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Let's Play Happy Wheels - I'M DEAD - Part 1

by TobyGames • 8,364,002 views

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I'm just sitting here with a disbelieving look on my face because I can't believe people like this. Holy crap, this guy is popular?
Hey Toby I love your vids and you're my life long hero. I want to warn you about Dillon the hacker so please be careful and don't let him take over your account you're my life long hero.
Like if your watching this in 2015
How does he have so many subs when there is only 3 people in the world? You clicked read more didn't you?
Obvious troll is obvious... There is only 2 PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!
Like if you're watching in 2015 :) Or comment saying "2015"
It says hold space (Grab onto the horse) and you didn't. That's why it went so slow ;-;
yes the children that go to that park always drive segways at high speeds on them...
Toby, do you even Happy Wheels anymore? :(
he does, check out his latest videos!
I hate your fucking videos!!!!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
these videos stink like pure skunk you should watch mine instead
Why is the giy from annoying orange a youtuber
He was actually a YouTuber before he was on annoying orange. The more you know. ;)
Ur so funny omg!!😂 laughing the whole video!!
Like if you thought the sign said "Anal Jousting Tournament"
you sound like abe from the simpsons when you do your old man voice
Hey toby u are cooland awsome at the same time I like your vids
did you know the watermelon killed a guy
Like if watching in 2015 February
If you want to hold on to something press spacebar and if you want to get off of you vehicle you press z
I think he's got it figured out now buddy 😂
Seriously? Its been 6months -.-
At 2:13 the lady looks like she is peeking out at you
i have done that level the 2nd level
Nigga calm yo tits leave him alone it was the first fucking time he played it like back off #Tobyisbae #goofball #sillynugget😂😂😂
I don't know if you go back to read these old comments, but of you do, I want you to play one of my levels. My username is zobo hobo, so search for that under browse levels, and then I will be so happy.
Happy wheels diapers
L    G    T   E    O    O     T           B       S           Y                       
tobuscus can you play five nights at freddy,s
like if ur watching in 2015!
Tobuscus can you say Skyler rocks in one of your happy wheels
Bro Ur Awesome Rock'IN RoLL
You did very good for your first time
You do a pretty good old man impression 
Toby I look up to you u so cool
You suk pewidepie is cool
Little did he know he would do another 600 episodes
Do you have any good tips for me I'm a new Youtuber and I look up to you and I want to make awesome videos and get subscribers
That's cool! So if were to like the vid?
Lol did u know that cashews come from fruit
Your nerville from annoying orange
The Annoying orange is discontinued now but, you can still watch it on boomerang i think.
+Owen Harris u can watch it on teletoon
the quality back then was so bad compared to now
You should play crashtastic on your computer
I like and subscribe and every one of your YouTube channels
I know Toby is Nerville at HFA of Annoying Orange.
1:01 Rotfl. "Sorry green shirt guy, sorry" says Toby.
Why r u so UGLY?!!!
Why are you so ugly!!!
Toby you would like to play tf2
Watch my channle billy whitlock | | |___ |--------| | | |______| | | |___
Screw all you haters! Some people love watching this stuff, and  "ADHD" comments are offensive to people who have it. If you don't have any thing better to do than  hate on people who like giving people a good laugh . Go take a good look at your job and tell me if it brings you joy every time someone bashes and make rude comments about it. Then tell me if any of your videos made 10 likes mush less 11,086,750. So suck it up butter cup and take like every other honest person and DEAL WITH IT!! BTW your wrong Reynero Torrico. P.S. You just got told by an eighth grader. GROW UP.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Thomas H. Turner
Thanks you im ADHD & bypoler
Lol happy wheels on pc lol
Ive seen every episode, from when you posted this to December 9, 2014, and yes I said 2014, its almost 2015 :-P
Nice video I love all your happy wheels videos
Yeah!!!! Opps sorry about that
i have completed the 2nd  1  before
i completed this your awesome i want your auto graph
what ever I liked it!!!
Wait.... I think I'm on to some thing here, his video has 6 words, which is 2x3, which has 3 on it......................PROOF OF HALF LIFE 3!!!!!!!!
The 2 gets used to divide the 6 into two 3's therefore making 3 3's! This is even more proof!
The 2 gets used to divide the 6 into two 3's therefore making 3 3's! This is even more proof!
i played it and beat it on my first try
I watched 15 seconds of ur video and did not watch the rest u suck
I played this game today Lolz.
I know Toby is Nerville at The High Fructose Adventure of Annoying Orange.
He does a good grandpa simpson impretion
Happy wheels is sooooooo fun lol
hey Tobuscus you think slender is scary you should try five nights at freddy's but i wouldn't play it if i were you because it is ultra scary you are gonna get your bones scared out of you. you make the best videos
I do that at the parck no just citing
Yo hablo un poco de espanol pero usted esta awesome
It's possible I played it and beat it
This is stupid and cruel LOL
Toby you have to play five nights at freddy's it is a fun scary game you really should play
Your videos are so funny
Awww ur first happy wheels vid. You've come such a long way lol
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