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Jackie Chan Has Some Fun

by TheEllenShow • 3,864,574 views

Jackie Chan dropped by the show today to chat with Ellen and he proved to be quite a riot! He showed how hard it is for him to call 411, and serenaded Ellen. Watch now to see Jackie's antics.

How can this have dislikes, love this guy more after watching this :')
I heared he doesn't want to give hes fortune to hes son , still looks like a very nice guy  
jackie is always full of positive energy!
+iqbal barra Jealous people are jealous
That moment you realize Jackie Chan is a better singer then you. 
Apparently Jackie has a chinese pop-song that was downloaded over half a BILLION times on Itunes, it's fucking crazy
So let me get this straight.... Jackie Chan doesn't like the stereotypical karate chops when people see him or speak his name. But he comes on the show and does karaoke...
+tenzin chodak -----My point ------ ----Your head----- ----your penis inside my mom's mouth-----
I'm not sure he was really serious about the karate chops. I think he was just joking around and having some fun.
I think jacki Is the only one who has no haters I love him Since I was a little girl I used to watch his movies he is helrius
He has no haters because he is chinese version of Bear Grylls.
No one can help falling in love with jackie Rush hour best movies He gonna be in expendables
I'd vote for Shanghai Noon. It's a gem.
+Gary Tillery Shanghai Knights is better. As well as Police Story, Miracles, Operation Condor, & Who Am I.
wow he's not just a "decent" singer, but a really good one, wow!! and he's so sweet, funny & humble in interviews and a great martial artist & acrobat, scriptwriter, director, producer, stunt coordinator...  what an exceptionally multi-talented man
He is not a technical singer, but he has a pretty voice :3
what if someone in Japan wants to call him Jackie-chan, they'd just be saying his full name
wait, so his name is not Jackie Chan? O.o
Well they pronounce chan differently don't they?
What can Jackie Chan NOT DO? hahaha He's so versatile! 
+MAT T really? Ellen and her audience must be very good in Chinese then. ;) 
Does anyone else thinks he loses his accent when he sings?
It weird how I can do that. lol
omg i love this dude, him an bruce lee were my biggest inspirations, this dude is so amazingly talented
Ellen:"-Do you have a hard time when you call for information and try to get a number, do ppl understand u?" Jackie:"-You´re right!" Hmmm, i see what ur doing.
this man right there is my childhood. watched all of his movies and his positivity is just amazing! he is still one of my idols. 
We hate him so much. Another puppet of the commie. A dislike from Hong Kong.
He's got some trouble now. His son got arrested in Beijing for drugs and could be sentenced 2 years in jail. Now he is very struggle to get his son out of the hot water but seems hopeless. 
If i was jackie chan i'd be so mad at my son cus his dad is rich so hes not on the streets trying to make a living out of illegal things and his dad is HIGHLY respected in a lot of countries and is making his dad look bad. If anyones dad is very famous and highly respected you should at least try to keep up with him
+Paul Fatosin I know right.. but not everyone think the same way.. some are too pampered. They think they deserve everything that's given to them but no.. it's earned by his father's effort..
He has no haters cuz he is only normal person among celebrities and avoids paparazzi manipulators and stays away from Hollywood and lives in China Hong Kong.
+Antun Šturlić haha you're wrong, sorry. I know it's hard for you to grasp things. I forgive you.
+Steve Macleod I can see that you desperately need grammar lessons and crying too much. It's big H at the beginning of the sentence Haha and coma again.
Well I guess every actresses and actors do have haters, people are people, we have different opinions and likes. But I still Like Jackie. Man his movies are part of my Childhood. He`s still my favorite actor. :) (wait, I`m not trying to offend other people or mock them or be disrespectful, If i did something wrong I`m sorry.)
Probably one of the most genuine actors of our generation
poor Jackie Chan his son does drugs 
HE is an actual singer in Asia if you didn't know that...
That's right, and often making tabloid headlines.
Jackie Chan Socks it to me!!!
youuuuuuu son of a bitch. GET OUT OF MY HEAD. 
+Austin Smith we're on the same Jackie Channel!!!
and he can sing to.....fkg love this guy ;-)
Jackie Chan is an idol. He is a pure man. I just feel that. He sings great btw XD
He's actually quite good at singing!
هههههههههههههههههه حلوة جاكشان
حتى هنا لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله 😂😂😂
Ok I have never heard the song '国家' or country in english so I don't know why 5,000,000 people have downloaded it the time this video was uploaded I was only 7 lol
He's the most awesome man ever!
LOL, Jackie is funny.  It's also funny how he has a hard time saying the word "pink".  It sounds more like "ping".
Imagine how we would sound trying to speak Mandarin to a native speaker.
herro, wercome to shitty wok, ken i taik uh ordar preeee?
ellen making the prank calls :P
why people loose there accent when they are singing
Hes got more energy than me and im 17
I think I'm inlove with Jackie Chan. ugh his voice, he really can sing.
I'll always love him... >.< One of my fave actors.
how could this have like 250+ dislikes?  lmao some people are just jealous of happy people 
How you can dislike Jackie.... awesome guy.....!
Jackie chan and bruce lee Are My favorites
Seriously Jackie u think u will be reborn
I can never get enough of Jackie Chan :D and I didn't knew that he was such a good singer :D 
Some people do not like him because of his personal life. He had affair a lot and had a daughter with a woman besides his wife. He said" I just did wrong like every other men would do." He sounds like he did wrong because he is a man. He cannot behave because he is a man. His son do drugs too. However, he is a great action star. I love his movie too. It's exciting and usually funny too. I can say I don't like him as a woman but I like him as an audience.
lol yeah because having affairs and misbehaving is only exclusive with men. 
Alot of rich men from the 70s is like that.. Bruce Lee died while he was in a hotel too. Before Jackie Chan got into stunts films he actually filmed a 18+ movie. I don't know about his affairs but the girl that told the media that she's her son.. apparently her motives is after his assets. But Jackie Chan didn't acknowledge her so yeah..
I just don't get it why hongkongers hates their own artist jackie chan.
Jackie Chan still sounds like he's just come thru immigration
His voice is just fantastic!!!!
jackie chan used to do porn
damn he can sing real real good =)
Can he not do anything! I swear I love this guy so much that I will kidnap him and lock him in a cage in the shed. 
Yes Jacky chan 👍👐 who doesn't love this guy I feel like watching rush hour now
i want this song. anybody help me please.
Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love
He sang great... His voice was soft and clear....
From childhood i'm loving this guy , and will be ! #RESPECT 
Omg!!! I would've gone Bi for Jackie Chan, if I had the chance. Now though, think I will. :p
Uhh he's so adorable. 
He has a beautiful voice
I admire jackie since i was a tod..up until now,,his just so him.. i Yahhhhhh you jackie!
I'd never go fight with this guy, he's justa king of chineses)
Actually he doesn't know real martial arts. He specialize in doing stunts. Bruce Lee know the real martial art. He once hit a man and he flew 30 meters away.
+Rinsenmon Shotacon is life you're an idiot.  He trained in martial arts as a kid.  Apparently Yu Jim-Yuen isn't a real Sifu and Jackie was never a pupil of his according to you.  
he's so down to do everything lol
is there anything Jackie couldnt do?
"Pinkberry! PINK BERRY!!"
You can tell he is a good man.
hihihi good singer.. love it 
What's that song he said had 500 million downloads? Sounds like a nice song when he was teaching to Ellen.
He is the one of the most loved Chinese guy ever, such a humble person
Love him to pieces. He's such a positive person
He's so gentle and soft spoken and sweet. I love him. 
Tooo funny this is. Love your show!
:') jackie chan's adventures
He has broken his whole body for entertainment and perfection. He is a real legend. I love how he is so serious towards his work. Love that guy. He is the best.
I always love you Jackie chan
Hate it when I can't sing but Jackie can>chan
i seriously love him so much omg 
Not much people like him here in Hong Kong.
because he said he is CHINESE? 
shit, he really does talk like that?!,i thought it was only "for movies" thing
I'm high and laughing more than I should u.u
Jackie Chan Has Some Fun: Sooo funny😂😅😆😏🙌😎😝😸😹👅💋👍
Wow ! Who knew, what a wonderful voice he has.
lol everybody knew.. he is a singer _  #Facts
what was that mandarin song he was singing??? I really liked it!! :D
国家 - 成龙 (country by Jackie chan)
PINK-BER-RY "I'm sorry, I could not understand you."
GUYS! Does anybody here hate this man?? Anybody???
I love jackie chan a lot,hes very funny and does amazing action movies. so i dont hate him.
+Clovis Nahimana Me too!!! As many people, I grew up watching his movies and his tv show and I absolutely love him! hahaha but I just realized... that... I've been rewatching his youtube videos... and there aren't any hateful comments... does this man really have no haters? That's awesome, but... wow xD
Whats the name of that song? please help me! i need it :)
Can't help falling in love by Elvis
love this guy though.. he's awesome 
"You want some?" - Jackie Chan
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