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Children of Bodom - Lake Bodom

by Guy Foret • 2,488,201 views

Lake Bodom - Something Wild - Children of Bodom

One of my favourite COB tracks. Early work, nice and raw.
First Children of Bodom song i heard. One of my facorite bands since then.
"Your lord, who smashed this bloody god on earth, is always by my side. Take me to the place to die for you, and give me life, IN FLAAAAAAAAAAAME!!" God how much I love this fucking part and this fucking song. Makes me happy everytime. COB \,,/
najlepsza z płyt ,najlepszy kawałek  :) lata lecą a a ja ciągle pod wrażeniem tej 
I can't believe I was going to get to see them but they cancelled their whole North American tour thanks to Machine Head. It was going to be at a very small venue too. Atleast I got to see Amon Amarth there.
To make it worse Rob Flynn had to act like a huge baby due to Alexis tweet.
"Give me soapy windshield! Cow that jacked my knife! Tuna God, A Line, A COW!! Take tommorows pill..."
milesov Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Alexi here is too young to compare and to genius to compare..
jee pitäjänmäki   ihan koomas  vanhat  batut  heiluu
Liaho if you read this i am your #1 fan... i want to eat your stomach bile -- you can do whatever you want to me, including diarrhea down my facehole
I love COB but they really changed a lot throughout the years... Halo of Blood doesn't really do it for me. 
No way halo of blood was Great
Halo of Blood is much better then the last album IMO...I forced it about 12 times an still never liked it
This song was even better live (:
if only Fairytail would use COB songs for fight scenes ~crosses fingers~
hail satan amirite?
This is classic Children Of Bodom pretty much.
Ohh, from this I noticed, that Alexi had taken very much influences for Yngwie Malmsteen...
Apparently Alexi hates this album for that very reason, he basically carved Yngwie Malmsteens material into his own. 
Children of Bodom - Lake Bodom. - iiacCZz ~
This song feels so early Blind Guardian to me. Majesty, Battalions of Fear. But it still stands on its own very well, of course.
Yeah agreed.I miss old BG tho :c
This song is my favourite ;-)
Some kids were murdered when they were out camping by the lake and they never caught who did it
Yea there were 4 of them, two 18 yo guys and two 15 yo girls (this happened in the 60s). Three of them was murdered by a knife/blunt instrument, but one of the guys survived. More than 40 years later the surviving guy was charged and suspected for the murders but was not found guilty.
+fillebeast the injuries that dude had including permanent brain damage makes me wonder how the fuck was he ever a suspect? 
uplne skvela skladba super kytary
I can play that song on a 7 string guitar.
Gypsy Luna Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Lorena Nycoleta Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Fucking love this. :3
ooouuuuaall right!!!
To Destroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out this video on YouTube:Children of Bodom - lake Bodom \mmm/ for my metal heads +Elsa +Monika \m/ +- F1av¡0 - +Veronica Lira +tony rev +Anna Hernandez +Aaron D +Aaron Hoff
I am new to these guy's but i like them. Great sound they have...
wish they would go back to this
parempaa ko sipulikeitto
kyl sipulit silti lähel tulee
fucking 17 year old
Awesome! Yks parhaista Bodomin kipaleista.
It's only me or do you hear some Iron Maiden in this song too?
Naaaaa, it's only you
3:02 to 3:15 - 13 seconds of Bodom keyboard..... ...the keyboard is what makes Bodom, Bodom... in part.... lol
Fuck you pop princess bitches listening to this weak shit.
Best metal band ever!!!
if you ask me.. i say this blows halo of blood out of the water!!
Can you guys check out my vocal cover of Deadnight Warrior and Morbid Angel Chapel Of Ghouls and I will soon be posting guitar covers. Just click on my name it will be the fastest way and probably the only way
That chorus part (1:50) has to be the most anticlimactic part ever.
Your moms vagina was the most anticlimatic part when she had you :D
+Mika Salinto But not as anticlimactic as your face. Just seeing it gave me testicular cancer.
I always think of 'Family Ghost' every time I hear 'Lake Bodom', 'King Diamond' was obviously a big influence on early 'Children Of Bodom', 'Follow The Reaper' is practically 'Abigail' with harsh vocals.
kaikkien aikojen paras !!!!!!
Hukio Santos Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
does anyone actually know what happened at lake Bodom?
+Ducktage Maybe you should stop asking stupid questions... Y'know, if someone gets mad at you everytime you do a certain thing, maybe you shouldn't do it.
The Lake Bodom murders were a multiple homicide that took place in Finland in 1960. Lake Bodom is a lake by the city of Espoo, about 22 kilometres west of the country's capital, Helsinki. In the early hours of June 5, 1960, four teenagers were camping on the shores of Lake Bodom.[1] Between 4AM and 6AM, an unknown person or people murdered three of them with a knife and blunt instrument wounding the fourth. The sole survivor, Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson, led a normal life until 2004, when he became a suspect and was subsequently charged. In October 2005, a district court found Gustafsson not guilty of all charges against him. The murders have proven to be a popular subject in the Finnish media and commonly return to the headlines whenever new information or theories surface, but the case is still unsolved.
Aaditya Sharma Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Un classico ma i Children of Bodom rientrano tra le mie prime 10 band favorite ^_^ Children of Bodom - Lake Bodom
Trovai la picture disc di questo album a Londra, ma come se mi spiace non averla acquistata.
Jacek Murawa Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
...a to Wam ja ! początek MIŁEGO DNIA !....pobuda !....WSTAWOWYWUJEMY !
Witaj Jacku , dużżżżżżaaaaaaaaaa , miłego ;-))))
:)))) ekstra pobuda nawet o dziesiątej  cos mi to przypomina , coś co sama kiedys robiłam :)) dobre energetyczne jak nie wiem co! miłego Jacuniu +Jacek Murawa 
Anna Jarosz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
good morning my friends
i thought i could play this song on guitar... then you came on my guitar...
It's two million now. But who the fuck cares.
I thought I could play this solo a cappella ... then the guitar came
You're doing it wrong! It should be "Must keep pressing replay!"
I was headbanging, than I fall from my chair <3
I know, I'm not finnish lol. Although I wish I was.
Aah. Suomalainen hinuri vielä:) Hyvä yritys neekeri xD
the best ones ! i don't know why they didn't follow their neoclassical roots
I love Something wild and Follow the reaper albums theyr classics
Used to listen to this band nonstop while playing when I was 14-15... good times.
wow i feel like i am still 15 years old haha.
listen the real fucking metal!!!
such an excellent song especially for a pretty much homeless band.
I collect Children Of Bodom picture disc's on vinyl. So far I have Something Wild, Hatebreeder and Follow The Reaper! So yeah, I have the first three aswell, the best ones! :D
cob at his best for me only something wild hatebreeder and follow the reaper are very good the other album suck
I cant take this song serious.. Hahahaa... "WHA BLA DWHA GHA GHUUAAOOOOOOOoooooo!!"
oh warman , you never fail to amaze me with your melodies .. and alexi's voice and guitar is as good as always .... hennka and kuoppola are awesome , too ... and jasska is just a beast on the drums .... pure epicness ....
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