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Tiny Cracks

by willhundredpercent • 20,129 views

Thanks for indulging me in this-- I've been trying to figure out a video for this song for quite a while, and though the meaning has evolved such that it's a pretty selfish introspective self...

WILLL I AM STILL HERE!!! Music is Power and you have it even if you don't come back MAKE MUSIC FOREVER!!!
your probably my favorite youtuber you have yet to put up a video that wasnt both visually and musically awesome
WILL I MISS YOU! ur music RULSE so does your videos
@caloTV i know this is a dickhead move.. but seriously: *you're
:D Makes me happy!!! You're awesome thanks- I needed to see a good video this week
Oh my god.....finally.....finally.....finally.....thats all i can say....thank you Will.
@caloTV Just so you know, People despise when you ask for thumb up in the comments section. Especially if you use all CAPS and yu are asking people to thumbs up something that obviously everyone will agree with. Just write a nice comment and don't use CAPS LOCK because it makes it look like YOU'RE SHOUTING IN MY FACE. Millions of people on youtube would very much appreciate it. Thank you.
Everything about this video is so amazingly beautiful and unique. I teared while listening to the lyrics (and I don't ever cry) because i relate so much to them, thank you for another breath taking video!
As allways, super soothing! Your music allways gets me in a good mood, and your videos are allways pleasent to watch, keep it up! :)
you never did a making of! I really wanted to know what you meant by "stretching 2d images over 3d mesh"
Surprisingly touching. Tremendous job sir.
@Superkush101 Thanks for noticing-- it's a steadicam type of deal
My subscription box is so flooded sometimes i don't get to see the amazing stuff , such as this! Really awesome glad i found it!
@caloTV wow, that's a big compliment, I really appreciate it!
@willhundredpercent Woah, how did you afford a steadicam...?
Holy shit man! U are awesome!! I accidentally flag ur vid I'm srry.
As I was watching this video, my kitten came up to my lap, watched the computer screen and began to purr.
every time i watch one of your vids i feel the passion you put in them and i always say 10x god WHP exists.. maybe there is still hope in youtube
Simply beautiful. Wish I had 3D glasses to fully experience it :/ But it was still amazing. Thanks.
a big fan from mexico you r the best !!!!!!!!!!
Super happy to see a new thing put out by you. =)
No idea how you guys do it but I love it! Always so visually entertaining and interesting. More please!
awww you guys always make the most amazing videos! <3
Listening to your music is a healing experience.
it made me depressed, but in a good way. it made me think about life and how we interpret it. thank you.
I like this video and melody more then others it is so relaxing, thank you for the music!
back when you was building your house :)
Your videoes always leave me with a good feeling.. Generally I feel either hyped up, or very serene. This obviously left me feeling calm and all that good stuff. :] Inspiring, I'm working on some editing right now, and this should kick my ass to get back in the game.
wow will your videos are just AMAZING:) your videos have so much meaning and depth in them:) keep these videos comin:)
so much talent :D haha love all your videos will! they always make me so happy <3
Cinematics are great as always Will! Love it :)
my eyes are crying flowers:' )
Will, you deserve more views and subscribers than you have. What's going on?
it's good to express your own feelings I think a lot of people can relate to that. I love it
@willhundredpercent This is amazing. I love your videos so much. :) <3
Loved it : D I can't wait for more! : D I don't see how anyone can dislike anything of yours. I just wish I had some 3D glasses for this one!
I can't wait for a making of for this. It's not very complex, but it will be exciting to see the specifics you did.
thank you for being you, and not some obnoxious douche that's an attention whore and doesn't realize it.
they should remove the dislike button for your videos ...
@rockingheadbangers you're right-- ok, I'll do it beginning of the year!
Oh Will! You are a such a big inspiration for me! ^_^ You're a big reason I'm going to film school! I just pray that one day I'll make videos as beautiful as yours. :) They're really really touching. Thanks man.
@caloTV Wow, nice one. Really, everyone here now thinks you're the greatest. Did you even read what I just said? I was giving you some advice. If you took it, less people would hate having 10 year olds on the internet.
@KalipsoKalipso apparently some people dont see the same things ...
Dear WHP, You are one of my faves, thank you for being alive.
@caloTV Being sensitive to metaphysical/spiritual energy, I too can feel the heart/love energy emanating from this video artwork..
yeah yeah, make stuff how the fuck you want!!
very beautiful video, keep on making !
Wow! that is AMAZING! I love it! :D Good Job Will! <3
its so beautiful i feel like cryin
your stuff cant get any better, its perfect ! :)
always when im fed up with the radio-commerce-shit i turn up WHP
@willhundredpercent Huh, thanks. It's good to know there are cheaper options out there at least.
Why is everything you do so fucking beautiful??
66th viewer and 7th I can die happy :DD
Your music is the perfect aid after an tough day! Keep up the incredibly awesome work man! Peace
your songs are always so captivating Will (=
you guys make great vids keep it up
Always a treat to see one of your vids in my sub box. :)
epic as always :D really liked the camera work, did you use a dolly?
wow i love the effects! very cool
What steadicam do you use? or is it a DIY build?
I dont know if i get this right, i think in the way i get this, that its pretty sad. But damn will, you are talented. I loved it.
It still effects in a positive, beautiful way.
I wish this was on itunes!!! my ipod is brocken and wont connect to my computer so i cant download it.
You sound like johnny cash Jr =) You should be proud of it and if you want you can listen to his songs and do something like that becuse that will get you famous =)
"Will Hyler gets full of himslef and makes another videos indirectly talking about things he feels" haha Video is still awsome. =)
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