost passed out still couldn't get it LOL HAHAHA
Directions not clear got dick stuck in a toaster
No hands whistle was pretty stupid, I mean just do the average normal whistle instead
There is spit all over and im looking into a guys mouth with my fingers in my mouth. intelligent if your crush walks in, huh?
LOL still can't whistle
like this if you still cant do it. lol
Before attempting this on an attractive female the first requirement is you can't look like a dork. 
gahhhh i feel light headed and i did not get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why the fuck cant i do it????
I remember a friend of mine tried to teach me and I sprayed spit everywhere XD
if you ever whistle at a girl on the street, you probably have to worry less about her being a guy, and more about the fact that she will punch you in the dick
the one that you dont stick your fingers in your mouth is better cuz if you go out and touch the elevator button or open door or something that has been touches by another person and put it in your mouth, that is just disgusting  
my head is running wild -_-
I have a big tongue so it is hard for me, plus I have bad gag reflexes and I can only have such the tiniest whistle come out with 99% of no whistle, LOL!
i ended up spiting on myself and not makeing any sound
Wolf is the one I learned but I curl up my tongue and that last one! Forget it. Lock jaw and my tougue deformed. lol
Who else has saliva all over their fingers
I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY TONGUE UGHHHH-.- I think its too long -.-
i stuck my dick in the fan 
δυσκολευομαι  πολυ
how come the no hand whistle i have know how to do since i was six but the other to are like impposible like Bruh?
Im just spitting on my keyboard looking into a guy's mouth..
i dont know how but i whistled..was trying for the last 2 years ..gr8 video.. really helped me..  the only mistake was not forcing tha lips tighty towards teeth.. :p
I got it! What is not said in most tutorials is that you don't fold your tongue in half. You push your tongue so that is it's curved almost like a 90 degree towards the roof of your mouth while your middle fingers are touching from Both hands. You should feel the air just come out from under your two front teeth. If this helps thumbs up so others can see
I tried doing this...now my nose is bleeding and house caught on fire. Screw you Videojug
Pfft. screw that, I can whistle just as loud with my teeth. Haha
There is spit EVERYWHERE
this is frustrating..
947 people can't do it!
lol i can't do the first 2 but i can the 3 wihistle weird
Who knew it was so hard that it required an instructional video?
When I was around 11 yrs old (back in the late 60's) we used a piece of metal wrapping band which was used on freight train cars to bundle freight in West Texas. The metal was approx. 1/2 wide and had holes approx. 1/2 inch apart. Break/cut a piece. Bent it 180 degrees right at the hole on one side; the other end was basically cut at the hole middle.  Put it in the mouth and blow. Worked great every time; whistle at girls, your buddies, your dog.  I presume this metal band has been replaced with non-metal wrappers.  Nothing else to do at a kid in a small West Texas town; no internet, no Xbox. We played outside.
I can whistle like wind. Horray. T_T
I wonder how much mouth/lip size and teeth placement affect one's ability to finger whistle. 'Cuz I just ain't gettin' it!
Yippee! Noooow iiiiii caaaaaan whi-stle!!!!!!!!!!. Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
I can't do an even seeing this
i can't even whistle regularly 
lol i dont get it x3 
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yup I could whistle before seeing this. this clip has officially fucked it up for me.
i just cannot do it.....
Didn't work, I nearly spit all over my hands.
Filmed in The Netherlands! :-P
Hell, i can whistle out my dick!
Thanks!!~ It really works!!
finally i got it !!! thank you :D
I don't yet know how to reply straight to people with this shitty new layout yet, but opmongjk's comment made me lol.
Bob is taking over youtube.his comments are everywhere.who.the.freak is bob.bro is it really that big a deal.fuckk off
I'm dizzy as hell with no success.
So...why does it make the whistle sound THEN he does the motion for it?
Whenever I try the last one it always sounds like a wet fart.
now, if a man were to blow farts instead of whistles at you, you would soon object. look, don't take offence. why don't YOU whistle back at THEM? go on, i dare you; you now have equal rights, have you not?
Ughhhh!!! I can't get it to work!! I don't know what in doing wrong! And now I'm about to pass out from blowing so much air
Asthmatic tortoise made me lol
god I feel like a fucking idiot making all these faces and shit and all that is coming out is air
I did this and all of my ghetto neighbors came out side
jus yell: oi cunt, nice tits, love the ass.
lol at 0:31 the dude in the back is just like "im outta here"
2:08 hahahahahaha happened to me once
lol on the third technique i tried and spit all over my screen
I was trying this and forgot I was on skype :D
I dunno how to blow the air out... From my mouth, back of neck or throat?
Me while trying: Phiuiuouotiuoutoiut
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