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Bird singing dubstep! (ORIGINAL)

by Rainykauke • 10,480,796 views

Just my bird Harvey dropping some fat beats. Sorry about the poor cropping filmed this on a phone. EDIT: Just for all concerned we have never played dubstep to him i just beat boxed around the...

Thus...BIRDSTEP was created. 
That bird looks like Skrillex. His music is even better. Replace Skrillex with this bird.
Lindar Greenwood Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
I just can't even...
My amazon is a birdstep artist
i want 10 hour version
Some serious intelligence here. This bird REALLY enjoys dubstep. Did you see his cheeks?
Things just got weird at work
What song it is? Easy, Darude - Sandstorm
+Kevin Simmons Actually is Dabird - Seedstorm
Equal parts hilarious and adorable!
I wish my birds were like this
HOLY CRAPOLY I NEED TO TEACH THAT TO MY COCKATIELS!! OK birds walks over to Bobbie and Quason listen up, we are going to learn this song... BOBBIE NOOOO THATS NOT FOOOOO-!!
So cute how he bobs his head to it too.  lol
He sounds like the video game pixel gun
none of you read the description this is not based off of ANY SONG the bird just picked it up
Fix this video please.
William DuFresne Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Sometimes it's the little things.
Peacko ThePeacock Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Soooo! Cute!! MUST WATCH! Bird singing dubstep! (ORIGINAL):
"Syndicate". Like a baws :D
+LargeVirus I never said he was singing, I said it sounded like...
+LargeVirus stop being the description police, the kid was most likely beatboxing that song, therefore the bird is doing that song. get a brain.
Any guesses what song is it attempting to imitate? Sounds like Skrillex.
Urban Assault - Red Raider (Figure Remix)
sounds like a choking bird but nice dub
Dr. ThornySauce Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube: this only enriches my want of a parrot
Someone needs a peanut!
I wonder what happens if you play "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" to him... XD Also, Skrillex, is Harvey your bird? Because he makes the same noises like your DJ system does.  #Chirpstep   #skrillexforever   #skrillexpetbird New title: Syndicate - Harvey Chirpstep Remix
Pretty sick! So what song do you think your bird is attempting to mimic. My bird tries to mimic the song Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men.
Now release him into nature and let the dub step bird be a thing.
I tried to teach my cockatiel to do this, he gave me a fuck you look and went to go eat.
If Pikachu was a bird named Skrillex... yeah. Thank you for this video. It was adorable. Like and favorite.
Seriously sounds like Skrillex's Syndicate
I have a girl cockateil, i was wondering could she learn to sing dubstep? I know your Bird just picked it up. I just want mine to Do that!
You guys are easy to fool. The sound is from another video. Heard it on a gifs with sound video before this even came out.
anyone know what exact drug did this bird's owner give this bird to do this? 
This bird produces better dubstep than I do....
I love dupstep on also birds this is asome
i want that fucking bird...
lol that's cool if i tried dubstep i would totally fail it but thats a pretty talented bird
Great! now try that with cats.
It's almost scary how we unknowingly watch the exact same things Brenton....Spooky even
talking to Skrillex "sir, I found your bird"
LOL, that WOULD be his pet bird. XD He'd be like, "Harvey, where'd you fly off to? I was finishing my song "Syndicate" for all my fans, and yet you knew what the song had."
This is sooooooooo amazing
QUICK! I need OVER 9,000 more replay buttons!
Who loves skrillex?...i bird,now you can by it ewerywhere,вот так то:3вы ещё посмотрите TALK BIRDY TO ME:333
Awe My bird looked exactly like this I  miss him <3
lol this is really funny!
Stas Skiba Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
дабстепового попугайчика вам посоны ^^
this did not happen when i had cockatiels...
listened to this on repeat at least 40 times
It would be cute at first but after 5 minutes I would be forced to kill it.
birds are fuckin great
What ever you listen to sounds like shit lol
btw, this is a shitty terrible type of music 
fyi, i wouldnt dislike the video, because i like the video, just not the music so suck my peeneye
what this dubwstep song plz ask me ? :)
I think that bird is probably just retarded
AWWWW!! But EPIC! 1000000000000000X better than any dubstep i have ever heard!
Hah, GAYYYYYYY! (friend told me to say this in every video i watch)
Drop that beet bird skcwack it up
Holy shit. My Sides Hurt. This. Is. Amazing.
That bird has a beat!
They should do a dubstep beatbox compition
goddammit bird stop dropping the beats. there are beats everywhere. we have no more beats
Somepony needs to remix the shiz out of thiz.
Кто от Давыдова жми лайк)
Omg thats effin awesome!
Skrillex + Cockatiel = Skrillatiel. XD 
10 mil views 9k subs lol
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