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Casper Smart dance-off!

by EllenJFK • 303,204 views

Casper Smart challenges the Just For Kix High School Camp Staff to a Dance-off!!! Camp at Brainerd #1.

1:03 is freaking hilarious.
JLo ...what are you thinking?!!!
jajaj juro q ya me hice fan de este chavo baila increible :D
So Casper vs. girls that dance??? Did they dance? Looks like theydid sign language and bounced. But, also Casper vs. HS broads is like challenging a parapelegic to a foot race. Of course you gon' win, no contest. But, he look like a deformed fish
don't hate casper, dont be jealous, if he is gone soon, its not because he is not good, its that J.Ho has been around the bloack and more, her hoochi hoochi needs all sizes all colors!! talk about a cock sampler!!!
he took Excalibur out of the stone and slayed the heathen masses...
Casper can really dance!!! BUT he has a way funny run....NO? If u agree like if u dont well thats ur problem!!!!!
I dont see how it was a dance off... He obviosly won. The ballet dancer was really good but you have to admit he still kinda won.
exactly thats just my opinion,and i dance my self thats why im telling you,our dances are natural just like arabian dances fuck all this bullshit
j HOE fucking with teenagers..
@windahm100 Cmon why are you bringing him down? If you're from the ghetto doesn't mean you have stay there your whole life. How do you know she could doesn't care about him? Did she tell you? I doubt it. Stop hating.
Elles sont trop nul à côté de lui !
All I know is he thick is hell in a good way. He kinda won until that one teacher came with all the ballet. She kinda did it right and did him in. but until then he was KING. lOL.
fuck that make some real moves make some salsa moves,merengue moves,bachata moves i'll stay with the latin and arabian dances which in my opinion are the best dances in the world cause its natural its organic you feel what im saying.fuck all this american dances doggie b boying bullshit to me
look for pics of casper.... doesnt he look like vers' ???
Wow you are the best one I love you3!
Err its a dance off?? Really?? The group was...not in sync..and although he was a solo dancer , he. Was. AWESOME! 3
now i get why jlo liked this one
Wow first the shoes then socks then shirt you sure this ain't porn!
When did video turn from dancing to being ballerina acrobats?
Was this a dance off or strip tease????????????? But sexiness got it going on!!!!!!!!
Hes hot and a very good dancer. I bet hes good in bed. Lol
Tiene mucha personalidad. Pense que era mas chaparrito. Muy guapo. Que suerte la jennifer.
he was clearly winning until the end :-)
He burn them all. Great
damn jennifer got it good...........
Wow. Great dancer. Cant hate. And nice body.
Of what material is this boy made off? He`s just incredible!!
Looks like this was taped a year ago when he was in highschool. Oh wait, he was. Just a kid. Shame on you J lo, taking advantage of a child!
He single handedly killed them all
He is just a fucking professional dancer
That's your opinion. Other people feel more from b-boying and hip-hop then they could ever feel from Latin or Arabian dancing. It's all about preference
would you fuck him Sheena?!
it's t.i. feat kanye west, jay-z, lil wayne - swagger like us
he is good, for sure he is better that all girls there
If I did that at school I would have got............expelled
shoes socks shirt come on pants GET THE FUCK OFF lol
Get over yourself and being so invested in someone's elses life who does not know you. Go find a life for yourself and then you will not care who JLO is screwing. I promise.
casper kicked their asses. he went against all of those guys solo, and they went one by one, and some of those moves were pretty lame.
Homewrecker punk! Go back to the ghetto you came from....opportunist joy boy.....she'll get tired of you, and you'll be yesterday news.....she's only suffering from her marriage....she could not possibly care about a street rat like you. Marc would not wipe his feet on you....
She got over Marc pretty fast then she was seen with Bradley cooper and now her boy toy she's on a roll. Who's next?
Homey os awesome. But JLO will have toilet him go. Rare talent and charisma
That ugly midget can dance! No wonder JHo is doing him!!
i think sign twirlers/flippers are more entertaining
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