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by courtneypants • 19,739 views

Do you believe in unicorns too? Click to see how real they are: you should probably watch this first... my grandma is a professional...

Courtney I love you so much..and your g ma
Oh God, your right nostril is so sexy!!!!
OMG I have that MUG! The guy on it even looks like my dad hahahaha
Wow.. Yr grandma sounds wonderful.. "woman u r cool" and tha aint no lie
I think Gmapants is a secret CIA Bourne type operative. She is baller enough.
You live vicariously through Grandmapants, don't you Courtney :) I know I would if I had a Grandma that cool!!
I wouldn't think watching someone talk to their grandma on the phone would be entertaining, yet your facial expressions really hit it home. I couldn't stop watching... even IF I had wanted to.
If this is seen by the lovely Courtneypants, she should send me a link to where I can find those purple unicorns with the giant eyes.
you look and sound kinda like my cosin!! btw you are beautiful courtney!!!!
LOLOLOL your grandma's so cute :)
Woman, you are cool! Thanks for sharing! CHEERS!
Auto-transcribe for this is awesome! I don't think a single word was written correctly
omg i love ur grandma, and i love when you say something you just sit there smiling waiting for a response
i love your grandma! she's hilarious :') i can see where you get it from ^.^
GrandmaPants Woman, you are cool.^_^
I love your relationship with your grandma, I wish I had that but she's half way across the world.... I meant my grandma by the way, not yours! Although I would totally be Grandmapants' friend :D
Courtney! sounds like grandmapants is using your videos to make friends;) lol jk...awww gotta love her! especially when she said it would be cool for you two to make videos together;) hehe aww<3
the two little unicorns behind you are staring into my soul... oO
@RubenDelight false. it actually contains 71 different pieces of wood.
rofl that double take at the coffee mug was good
Courtney has the power to make me double up with laughter just with a single facial expression. She so silly! And I can't help but smile back at her, quite frankly bloody huge, smile :D
You blocked out the number. You're getting smarter.
that little one with the big eyes....IS STARING INTO MY SOUL.
At first I thought it was only your grandma that had a subtle evil edge to her, but now I can see it in you! :)
polka-master? more like pokemaster. gotta catch em all
This makes me miss my Nana so much more then ever :/
@courtneypants I like your face XD
watching this with captions makes it even more entertaining
wub wooo :) x oh and your grandmama
i love the stuffed animals in the backround <3
grandmapants for youtube partner
Courtney: I have some kick-ass kettle corn. At my house. Its like microwave and everything. Its by the boy-scouts its pretty amazing :)
@courtneypants mmhm i see that, they scared meh.. simple.. didnt have to get huffy on me.. v.v
Court: Courtney died while eating popcorn, at least it was doing what she loved Grandma Pants: ah! She OD'd! lol ur grandma's amazing x]
epic face at 4:31 !!! i loled myslef so hard
I shall send you a unicorn thing, I am unlucky 13th comment
I love the way she says YouTube!!
1:15 we can dial grandma pants too! Or not.
hey courtney did you slam you fingers in a car door or something it looks like you did
Y u no talk to ur parents in your vids? Haha
Grandma pants rules, hey who's the girl holding the phone in this vlog
Grandma Pants needs her own channel!
I think you look the happiest when talking to your grandma. :3
Your lucky that you have a grandma that loves you so much. all of my Grandparents died before I could really get to know them. The last one that died I went to her funeral.
@courtneypants I like how you respond to all your fellow Creepers.
you always do quality eyebrow grooming.
i love how your face lights up and we can see all the love you have in your heart when you talk or hang out with grandmapants :)
those Unicorns, they want my SOUL!
lol i wish i was related to you two
Grabdmapants is so cool, love her and her favorite Granddaughter!
I have that little unicorn too! Its original name was "rainbow", it was a bit much. so i renamed it taco:)
Your grandma is the grandma i never had
I officially love Grandmapants. I'm a major maybe obsessive fan of Michael Jackson.
my grandmas better than urs ! lol jokes no grandma is better then urs !besides unicorns? what im confused
granm apants should have her own channel
I love you and grandma pants you should move in together that woul;d be the funniest most entertaining channel on you tube ^_^
if your grandma makes a channel im subbing just saying <3
I want more GrandmaPants phone calls.
i love your reaction to her wanting to make a video <3
@vazsix1 I'M SO X-CITED. but seriously, can you even imagine grandmapant's polka dancing?!
I think that should read Polka Dance Classes not Poker Dance Classes!
I love your facial expressions. You are so damn cute.
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