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Porsche 911 Turbo vs Nissan GT-R Stage 1

by DragtimesInfo • 2,637,896 views

Porsche 911 Turbo EDO Competition (540 hp) vs Nissan GT-R R35 Stage 1 (550 hp)

woof that was close,that GTR was coming lol
ебать сосите хуй порше дрочеры в инете поищите сколько раз Gt-r натягивал ваш порше 911 обосанный и тут выйграл тоже Nissan GT-R просто судьи слепые видно показанно что у нисана бампер уже был на линии а порш-говно ток вылазил
Если гетер в 2 раза дешевле то зачем платить больше? За шильдик?
I am not really sure of the point of drag racing cars like this. They are proper sports cars, designed to deal with those awkward things called 'corners'. Stop drag racing cars you fucking noobs. What exactly does a drag race demonstrate? Who has the heaviest right foot or the best launch control? Any dickhead can drive a car in a straight line.
и какая задница всё-таки у этой замечательной .......  :)
bettle have 1605kg a gtr 1825kg ! ...gtr is faster a veeery nice car ....bettle is very bad a ugly car ! gtr top ! 
Lol the gtr would of won the Porsche launched a car length in front notice how the gtr started closing that gap so if it was a even launch the gtr would have won by a car or maybe a car and a half.
If you pause the video as soon as it switches to head on view, you can see that the GTR has travelled about 2 car lengths while the Porsche traveled about 3 car lengths. If what you say is true about the GTR launching first, then somehow the Porsche for ahead of the GTR in about half a second, which is impossible. Meaning, the video showing the launch from the rear, and the video showing the launch from the front are not the same race.  I personally like both cars, and am not a fan of either. It is quite easy to find 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, 1 mile, and races to 300kph for both cars for comparison to see which is faster. If I were in the market for a car of this caliber, I would choose the GTR because while the Porsche is a nice care, the extra money it costs is not worth fractions of a second quicker (if it is). If I were to take the extra money and put it into a GTR, I am pretty sure that I could shave off those fractions of a second, and still fit my golf clubs in the back. 
this gtr is tunned to stage 1. and the 911 in not and  still wins
i just came for the booty. 
GTR IS TOP !!!! ....WEIGHT 220kg +- !!! a is faster ! top car ! ..bettle is veeery fucking ugly car 
I'm here only because I wanted to have a better look of that nice piece of ass from the thumbnail.
The GTR is an automatic, what the hell is there to drive? Steer, mash the gas, what the hell else is there?
+paul west reaction time and remember to put it in race mode. russians can't have a good reaction time when they been drinking vodka since they woke up -.-
Hi jap lovin cunt you can modify jap crap all the fuck you like but still not beat porsche that it
 The GTR is a clear winner over porsche, it costs far less, and with tuning it can be above 700 hp, few cars can be as fast as a tuned GTR.
+Nagy Szilard You only have one balancing issue that's in your brain. Possibly one of the best cars built in the world. German engineering you simply can't beat it
+Maverick95 Porsche has disgusting layout? The RR layout is quite unique today and it's good to have more weight on rear wheels while accelerating. FR layout is good, but there are really a loooot of FR cars. I would still rather take a car that is more unique. 911 is a legend, it's really amazing.
Well I totally disagree simple. I will have the 911 any day of the week.
The Porsche is 10 HP down on the GTR, I know what I would buy,  its a no brainer. 
And also 200kg lighter. 
Get mig out patch the holes in Toyota floor
Porsche ...........  love
Porshe is the best !
gtr late reaction, so in total gtr win ...
Watch closely at 12 seconds when her arms go down the GTR clearly moves first.
Porsche  king of the king  sports cars :)
Porsche the best in the world
GTR should have won the race.  Was he sleeping at the line or what ??  The GTR should have puts 6 car lengths on the Porsche if he had a better start.
The Nissan engine don't have the torque to do it, but when it come to the other way around the Porsche do have the torque, even when it come to being 20 HP down. It still wins, you get what you pay for simple!!!!
The Porsche used here is the Cabriolet. The Hard top is considerably faster. It does take much to tune a Porsche to a lot more horse power. Their Engine are already built for more. For almost half the price, the GTR is a force to be reckoned with. to come this close is respectable. Now if only the Nissan wasn't so dang ugly...  
Nissan Gtr all the way !! 
venäläistä ajanottoa LOL
That's your opinion,it doesn't , t mean anything. People that can,t afford a Porsche buy Nissans FACT
this car is verry verry fast and the nisan is sooo stupid car ^_^
do you even listen to yourself?
That's a lie lol they're tones of cars that make the gtr look like a computer on wheels lol
Hey guys, nice race Porsche vs. Nissan GTR! I like both cars, but I probably prefer the GTR the white colour looks nice on it too! We are also featuring NISSAN GTR on our channel. We have 3 videos taken in TOKYO JAPAN driving the GTR at DAY TIME and NIGHT TIME. Crossing RAINBOW BRIDGE and driving on SKY HIGH EXPRESS WAYS between all the SKYSCRAPERS! Have fun, see you guys! ;)
the GTR loooks much better
All I see here is 911,s dominating that's what you pay for end of story
i love cars but im not here for them
That's a lie lol they're tones of cars that make the gtr look like a computer on wheels lol
Love those shorts.... Just saying   :-)
Rather have a 997 turbo over the GTR but rather have a BNR34 V Spec II over a 997 turbo.
That 911 was wicked
if i undersdand  right hee sey :porsche =porsche                                             nissan =nissan sunny
My point was you cannot price/hp is almost always worse when you buy a Porsche over a GT-R. You could buy an old R33 GT-R for 20K and put 25K into the engine and drivetrain and then have a 4WD 45K car with 800hp+
I do not brag. I could send you documentation of my business and revenue, but all of this are in danish and danish currency because i run it in Denmark. But here is the link, my second business yet. bit . ly / 10yHbVn I understand you keep your classic Porsches, i keep my red 240Z which im restoring at the moment as a collectors item too, these things are getting very rare here in Scandinavia :-) Lets end the discussion here, i understand you like Porsche more than Nissan.
You can put a big 1000hp+ engine in any car. Try to act more mature "go fuck yourself". :-) Lets end the discussion here.
the gtr looks pretty cool
Right Click. Stop Download. ASS
i thought GT-R is faster than 911 turbo stock vs stock? no? yes?
Wrong... Porsche is prestige... Nissan is determination... No matter how much you turn the world, the two will always be at each others throats for years to come...
the lfa lost the the original gtr r35 in a quarter mile nothing compared to the alpha 12 which cant beat a porsche the LFA is a joke compare to european supercars
the original gtr? as in 2008 with 480 hp? how about todays 2013 gtr which beat 458 italia, and porshe 911 gt3RS and audi r8 gt... if u want to compare todays fastest super cars..... AGERA R>VEYRON SS>ZONDA F>AVENTADOR>MP4 12C>GTR R35>458 ITALIA and so on...
Не поршЕ', а пО'рше, комментаторы, блин...
so close! , but still prefer GTR
So, who really wanna drive arround in a little porsche when a much more practical Nissan is just as fast..
If I want technology I sit in front of my computer. If I wanna go fast in a straight line I get a muscle car. If I wanna have a great driving experience I get into my Porsche and drive. Its not about technology its how a car makes you feel when you drive it. Sure the GT-R is fast but it just does not feel the same on the road as a Porsche does, it feels heavy. The only people that have anything negative to say about Porsche or talk smack about Porsche never owned a Porsche.
me: you see spell check? sotiris sotirakis: nope me: click it.
What is the point of even using a Porsche its a totally crap car and out of date halfords special VW beetle at very best ,
10HP is marginal. For all you know, it could simply be a difference in Dyno calibration
the skyline/GTR motorsports history is shit, they barely race (cept in japan against toyotas...) and they've never really won anything serious.
thumbs up if you paused at 0:14
0:09 Man that porsche was creeping across the start line, that might have made the difference
This, Nissan said they wanted to make a great car, and then make it better every year. They did not say "lets make a Porsche" but due to similar characteristics whether those be speed, price, or whatever else, they will be rivals. Who can complain, as consumers (viewers most of us) it just means better cars for us. So to recap, competition in the marketplace is the shit.
Let's all be honest here, we didn't come to see the drag race.
My altima can smoke any bullshit american or or european that u drive. I GUARANTEE IT
@ 0:14 Who has the better ass, 1,2,3?
хорош уже на английском писать! давайте,дергайте отсюда
well, nissan gtr will probally beat the 9ff porsche just from 0-100 kmh, and then the porsche will just left the gtr behind after that, especially the 9ffgt9 v max, which has a top speed of 437 kph, (271 mph) 38 mph more than the gtr
Define acceleration ? Once the Porsche turbo's kick in that Datsun becomes a waiting room even all "Staged-up" Porsche @ 40kms + is where super power all begins vs idiot logic of 60kms and its over, lol. (One to many tard's out there, simply clueless).
the ACR does 0-60mph in 1.96 seconds? lol where the hell did you get that from?
Can you show me on the doll where you pull your arguments out of? The Viper is meant for the track as well and can dominate the big boys. That ain't opinion, that's a fact backed by some actual professional racing evidence. Maybe you should reserve comment about something until you actually check out the facts. I'm just saying.
А мне нравится Элеанора !!!!!!!!!!
Porsche wannabe? GT-R has very little in common with Porsche.. Porsche fanboy
i can buy a old porsche for 5k and put 40k in the engine and have a porsche that is 45k and has 1000+ hp so go fuck yourself :)
There's a reason Porsche sell more 911 than Nissan can sell GTRs, because people buying these cars look for more than just drag times. The GTR is a computer gimmick. The number of fucking GTR fanboys is really depressing...
You think the cars are identical apart from price? Stupid "need for speed" kiddos... They drive completely differently. People pay the extra money for a Porsche or other brands because the GTR is not refined at all and is not really a real drivers car. I know a few people who buy cars in this price range and they spend extra on Mercs, Audis, Jags, Porsches, GTRs are for kids really.
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