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Reba Mcentire- Consider me Gone (Lyrics)

by Annabellp98 • 2,918,487 views

Reba Mcentire- Consider me Gone I love this song SO much. That's why I made this! I hope it helps. Sorry that I haven't made a video in a while! I'll make more soon.

''hold my keys?'' rofl :D 
lol that made me lose it
I love this song~ I'm not even into country music like that but this is one of the songs that have got me singing :)
I should've tried harder to be with the girl i loved and this song reminds me of every bad thing i've ever done to her..... I miss her, but she deserves better.... she deserves anyone but me, but i guess It was my fault...... sryy i commented a personal problem on this
sweet heart a little siggestion go with your gut when making these when you did the hold my keys thing that was not the right words you had it right the first time it's "if you don't get drunk ON MY KISS" don't second guess yourself you are absolutly positive it's a mistake. Just a little advice no cridissum
If you don't get drunk... hold my keys? That's just perfect lol
You had it right the first time on my kiss
now i know I've always just hummed that part i couldn't figure out what it was saying
your right its on my kiss
Reba has the best worded songs right to the her
Hold my keys!? That's brilliant...XD
K.A. R. Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Reba Mcentire- Consider me Gone (Lyrics):
Cherie McLain Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Reba Mcentire- Consider me Gone (Lyrics):
i swear reba is gorgeous!
love the question mark "hold my keys?" lol
Brian Austin Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
This song reminds me to hold on to what I have, although he'd be much happier with someone else. I promise I'll give it everything I got: to meh bf, the best guy in the world :)
Its "McEntire" THE "E" IS CAPITAL.!!!!!!!!!!
You were right the first time..hold my keys really?????
hahah made me laugh "hold my keys" Thumbs up!!!
Sue Cameron Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Reba Mcentire- Consider me Gone (Lyrics):
So my exe just sent me this.....after I snapped at her last night because it is easier to be mad than miss her... :'(
Only you can make it right love you're going to break her heart and she's going to break yours but the two of you are the only ones who can fix it I hope everything works out for you :)
+Danielle Valentine Thanks. :3 We are currently not even in friend territory....sigh It isn't easy missing her.
If im not the one thing you cant stand to lose, If im not that arrow to the heart of you If you don't get drunk on my kiss, If you think you can do better than this Then I guess we're done, lets not drag this on, consider me gone. Consider me a memory, consider me the past Consider me a smile in an old photograph, some one who used to make you laugh.
Annalise Potocki Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
best explanation I could ever give you.  Reba Mcentire- Consider me Gone (Lyrics)
Easier to say, then do. 
on my kiss was the right lyrics with you could get rid of that box
Rebecca H Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
when you hear this from a man run like hell...just a piece of advice
lol thanks to drunk when I posted that to articulate.....meant when you feel that with a man run like hell
"hold my keys?" LMAO!!! no... it's "on my kiss" 
I think it is On my Kiss. Not hold my keys.
lol i like the added hold my keys thing because it would make sense xD
why are you writing in HOLD MY KEYS??
They think they got the wrong lyrics
Hold my keys just made my day better :) 
Omg I love this song! It makes me think so much about life!
LOVE THIS song... thanks for making the music and putting the lyrics in...I want to learn this...
You were right the first time.... it's "on my kiss." Think about how silly the meaning is the other way.
do you pronounce her name REEba or Reba?
+Jess Gnes Her name IS Reba, but you pronounce it Ree-Buh (or REEba as this person put it)
it actually "is on my kiss" she's from tn its her country twang that makes it sound on so haha yeah you were right at first.. lol i actually should have read Cheryalynnmiller's comment hah
When it popped and said "hold my keys" oh man I laughed so hard. Good video though and an honest mistake, but that made my day, I'm happy about that mistake. xD
haha yeah, it is an honest mistake. they did a really good job on the video:)
I always thought it was "hold my kids" x'D shrug
That's what I thought too, its pretty logical. :;P
Who am I is like this kinda
Sarah Keyes Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Roberta Eades Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
I see you are trying to reconnect with me, No Consider Me GONE..........Good-Bye, Be Happy
A Anonymous Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I always thought it was "If you don't get drunk on my kids."
Taylor Swift isnt fake country, her music, its more of a romance/country sorta music :) I understand u though, she even tried rapping ounce -____-' so, yeah i get how u say "Fake Country"
Several genres blend to make music, and come with great songs. Same with genres blending for new songs with two VERY different styles... Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow Alice Cooper/Xzibit Aerosmith/run dmc don't like the style? don't listen to it...
i need anotha song like this 2 hear!
omg me to her show is awesome i wanna see the one where brock tells her he is leavin it never comes on
I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when she says "If im not the arrow to the heart of you" i always thought it was "if im not the heir to the heart of you" 2 totally differnet meanings
I like to say if you don't get drunk on my kids I use to think that's what she said anyway touching song
This song is epic. Reba is epic.
I played this for my ex.. powerful stuff
No its if you dont get drunk on my kiss meaning if my kiss doesnt make your head spin anymore just leave :)
hold my keys really? ahaha stupiud
hold my keys? LOLOLOLOL ....."on my kiss" was right the first time
well its 2013 and im still listening to this song i rember when country music was like this now it's got a little to much pop in it.... don't get me wrong i like the country music now but i like it when it was with less pop
I miss this song coming on the radio all the time ;I)
This song is so accurate, its scary.
the come on CMT at 5 and they sow them until like 7 something
Eh, she is okay. Anyone else think of the show Reba or Fox & The Hound 2? :/
I'm pretty sure it is if you don't get drunk on my kiss..
This is my official moving on song. Josh, you may now kiss my ass.
I don't know why people prefer all that rap crap, rather than listening to the good music!! I love country!!(:
it is on my kiss not hold my keys
i am a huge rock fan._. like no kidding, i love heavy metal, rock, and alternative. but i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! it goes to show that anyone can make great music for people of all types.<3
i agree... it explains exactly whats im going through...
I think my boyfriend doesn't actually love me so..consider me gone bye </3
See, everyone has different tastes and opinions and I respect that, but im curious as to why you're not too fond of rap artists sticking their nose into country music?? I mean as long as if they're not rappin about ass,pussy,cars,hoes,or money like they do in most of their other songs and the song that their featured by the country artist in has a good-vibe to it, then thats all it matters. So what seems to be the issue?
cause he sees no interest in me anymore or atleast I don't think he does
if you dont get drunk, hold my kids.. sounds funnier(:
If you don't get drunk, **ON MY KISS! not hold my keys, LMFAO
Hey! can you upload "I'm not so little anymore" by Dean Tuftin???:D
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