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http://www.themoviedigest.blogspot.com Release Date: 2010 Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim reminds us that education "statistics" have names: Anthony, Francisco, Bianca, Daisy, and Emily, whose stories...

And I thought this entire movie was about a little girl waiting for Superman to come save her from school. LOL
Unions don't care about kids.
Superman???? we need superwomen and supermen for superkids. By the way, what means super anyway? We need women and men with a heart for kids!
parents you are not responsible for your kids teach them nothing
This is not how most schools are, this is just in poor neighborhoods, which is really unfair. I live in flower mound, texas and our schools are very good. Its extremely rare that someone doesnt go to college, and its based on performance not a lottery. It really is terrible how much better i am treated than these children.
Using my bros account just to say that if you watched the Movie Daisy used to go to my school she was my friend😊
good! let make one for College system for sake. i met some professors with their fancy PhD and all but they don't even teach at all, literally; especially my programming class.  i feel that most of of the time, read the book ,and they're expected you to know everything.  im sick of keep hearing this "this is college for you" execute. 
children are getting smarter just saying
Well done documentary, but it's actual message is pretty awful basically calling for more privatization and demonizing unions. Charter schools are not superman, we need to focus on improving public schools not giving resources to these bs little corporate schools
I watched this movie and just about wept. It touched me in  ways I had forgotten about, and enraged me to my core. A need to see by any wanna-ba future teacher.
2:18 Looks like a baby Obama! Lmao
+Martkw Your grammar is shit. Don't go about bragging about how Germans are better educated, better trained, better employed, and better people. Try to think about what you write before writing it, because your syntax is awful, your grammar lacks complexity, your spelling is correct, but is used in an incorrect fashion, and your phrasing & sentencing structure is informal. Before boasting about Germany, consider this: Why are you so racist? I don't care how many languages you speak, learned, learned before English, or are learning, you can only gloat on certain things. You're the stupid one for assuming that Germany is superior to all other countries. The next time you comment on other people's educational misfortunes, compare yours in an adequate manner first; explain why the German education system is the better one in a specific way. Try not to redirect your quoting to your own allure. Kind regards, Jo. 
+Martkw Canada's got Germany beat for reading, math, and science :)
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Help me provide educational opportunites ti children living below the poverty level. Let's not wait for somebody to do something, instead let's be that somebody!
Confidence is good! I believe it's better than to have math and science knowledge.
This was one of the most moving documentaries I've ever seen. No matter what your feelings about our education system-rankings, charter school ect. The thing that matters--the point this documentary is trying to make- is that there are children in this nation who need, who WANT a better education and a better life and system is failing them.
Watched. Very touching. For those people who resist the reform on public school system, who claim union is not part of the problem, go to watch the tears of the kids who tried to go to a better charter school but could not make it. Ask yourself: why did they want so damn hard to flee away? Is it because of you? Every child on this world deserves good education.
I want to see this.....
The US comes in second for highest poverty level when compared to like countries. studies have been done that prove that if all levels of poverty were equal, the US would be ranked in the top 3 in both reading and math. this anti-public education video uses the well-grown misconception that public schools are failing as a way to make room for charter schools....follow the money. who profits from charter school? research supports the fact that charter school students do not perform better than public school students. charter schools are also able to hand-pick their students and expel for ANY reason. learning disability? good-bye. behavior issues? so long, farewell. ESL? adios.  PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THE PROPAGANDA THAT IS BEING SPEWED BY PEOPLE WHO HOPE TO BENEFIT FROM THE NOTION THAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE FAILING. 
We would ALL love the easy answer; the silver bullet. The problem is not 'either/or' as in, either the schools or the parenting. It is both. Parents in the US enable their children to do 'what feels best' because they are afraid to confront and to push. Expecting more from your children has become tantamount to 'bullying.' Then you have the schools who have been forced to dumb down curriculum so that 'no child is left behind.' Children arriving in our schools from other countries, blow by our students because their parents expect more... It's WAY more complicated than that. And we're in a terrible fix. I don't have the answers. But clearly this film is the beginning of a wake-up call.
Looking forward to this one. Something has to light the fire under people for real education.  You be proud. I just told my son "you don't have a choice..."   Ok this isn't the first time and won't be the last.
Finland has the LOWEST poverty rate of the ranked countries. connection...i think so!
the german system is much better
Does anyone find it ironic that one of the "education reformers" in this documentary uses the phrasing "even if people are getting stupider every year?" 
In reply to KingTeshub...really? stick to the facts, avoid racism. what is the percentage of poverty in the US in comparison to the leading countries? this country is scapegoating teachers as the cause of societal problems. More and more kids are coming to school having never held a scissors, who don't own a book, and who have uneducated, mentally ill, and/or drug abusing parent/s. some of them come to school hungry or tired because of something that occurred in their house the previous night. some are homeless. some/many come to school abused and neglected. we do not take care of the mentally ill and impoverished people in this country. shame on us. teachers are not miracle workers, but i have seen some pretty amazing things happen in my career as a result of passionate, loving teachers. people who are in this profession are in it because it is a calling, not because of the riches (ha) we make. 
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join  the  class  of  2013  make  history  this  summer  you  build  it  they  will  come  superman  the  movie  builds  community  .silent  no  more  speak  out  gainst  abruse  and  domestic  violence
Nowhere. This is exactly what the message is. The problem is so severe only superman can save them.
The American Teachers Unions should profusely apologize for the enormous damage they've done and spend the rest of their lives working to rectify their malicious behavior. But they won't. In fact, they won't even admit that they've done a thing wrong. :-(
Yep,you're right and don't forget that Batman earned his skills. Unlike Superman his powers were already given to him since childbirth.
Everybody watching this, just flashback to the kinds of teachers you had. I'm sure you've had some really good ones who not only did their job, but went above and beyond to truly inspire you. And I'm sure you've also had some bad teachers who, if anything, did the bare minimum and made no connection with the student at all. (And God help you if you were having issues at the time. I know I was.) Problem is, those bad teachers are kept employed by Teacher Unions. THAT'S the problem with our system
because he doesn't exist, so people (or the bad education system) waits the help from an inexistent guy/hero.
we are at 25th place in math ranking.. well what does number really mean? I mean of course we are not number one but by how much are we worse now than we were before? and what was our ranking before that and the year before that? are we steady declining or are we going up and down? so many questions about these statistics
Fixing the school system in this country is a must, but I feel like all the blame for the sad state of things falls on teachers when there is so much more. We have failed to adapt the structure of our schools and their curriculum's to the realities of the modern day, and we are living in a faster paced society where there are a lot more distractions-that has to make teaching all the harder.
Shut up. I hope white supremacists are wiped out by anti-fascists.
just because he has money it doesne mean he should be a substitute for somebody else´s responsibility
The difference is those people from Finland, Japan, Korea, etc. tend to have higher intelligence compared to other ethnic groups. You can't teach a monkey how to do calculus but you can teach it to put toys into a box.
Superman is overrated, when it comes to money he can't help them. Batman and Iron Man are the ones with the moola, supes is a reporter.
What? That Asian woman is a superintendent, not a teacher.
We are supported by the teachers, who take time out of their lives to hold mandatory tutoring classes and Saturday school. The school is strict with things such as dress codes and phones. It may seem like a lot of pressure, maybe it is, but if you go to a kid you goes to a strict school, they'll say it's a norm. They've adjusted. People underestimate the willpower of kids.
You can buy millions of schools with state of the art interior, but you can't buy capable teachers who's passion it is to teach and better children.
Well if you watch the movie you'll know why it's called Waiting for Superman. It is because you can't expect one person(superman) to come and fix this huge problem.
I disagree. I don't think we're putting enough pressure on kids. Putting in more hours in school, including joining extracurriculars and maybe Saturday school, isn't overwhelming kids. I've been in a charter school where you spend half your day in school, excluding sports. When joining sports, I spend about 10 hours at school and come home finishing all my work. It's not so much pressure going through this. Everyone in the school has gotten used to staying at school and finishing work.
They don't even have homework in scandanavia and they have better math and literacy scores.
Can't wait to watch this tomorrow. Seems really really good and educating. :)
Yea he could. But no one has the money or resources to keep those schools employed/fed/stocked.
thats just how I feel, Im sure there are other opinions and factors that go into this subject. its a pretty complex one
America should look into the education system of the countries that do well, especially FINLAND!!
Eliminate the tenured protection of teachers with the teachers union. Then you won't have all the good teachers leaving public education to go to private schools, while all the crappy teachers stay in the system FOREVER because they know they can't be fired. You also won't have the young energetic teachers who still care, getting fired because they were the last ones hired.
And most end up in jail, that is why the States has the highest percentage of their own people in prisons than any other country in the World. The system is failing the kids.
It is not about the teachers any more it is about the money has been for years our kids are only numbers to the board of education and if the numbers are there so is the money. The teachers we have today can not teach the way they would like to but, they teach the way they are told to by yours truly the US Gov. It is all part of a bigger picture to dumb down our nation so that we become easier to handle. Good little sheep. BAAAAAAA BAAA BAAAAA!!!!!!
I thought quizzes was spelled with two z's. I like what you are saying though.
See, that's a perfectly great idea there! Cause it reinforces the very philosophy that keeps the free market free, and keeps America running strong--competition. You ramp up the pay, teachers are gonna be clamoring for that crap, man! And you're definitely getting some good ones! ....Also, where the hell is that school? Cause I'm an Education major in college and I want in!
Employers will choose a college grad over a drop out 9/10.
Do you think that way about your parents? They chose to have you!
SAD!!! they had to roll bingo??? Thats really really sad.
And he wears underwear on the outside of his pants. Every good super hero does that; just like every good villain launches into a monologue, telling the protagonist his plans before killing him.
test scores & the quality of education relate to social class & economics/income. If your family is upper middle class, chances are a decent education is readily available to you. Schools receive funding from property taxes & standardized test scores. If you live in a low income area the value of the property is low, therefore the schools receive a minimal amount of funding. Minimal funding means minimal resources like outdated computers & books, unmotivated teachers & lower test scores.
The education system is doing exactly what it is designed to do. Provide consumers and turn people into human resources to be exploited.
Chinese children have a home, it's called China. Nigerian children have a home, it's called Nigeria. Anti-whites are stealing white children's home and giving it away. White children's homes for everyone says the anti-white. Why don't white children deserve a home, anti-whites?
Look buddy I came here expecting a trailer for a movie about people sitting around, wondering "when is superman coming."
hobodevil, you're' an idiot. Wealthy neighborhoods may have high graduation rates but the test scores are not dependent on the incomes of the families.
@mrtubeyou77 Exactly you have it right :)
We have looked at the system in Finland. While there are some things we could learn, we can't use their system as its so drastically different from ours and it would never work here.
+1 teachers are NOT babysitters. there should be some kind of "quality-control" before letting people procreate, seriously
Yes and no. In Chinese schools if a child continually pulls failing grades they just boot them out-there is no attempt to "help" them as we do here. And in China and other cultures, teachers are revered-they don't get threatened with lawsuits if they wake a kid sleeping in class up with a tap upside the head. And the rewards for student achievement are far, far richer for students and their parents.
As one of my mentors told me years ago when I first got into the profession,"What so many of the teachers here don't realize is that we aren't any better than than what walks through the door." That was at a nationally ranked HS in a rich part of California. I received a pretty strong education, I had friends that didn't. Same school. Same teachers. Different parents.
The only this I I'll like to share us that everyone that goes to a good school to appreciate it. Because there many more other kids that would love to have the chance to have a good education.
This is a great film. There are of course many issues with the current educational system, but I think one that shouldn't be overlooked is that teachers' salaries simply are not appealing to many people. I know many people who would love to teach, but the salary for teaching a high school just not alluring enough for them. I think high school teachers are underpaid!
I agree that there are plenty of bad teachers but, even the best teachers need support and involvement from parents. Parents need to make sure their children are actually understanding what they are learning.
when i have kids... immediately im moving to finland
As a nurse, we would get fired in atleast in a month if we didnt help patients and get results..why should teachers be exempted
I know that job had to be so frustrating for Michelle Rese. That was why she had to quit. I believe everything she has said about the public school system.
HA! This guy just said stupider!!! BAM there's your proof! Case closed.
I don't think it's the teachers, it's probably the curriculum.
Get rid of teachers union= no problem or get rid of the whole ten year system
Also why would he?The schools are there its just the teachers and lack of motivation kids have to go to school.
The school system is broken and flawed. I feel that no amount of money would be able to fix it without extreme changes to the system itself as well. And there are many, many groups who refuse to let this happen. From government officials to the Teachers Union.
مولاي صلي وسلم دائما ابدا
Teachers unions fight tooth and nail any changes.
How about affordable education where there is less pressure on students so they are able to do well and not fear they are not good enough or have enough money to do anything. Instead stupid rich kids get all the well paying jobs in the ivy league schools. Read up on John Dewey, he has better ideas.
I just watched this on Netflix. I thought this was a good documentary I just he could have addressed the fact that sometimes it's not the system or the teachers. Sometimes students just don't care.. When I was in middle school I had a math teacher who was great. She really cared for her students & wanted to make a difference.. In an hour and a half class period she would spend more than half of that quieting people down, threatening writing people up, breaking up fights... Etc..
No youre the right one but dont worry if you dont see how my comment relates to a reply you made to someone else but you have a top comment well deserved some dont get why this documentary is called what its called...take care...
When a criminal gets arrested, does the arresting officer go to jail? When a patient gets sick, does the doctor take the medicine? When an illegal alien gets caught, does the border patrol get deported? STOP BLAMING TEACHERS! Let's focus on the lazy, irresponsible students who refuse to study or do their homework!
The statistics gathered for this documentary were altered for the making of this film, the % of students who didn't go to college didn't account for those who went out of state. Statistics show literacy rates at were at 70% not 20. Furthermore, that throw away line 1 out of 5 charter schools perform better doesn't mention the 37% that perform worse. And to keep up it academic reputation Harlem Children's Zone expelled an entire class of low performing students.
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