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by isaacTR • 1,049 views

8 and 9 balls and a shoddy pike press. Enjoy a little Belle and Sebastian before it gets removed. I can't actually do these things, but I can film them.

Can you do everything hard and make it all look really simple?
AWESOME Issac!!! Crazy numbers so clean!!!
that's the cool way to start 9
"I can't actually do these things, but I can film them" great idea for a t-shirt.
Those balls are huge!, specialy for number juggling, so I'm 25% more impressed!
Just homemade russians like yours. I found a 100 pack of 3.15" playpit balls at target and filled them with 1/4 cup of salt.
you're from IOWA?!?!?! i thought with skills like that you must be from the fucking moon or someplace with considerably less gravity. incredible juggling, and this goes for all your videos, not just this one here. thanks for taking the time to make these.
keep your legs straight! Also nice big russians for some nice runs!
its weird how the patterns look shorted with 3" balls :|
8 balls so clean! Awesome! Belle and sebastian is great.
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